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Recolored SC2 Icons

May 07, 2011 Alpha
Recolored some Icons of sc2.. for now i have made the following: protoss forcefield ( green/red/yellow ) protoss shields level3( green/purple/red ) zerg missileattacks level3 ( blue ) minerals ( green/pink/red ) icon allstars silver WC3 icon - Corrosive Breath WC3 icon - Ensnare


Sep 27, 2015 Beta
ROTD Triggers for the ROTD series of maps.

roleplaying madness 1asset

Oct 29, 2010 Planning
its a 3d model you guys will love it

RanchBurner's Resources

Oct 17, 2016 Release
I'll be uploading my resources here. Been going all over franchises, so they're pretty much just for fun. Some are made from scratch within Blender, others from the WoW Model Viewer before MPQ converted into CASC. Thanks to "printIn" for his m3addon-master. Please do not use any of these resources for financial gain. Credits are appreciated but not requested, so enjoy. :)

Return Text from Conversation Line

Aug 14, 2016 Release
This map contains a function that allows you to use the text of the Conversation Lines. What I get from this? You can now use the conversation lines in the transmissions without a voice. Use the conversation lines in the dialog items and UI. The ability to group text for easy navigation. Easy search and edit the text. All text is written to the file ConversationStrings.txt, in convenient form for reading. Translate text much easier.

Recolored UI

Dec 26, 2012 Release
Recolored from the original UI (Terran) included with Wings of Liberty. Currently 20 in total! Neon green, and Neon Pink are currently flawed, however usable. (It has come to my attention that Neon Pink did not get put in the DDS folder) Rainbow 1, 2, 3, 4 Solarized Purple 1,2,3 Yellow 1, 2 Blue Cyan Gold Gray Green Neon Green Neon Pink Pink 1, 2 Red You may request.
Random Race Logo

Random Race Logo

Aug 20, 2012 Release
Just a logo for the "Random" race in StarCraft 2, a dice with each side having a race on it. Inspired by this logo .
Protoss Abilites

Recolored Icon Packs

Jun 16, 2012 Release
This is just a bunch of recolored icons. Keep in mind that Blizzard Entertainment originally created these icons and I take no credit in making them. They are in .tga format and may or may not work at their own will.

Red glowing minus

Jun 27, 2011 Release
There is a green glowing plus sign in starcraft already (btn-ability-terran-heal-color), wanted to have an analog to be used as a button
Program Windows Form

Reading SC2Lib [XML] Tutorial Visual Studio .Net

Nov 13, 2010 Release
Here is a link to the Tutorial

Realtime Mouse Tracking System

Oct 16, 2010 Release
A library to track mouse position in real time. v1.2 Documented inside file or visit this thread for a detailed instruction and pros/cons Please credits when its due

Rotating Units

Sep 30, 2010 Release
Here is an example of units Rotating around another unit. Its pretty fleshed out but since I was lazy I included some extra stuff cause of how the units that rotate appear it was easier to just keep it as is then to go in and modify it. Regardless All you should know is that use any of Elemental Sorcerer's single target moves: "Ignition Burn", "Lightning Blast", and "Ice Shard" 3 times and a small orb will appear and circle around the Sorcerer. You may repeat the process up to 3 times for...
  • 12 assets found