SC2 Map Analyzer

Q: Why doesn't SC2 Map Analyzer work for maps with the Patch 17 editor?

A: Blizzard changed the internal format of maps. For now you can use this undocumented release while I'm hard at work making big improvements to the map analyzer.

Q: When I double-click the SC2 Map Analyzer shortcut in my map directory, it doesn't find any maps! OR

Q: When I put SC2 Map Analyzer in my path environment variable and run it at the command line, it cannot load the font file it needs!

A: I am aware of these problems. I do not want you to have to do a formal Windows install for SC2 Map Analyzer with it writing to your Windows registry, and in its current form it will not run as a command line tool as I intended. Please see the manual for directions on running the tool.

Q: Why are some resources not being included in a base on my map?

A: The pathing computed by SC2 Map Analyzer is an approximation of the pathing where units can actually walk in-game. See the Analysis Details page for an explanation for the approximation. The issue is that some resources that are in a valid location appear to be in an unpathable area to SC2 Map Analyzer. This usually happens when a base's minerals are very close to the edge of a cliff. A temporary solution is to move the base away from the cliff or add some open space behind the resources. There is an open ticket to address this issue further. UPDATE: SC2 Map Analyzer will print a warning when a resource is ignored for this reason.

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