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Beta Unit sounds

Feb 08, 2013 Release
I decided to upload ithese here because I didn't find them anywhere. If there are sounds missing please PM me with a link so I can download it and include it here. All sounds are in English. Warp Ray sounds Beta Immortal sounds Beta Stalkers sounds Beta Zealot sounds Beta Phoenix sounds Beta Mothership sounds Scrapped Ghost and Thor sounds Aldaris sounds (made from SC1 campaign briefings) TerraTron sounds SC1 Alpha Protoss soundtrack (Thanks to rikky333 for digging it up) Beta Tempest sounds,...

bubble Sort

Sep 04, 2012 Release
bubbleSort is an algorithm that easily sorts data from least to greatest. Making a vote system has never been easier! Need a global leaderboard? You can have one in seconds. Threat meters? DPS meters? Who's on top? No more long, drawn out, complicated and hard to read If-Then-Elses. Simply call bubbleSort(string) and all of your data will be returned as a string in order from Least to Greatest. Note that bubbleSort is not meant to order massive amounts of data. The more data entered into...
Bw probe

Bw probe

Jul 02, 2012 Release
this is a bw probe make by him dont give creadits to my but by pzayah if he ask to remove this asset is will do that the wireframe and dds is availible here special thanks to SoulFilcher and his art work he have created the icon and wireframe (in icon pack 6) I DID NOT MAKE THESE PLEASE DO NOT GIVE ME CREDIT GIVE IT TO THE CREATORS
Firebat Merc

Brood War Firebat

Jul 01, 2012 Release
Firebat from the original Starcraft. Red textures for the masses!!! Find the icons and wireframes to my projects here
the plasma torpedo battle cruiser

Battle Cruiser Plasma fix

Jul 01, 2012 Release
This is a fix of the battlecruiser plasmaguns the only you have to do is inport the dds files and put them is the texture map now you plama battle cruiser is readey to use (with nice guns) creted by jaeil468 I DID NOT MAKE THESE PLEASE DO NOT GIVE ME CREDIT GIVE IT TO THE CREATORS

Bel'Shir Terrain

Jun 11, 2012 Release
The for a Single-Player Role-Playing Game. It is an Epic Size Map (256x256). It isn't detailed with much of anything, I did this on purpose so that you can use your own imagination and creativity to create the game that you want. This is my first uploaded project, so I ask you all to be easy with the comments. Though I do like honesty and will respect your opinion; just be easy with them :P Hope you all enjoy the terrain, and please, send me a download link of any finished copies so that I...


May 13, 2012 Alpha
BlueEngine is my latest revision of my work that I use on my shooter maps. It currently supports only first person features, but I am working to add third person configuration. Its designed to be very easy to incorporate into a project and can be enabled/disabled at any time during the game. Additionally, it supports up to 16 players that can be independently running the engine at any time.

Breakable Wooden Pole

Feb 02, 2012 Release
I wanted a wooden support beam for the inside of a tunnel, so I made it by modifying the Window Boards doodad. Separate texture files (but it was copied from the original) included. Has a single death animation, in which it snaps in half and tips over.
Black Protoss V0.1

Black Color Protoss

Jan 17, 2012 Release i have seen dark protoss and i want to make one i just want to share XD you can also download from here sorry for similar file name
Brutalisk Burrow

Brutalisk Burrow

Sep 23, 2011 Release
Standard Brutalisk model, only now with a basic burrow animation applied.
Bifröst bridge

Bifröst bridge

Jul 01, 2011 Release
Inspired by the Bifröst bridge from norse mythology (also deeply inspired by the movie THOR :P) I created this bridge. It's a really simple model, it's just a cube with some faces missing but it comes to life with the textures, the alpha transparency and the emissives. Hope you find a use for it and, enjoy! You can either download the test map or the zip containing the model and the texture set.


Apr 08, 2011 Beta
Enables explorer thumbnail preview for: .blp -both blp1(warcraft3) and blp2(wow) .tga .dds Min requirements Windows XP .NET4 Framework Download

Beiers Galaxy Script Editor

Dec 02, 2010 Release
This is an editor to write galaxy code in. It features syntax highlighting, autocompletion (including definitions made by the user) and error reporting. If you want something that extends galaxy with features like passing structs to methods, ++ statements and much more, have a look at instead. (you can still use your existing galaxy code in that editor) If you want to use it with some gui functions you have made,...

Bank System

Sep 10, 2010 Release
Demonstration on how to use data banks. Part of a tutorial.
Import finished

Blender .m3 Plugin

Sep 07, 2010 Beta
blendm3 - Blender plugin to work with Blizzard .m3 files The latest version of this plugin and additional information can be found on this site: You should regularly check this website for updates. New features are continuously added. The project aims to fully support the .m3 file format. Latest Release 0.14 on 2010-09-07 Works now with Blender from trunk (tested with r31786) Can now be used with the Blender add-on installer Option to search for texture...
Bar Scene

Blizzard Official Cutscenes file

Aug 19, 2010 Release
A complete pack of all cinematic cutscenes (using in-game engine, not the pre-rendered ones) from WOL campaign as *.SC2Scene file. Open with the previewer Terran01.SC2ScenePublic Enemy Terran03.SC2SceneZeratul's Warning Terran04.SC2SceneOld Times Terran05.SC2SceneEscape From Mar Sara Terran06a.SC2SceneHeir Apparent - Mobeius Rendezvous Point Terran06b.SC2SceneHeir Apparent - Assault on the Bucephalus Terran06c.SC2SceneHeir Apparent - Valerian Mengsk's Offer Terran07.SC2SceneBar Fight...

Behemoth AI

Jun 06, 2010 Alpha
Behemoth AI will be a non-cheating computer AI with diamond-level micro and macro. In the future. Right now it's in a very eary stage of development. Features: Expands like a mad man Micros sentries and phoenixes like a mad man Builds counters like a mad man It's on a custom 1v1 melee map designed by me Designed (almost) entirely in AI files as a sixth level of difficulty rather than in triggers It's not as complete as I wanted it to be, but this is what I've got. Known caveats: Cheats: It...


May 15, 2010 Release
Contains useful triggers to aid in debugging! List of commands: -Spawn [Amount] [Unit ID] Spawns a unit -GiveTo [Player Number] gives selected units to player -Reveal toggles revealing the entire map -Kill kills selected Units -GodMode makes selected units invurnerable -Warp Warps selected units to the center of the screen -Cam [Distance] [Area of Attack] sets the default cam's Distance and AoA -CamReset resets cam back to original state -TogUI toggles the ui on and off

Basic Mathematic Functions

Mar 23, 2010 Release
// Basic int round(fixed f); int floor(fixed f); int ceil(fixed f); bool isInt(fixed f); fixed mod(fixed f, fixed k); // Trigonometric const fixed PI = 3.14159265; const fixed PI_OVER_TWO = 1.570796326795; const fixed ONE_OVER_PI = 0.318309886183; const fixed SQRT_TWO = 1.414213562373; const fixed MATH_E = 2.718281828459; fixed cos (fixed x); fixed sin (fixed x); fixed tan (fixed x); fixed sec (fixed x); fixed csc (fixed x); fixed cot (fixed x); fixed DegToRad (fixed x); fixed RadToDeg (fixed...
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