SC2 Serialization

Jun 08, 2010 Alpha
Quote from Wikipedia:In computer science, in the context of data storage and transmission, serialization is the process of converting a data structure or object into a sequence of bits so that it can be stored in a file, a memory buffer, or transmitted across a network connection link to be "resurrected" later in the same or another computer environment. When the resulting series of bits is reread according to the serialization format, it can be used to create a semantically identical clone...

TLM AI Framework

May 30, 2010 Release
This is an AI Framework that will eventually be 100% modular allowing Map Makers to create Custom AI Scripts that they can use for every or even specific computers with the ability to assign different AI Scripts to different Computers. Features Include (Or Will Include)... Multiple Stages of Build Process Attack Waves Scouting, Expansions, Clearing Obstructions Tactial AI Scripting Library for easy importation

Warcraft 3 Icons

May 02, 2010 Release
All 1,062 Warcraft 3 Icons edited so that it can 100% Integrate into Starcraft 2.


Apr 08, 2011 Beta
Enables explorer thumbnail preview for: .blp -both blp1(warcraft3) and blp2(wow) .tga .dds Min requirements Windows XP .NET4 Framework Download

Storymode Spectermarine

Jul 18, 2014 Release
Dark Swarm - Very Clear

[Data-Spell] Dark Swarm

Dec 11, 2010 Release
This Asset has Dark Swarm in it, alone. No dummy units used, and it functions perfectly. You're free to use this spell on any unit as long as I (and Docablo and Demonette, and Kueken531, all of whom helped me make it) receive credit in your map. Enjoy! :) Dark Swarm, if you've never played StarCraft I before, creates an AoE Swarm of Darkness that protects all units within the AoE field from ranged damage. Splash damage, spell damage, and melee damage still apply, however. It is a Zerg spell,...

[Ability] Hero Party

May 06, 2011 Release
This is a very minor modification to the Carrier - Hangar ability that illustrates what you can do using it. Multiple unselectable/uncommandable units of varying type follow the hero and attack targets for you. All kills accumulated by the group are credited to the Hero. The attached example map was broke by a patch, but gives a general idea on how it was accomplished BASIC HOW TO: It's simple to add units to a party. Duplicate the 'Carrier - Hangar' ability (Don't check any of the boxes)...

ahtiandr's wc4 level art stuff

Mar 27, 2015 Release
Hi all! I am doing a wc4 level art for sc2 engine and here I will be posting all my finished assets so you could use them in your maps. I hope you like them!
Tileset Roma

Various Tilesets

May 31, 2010 Release
Various themed sets of textures for use in StarCraft 2 custom maps. Included: Cobblestone 3 types of Concrete 4 types of Marmer Pavement A set of nature textures for use in StarCraft 2 custom maps. Included: 2 types of Grass 2 types of Leaves Water Pines Sand Snow A set of fabric textures for use in StarCraft 2 custom maps. - Added 31-05-2010 Included: 2 types of wool 4 types of carpetting 2 types of plaid More sets upcoming: Creepy, Cartoon, Wood and more more more

Rotating Units

Sep 30, 2010 Release
Here is an example of units Rotating around another unit. Its pretty fleshed out but since I was lazy I included some extra stuff cause of how the units that rotate appear it was easier to just keep it as is then to go in and modify it. Regardless All you should know is that use any of Elemental Sorcerer's single target moves: "Ignition Burn", "Lightning Blast", and "Ice Shard" 3 times and a small orb will appear and circle around the Sorcerer. You may repeat the process up to 3 times for...

Diablo Attribute System

Jun 10, 2010 Release
Okay here is something I know some people have been wanting a Diablo like attribute system. IE every level you gain 5 attribute points which can be put into any attribute your hero has. How to view: just open up the map and then click on the hero notice the skill give 100 exp and click once or twice and gain a couple levels. (there is a very basic dialog box which will show you how many attribute points you have at your disposal on your screen.) Then click the Inventory labeled Attributes....
LotV beta Cyclone (robotic variant)

AlexO6 Assets

Nov 25, 2015 Release
These are assets I've found, made and/or edited. Some of these are unused Blizzard assets that were removed from the game eventually.
all ability pack

Alex assets

Jul 16, 2012 Release
this is alex 06 icons he post this long time ago because i dont know how he must make it into dds i have done it i have also add some of my art -------------------------------------------------------- unit pack Alex, Soulhunter, Bw carrier, shuttle, Shuriken, valkery, dragoon, Defiler, arbiter, Guardian, Swarmguardian, Hunterling, Scarab, Alpha Reaver,Predator,Predator figermode (not the sybercat but the plane), Bw arbiter, Star relic, Corsair, Voidstar, Tageting drone, Swarmhost, Nomad, Null...

Void (Campaign) Fix for Void (Multi)

Apr 06, 2016 Release
PM me if I have missed something! Local file no longer supported! Download the latest version on This has been a common problem in really A LOT of custom maps/mods. If you add VoidMod or VoidMulti dependencies together with VoidCampaign, the latter one will mess up all the multiplayer-related stuff. This mod will get rid of many wrong values in the Data Module, restoring the regular multiplayer Tech Tree. Also check Swarm (Campaign) Fix for Swarm (Multi) for projects using Heart...

Swarm (Campaign) Fix for Swarm (Multi)

Dec 31, 2014 Release
PM me if I have missed something! This is a common problem in really A LOT of custom maps/mods. If you add SwarmMod or SwarmMulti dependencies together with SwarmCampaign, the latter one will mess up all the multiplayer-related stuff. This mod will get rid of many wrong values in the Data Module, restoring the regular multiplayer Tech Tree. Also check Void (Campaign) Fix for Void (Multi) ON BATTLE.NET: The mod can also be found on for online dependencies, kindly hosted by WARGIRL....

Alien's Assets

Dec 22, 2014 Release
A collection of any assets made or modified by me for the use of anyone out there. Uploading small descriptive images as part of a tutorial. Feel free to cite/use them if you make guides and don't wish to create your own.

AV Model Reinforces

Oct 16, 2016 Release
Updating older models I made earlier. and new models I will create packs of models on the same topic. I will upload only models I have created, not requests. The requests are very particular things, I prefer to opt for NO. UED Race Terran ART Mod Already available for download in Battlenet,EU and US, the mod will have future updates. Credits: Tools M3addon-master - Println M3 Import v2.1 - TaylorMouse Starcraft 2 Model (.M3) import plugin for 3ds Max - NiNtoxicated01 Blizzard Art Tools -...

Unused Assets

May 26, 2016 Release
All Assets not used by Blizzard, which have been extracted from older versions , mostly Heroes of the Storm. Models , Textures. How to install . As usual import SC2 map editor.
Scylla Emblem

Alliram's Assets

Dec 27, 2012 Beta
Contains all of the modifications that I have been working on.
Minimap Icon Background

Minimap Icon Background

Nov 11, 2012 Release
Use this image in the "Minimap Icon Background" field under the Actor of a unit that you want to have a custom minimap icon on, along with a button icon in the "Minimap Icon Field", Then Scale the Images accordingly with the "Minimap Icon Background Scale" and "Minimap Icon Scale". Here is a Tutorial on how to use this Asset