Tristram Tileset [Diablo III]

Tristram Tileset

BEHOLD! The first Diablo III tileset!

This tileset features selected textures from New Tristram in Diablo 3! The pallete was specifically designed to recreate and "capture" the tristram/Act I feel of Diablo 3.

You'll have a wide range from interior textures, to rock pathways and rocky muds and of course the yellow grass. In addtion to that you will also have 2 sets of textures with "grass patches" The rock cliff texture with grass patches and mud with patches for greater detail.

In addition to the textures the package also comes with normal maps! Something that Diablo III does have :P

BEWARE: Some of these textures have been edited to properly adapt themselves to Starcraft 2 resolution. A lot of these were 512x512 and some were even 256x256. But you get 1024x1024! Thus, some textures have been edited, modified, ect, to increase their level of detail so they can be 1024 format textures.

WARNING: Even if there's a cliff model and texture included in this map, it shouldn't be a part of it. Cliffs are "alpha" and not even sure if I'll end up doing them afterwards.

NOTE: All respective copyright and intellectual rights go to blizzard.

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    @CalebFromOuterSpace: Go

    It doesn't? Lemme check...


  • Avatar of CalebFromOuterSpace CalebFromOuterSpace Apr 14, 2015 at 03:22 UTC - 0 likes

    Umm...I don't mean to necro or bother anyone, but the file doesn't have normal maps with it.

  • Avatar of xcorbo xcorbo Jun 28, 2012 at 21:30 UTC - 0 likes

    @JacktheArcher: Go

    Do not credit me. I'd be more thankful is you rather credit blizzard, after all it is their textures :P

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    Beautiful I'll be sure to use this... Ill give you credit of course.

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    I wonder if you can take the High Heavens: Gardens of Hope/Silver Spire texture set.

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