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Looking for a model maker to create a Zerg structure (Paid job) >>
by kabel_gossen
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How to convert HotS and Starcraft 2 parallax occlusion maps (the orange bump maps) to standard blue normal maps? >>
by Crack_MonkeyABC
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Need to hire a modeler for Lego Spaceship Project (Paid Project!) >>
by baseshipcommanders
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Defiler mound? >>
by mithras_gnosis
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Looking to Hire Modeler/Animator >>
by lucidiguana
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Animations issues >>
by DRJM456
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Need to hire artist to make Corruptor have melee attack with its claws >>
by baseshipcommanders
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How do I add a hitbox to model using blender? >>
by sc2ggamer
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Error Importing Structures Models from Heroes Of the Storms to SC2 Editor >>
by Anddros132456
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Editing the building placement footprint texture. Is it possible? >>
by dugalleboi
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[SOLVED]Importing Nova Model to 3ds Max >>
by dan0ma1y
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[Showcase] A small sample to promote my new tutorial on model conversion >>
by kitsunetailsprower
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Help with ragdoll >>
by KingsNJenssons
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How do I edit the light/halo of the model? >>
by scroggs1
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"The Following Textures Were not found in your 3dsmax map directories..." >>
by kitsunetailsprower
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