Text crawl by race

Jul 17, 2016 Release
Bassed on Helral's tutorial and OutsiderXE's textcrawl layout. It plays a custom text crawl animation that switches for each player's race. The animations get lost if it's used twice, maybe someone more enlightened than I can help me to fix that bug. Requires Void (campaign) dependency. EDIT with some details: To use in your map: 1- import the files in the import section (f9). If you already have a file called assets.txt, then merge it with this one instead of overwritting it. 2- go to...

Turtles libraries

Jun 25, 2016 Release
A collection of maths functions which I have accumulated over several projects. Mostly vector arithmatic (2D and 3D) some group manipulation (eg dealing with outliers, linearity, etc)

Trigonometric Function

Sep 04, 2010 Release
A trigonometric function where via input height, width and depth parameters together with input yaw, roll and pitch angles returns the 8 corners points height and location compared to the input center point and its height. The box the 8 points form always retains the same shape but its rotation changes with the angle parameters.