15 WoW models with normals and speculars

May 25, 2013 Release
Humans and monsters, all with texture maps required for sc2 graphic engine to look pretty, also team colored. texture path is Assets/Textures

2 sc2-textured wow models

Jun 07, 2013 Release
wow models, textured in sc2 textures have stand, attack, wlaks and death anims also include attachment points and volumes and hit tests no textures required, simply import the m3

8 wow monsters with norm/spec maps

Jun 08, 2013 Release
And some more wow models note: texture path is root
Icon Pack 27

Abilities and upgrades icon pack

Sep 03, 2014 Release
ATTENTION: To access older packs click the 'Files' tab up here /\ /\ /\ DDS icons created using SC2 originals, blizzard artwork, and a few made by myself. Good for abilities, upgrades, tips and any other idea you may have. Pack 02 - 16 new icons from Blizzard assets and artwork. I created some of these for my mod and the others just because I got bored. Pack 03 - More icons. Pack 04 - More icons. Pack 05 - More icons, some based on SC2 beta achievements Pack 06 - Lost Vikings! The spades icon...

[Ability] Hero Party

May 06, 2011 Release
This is a very minor modification to the Carrier - Hangar ability that illustrates what you can do using it. Multiple unselectable/uncommandable units of varying type follow the hero and attack targets for you. All kills accumulated by the group are credited to the Hero. The attached example map was broke by a patch, but gives a general idea on how it was accomplished BASIC HOW TO: It's simple to add units to a party. Duplicate the 'Carrier - Hangar' ability (Don't check any of the boxes)...


Mar 18, 2012 Release
AchDataAward Library This Library uses the Data Editor to generate awards. You must declare your achievements in the Data Editor before using this library. New functions (1) Award Achievement (Unprotected) to award your custom achievements. New getters (1) Player Achievement Status to retreive the status of an Achievement. Limitations No limitations. Dependancies No dependancies. Note the library has 2 public functions to convert File to String and String to Image. Availability Available as a...
Achievement awarded

Achievement Library

Nov 01, 2011 Release
ACHIEVEMENT LIBRARY About This library allow designers to incorporate achievements into their maps. It is free to use, you can download, modify, do whatever you want. Putting me in the credits would be nice tho. Video Changelog Version 1.00 Interface for library Basic functionality and visuals First release How to use Add AchievementLib mod from BN to your map, or download mod files and insert the code directly. Remember about copying or importing custom *.tga files used for achievement...
Preview Achievement Dialog

Achievement Library

Jun 20, 2010 Release
achievement dialogs Currently supported actions/functions: Create Achievement Dialog(Text, Dialog Icon) - Returns a dialog that contains the achievement. Grammar Text: Gain Achievement(Achievement Dialog, Player Group) - Displays the given achievement (or other dialog) with fade in and fade out effect for player group. Show New Achievement(Text, Dialog Icon, Player Group) - Displays the achievement with the given Text and Dialog Icon for the given player group. Future additions: changing of...

Achievement Library with Animations

Jul 04, 2013 Release
There are other achievement libraries out there, but this is the only fully animated one out there. It is easy to use, as long as you follow the instructions in the comments. An achievement showcase dialog will be added as soon as it is completed (1-2 weeks, as I don't have much time). Features -Neat animation. -Easy to use. -Allows multiple achievements to show at the same time for the same player (they will be spaced apart). -When multiple achievements are shown at the same time, new ones...

Advanced Targetting System

Aug 04, 2010 Planning
This will be a Tower Defense script-set. However, I assume it can be changed/expanded upon to further increase capability, and be used in other mods aswell. I'm currently experimenting with Galaxy Editor, I've worked on many maps with SC1 and WC3, but that was a long time ago. When I'll get "fluent" with galaxy editor, I think this will be much easier for me than it seems. The main purpose that I'm creating this script-set is, forcing towers to attack a specified unit instead of acting on...

ahtiandr's wc4 level art stuff

Mar 27, 2015 Release
Hi all! I am doing a wc4 level art for sc2 engine and here I will be posting all my finished assets so you could use them in your maps. I hope you like them!
Aldaris Portrait Example

Aldaris Portrait Texture

Jun 19, 2012 Release
Aldaris portrait texture which replace executor's portrait.
all ability pack

Alex assets

Jul 16, 2012 Release
this is alex 06 icons he post this long time ago because i dont know how he must make it into dds i have done it i have also add some of my art -------------------------------------------------------- unit pack Alex, Soulhunter, Bw carrier, shuttle, Shuriken, valkery, dragoon, Defiler, arbiter, Guardian, Swarmguardian, Hunterling, Scarab, Alpha Reaver,Predator,Predator figermode (not the sybercat but the plane), Bw arbiter, Star relic, Corsair, Voidstar, Tageting drone, Swarmhost, Nomad, Null...
LotV beta Cyclone (robotic variant)

AlexO6 Assets

Nov 25, 2015 Release
These are assets I've found, made and/or edited. Some of these are unused Blizzard assets that were removed from the game eventually.

Alien's Assets

Dec 22, 2014 Release
A collection of any assets made or modified by me for the use of anyone out there. Uploading small descriptive images as part of a tutorial. Feel free to cite/use them if you make guides and don't wish to create your own.
All Doodads Project

All Doodads

Aug 22, 2016 Release
This is an image pack with all the doodads of the editor. Every files are named. You could search through them in your explorer. The main idea of this image pack is to make the searching process much faster to be able to focus on the creation itself. Online reference viewer to see all the images without downloading the files: Here are examples of what you are going to find in the image packs. For Cliffs: For Textures: For Doodads: Note: All textures images are...
Scylla Emblem

Alliram's Assets

Dec 27, 2012 Beta
Contains all of the modifications that I have been working on.
Military Font included

Alphabet Decals

Sep 27, 2014 Release
SUMMARY: According to necessity and the lack of independent 'letter' Decals (Only having numbers), I've been through considerable trouble in making a proper Decal for flexible phrase-making and section describing, with all letters available. It's a very early work and only one font is available, but more will come, in time, and more updated and crisp. Includes 'Read Me'. Available fonts: - Eurostyle - Regular (UPGRADED) INSTALLING THE DECALS: - Open the editor and the desired map. - Open the...

Anti-Walling Algorithm

Aug 02, 2010 Release
This algorithm is designed to work with any set of walls, regardless of position or number. All you need to do is tell it which walls are where. It only works for 2x2 regular blockers right now. If you need something more complicated (i.e. multiple radii), I can probably make it. When a building is created, a search is conducted for nearby buildings with custom values or adjacency, that is being next to a wall. If it is either of these, it is either given the custom value of the building...

Aorta dds converter

Jul 14, 2012 Release
Aorta is a utility for creating high quality DDS textures. you can made it from every imaga you can use also you can save dds to png (note aorta does NOT rescale your imaga so you must do that with gimp piant (the standerd paint added on windows is possible) icon scales width 76 - height 76 (pixel) static portraits width 152 - height 235 (pixel) wireframe width 140 - height 140 (pixel) (note 2 aorta cant create wireframes @ grayscale you must use gimp paint or photoshop bofore you can use...