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Q-A: About QuestLine ?

Q/A About QuestLine

Q: I would like to use my custom system to talk with the NPC. How I can make that ?

R: Make your trigger to talk with the NPC. When you want show the QuestLine quest window, use this function:

Unit - Talk to Unit from Unit

Q: I have problems to talk with NPC. What is the problem ?

Check these cases:

If you use the basic integrated trigger to talk with NPC:
Make sure your hero have the "Heroic" Attribute and the NPC is not an ennemy of your hero. Make sure the collision range of your hero and the NPC isn't more than 2.0. The trigger launch the talk when the range between the hero and the NPC are less than 2.1 range.
If you use custom trigger to talk with NPC:
Make sure your trigger can access to the function (Check If parameters, ...)
What is this "basic integrated trigger" ?
The basic integrated trigger to talk with NPC isn't activate by default. You must access to the library and go to "QuestLine > Constants > Click on a Quest PNJ". Activate this trigger. Save.

Q: Is there possible to give custom resource?

Yes of course.

Objectives - Set Gathers Reward to Quest Id. Crystals Amount, Gas Amount, Terrazine Amount, Custom gather Amount.

You can also set the name of your Custom gather resource by editing the library constants.

Go to QuestLine Library > Constants > [CONST] Custom Gather Name and set the name for this gather.

Q: I had item for the quest, but i couldnt complete quest.

If you are talking about the third quest of the example map, it's because the quest asks you to choose an item between the 2 given items. Click on the item you want to have and the "Finish" button is completed.

Q: You can/can't move away while talking. Can I remove/add this feature ?

Easy. Use this function:

Game - Constant - Authorize/Unauthorize movement when accepting a quest.

It's the default behaviour of the library. Use this function:

Unit - Talk with Unit from Unit.

The first parameter is the NPC. The second parameter is the hero or player-controlled unit.

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