SCBW Ice Tileset Port

Jul 11, 2012 Alpha
A port of the SC: BW ice tileset textures to StarCraft 2. Includes a snow tree texture. Replaces Meinhoff. Known issues: Terrain sectors look darkened/weird in the editor, but fine in the game. Sometimes crashes after hitting test button, but will work if you exit out of SC2 first and do it again. Tiles: Comparison (SC1 vs SC2):
Polar 1

Polar Tileset

Nov 03, 2011 Alpha
This is a work in progress that I am realeasing "As is". I haven't, by far, finished it and I probably won't or just go slooooowly so I guess some of you will find it interesting. This is a sc2mod with every texture and normal map required for my "Tundra" tileset. A snow themed tileset for an area called Berg that was supposed to be set in ancient times, pangaea 1 kind of ancient. I've used 2 niffleheim textures and the rest I've found or made them myself with filterforge or genetica...

Shadowmoon Valley Tileset

Aug 17, 2010 Alpha
Shadowmoon Valley Tileset from WoW: Burning Crusade! Themes: Burning Legion, Black Temple, Green Lava (as custom lava type) Works with release version of Starcraft 2 Problems (important if you want to use this tileset): Can't load Shadowmoon Tileset when creating a new map; you have to choose a different tileset when creating a map and then switch to Shadowmoon You have to import the assets in every map else it won't work ingame Help would be appreciated on this problems

Europe 256x256

Feb 04, 2014 Beta
This is a terrain of Europe, use it as you please but please attribute the terrain to me, Veta. Thanks, and good luck!

Destructible Bridge

Sep 06, 2010 Beta
A bridge that can be destroyed piece by piece is the idea behind this. While I have only made it walk on able and destroyable by aoe spells it will have side pieces to stop units from just walking off the side of the bridge. This bridge will mess with air units atm as well ( My map has no air, so I just now thought of this as I typed it out. Xd ). This bridge still has a few clinks here and there as it is beta. For instance unless you use a top down view you will have a little trouble...
Korhal City Night Skybox

Korhal City Day & Night Skybox

Jun 08, 2016 Inactive
Korhal City Day & Night Skyboxes - customized from the default Korhal City Skybox for day backgrounds/lighting and night, so that it can fit better with other lights unlike 'Korhal City Skybox' that is rather for sunset. (Useful) for city landscape. Model sizes: 12 KB each, 2 models Texture sizes: KorhalCityDaySkybox_Diffuse (752KB map compressed), KorhalCityNightSkybox_Diffuse (236KB map compressed), KorhalCityNightSkybox_Emissive (56KB map compressed) It was discovered that for unknown...

roleplaying madness 1asset

Oct 29, 2010 Planning
its a 3d model you guys will love it

First/Third Person Shooters

May 08, 2010 Planning
I am putting a Library together that will that basics of all 3rd Person/First Person Shooters. Right now I currently have these things implemented. Turn On/Off Camera (Can be used to buy items for RPG type maps) Traceline (Rrowlands Traceline function that will allow you to see a units hp before shooting) Projectile Bullet System (This allows users to shoot an object, and they can also change the gravity setting to create grenade/launcher effects. There currently is a problem when a user aims...

Ghostnova's Mods

Jul 06, 2016 Release
PLEASE NOTE: I no longer have the time to support these assets. I cannot make adjustments or requests on any of these assets. If something is clearly missing let me know and I'll try and fix the file if possible. There are tons of tutorials on how to use the assets do not ask here. All Icons,Wireframes and Hero Icons for my mods can be found here: Check out my other assets as well!| BW Firebat...

ahtiandr's wc4 level art stuff

Mar 27, 2015 Release
Hi all! I am doing a wc4 level art for sc2 engine and here I will be posting all my finished assets so you could use them in your maps. I hope you like them!

Alien's Assets

Dec 22, 2014 Release
A collection of any assets made or modified by me for the use of anyone out there. Uploading small descriptive images as part of a tutorial. Feel free to cite/use them if you make guides and don't wish to create your own.
Military Font included

Alphabet Decals

Sep 27, 2014 Release
SUMMARY: According to necessity and the lack of independent 'letter' Decals (Only having numbers), I've been through considerable trouble in making a proper Decal for flexible phrase-making and section describing, with all letters available. It's a very early work and only one font is available, but more will come, in time, and more updated and crisp. Includes 'Read Me'. Available fonts: - Eurostyle - Regular (UPGRADED) INSTALLING THE DECALS: - Open the editor and the desired map. - Open the...
Dark Terran

Dark Terran Update

Aug 25, 2014 Release
Just an update from this asset. I just wanted to have Dark Terran buildings/effects/portraits/models so I started this project basing into that asset. This contains HotS assets, so be carefull when importing if you do not own this expansion. Tell me what you think in the comments.

World Map (TimeZone)

May 10, 2014 Release
Decided to make a World Map. Will add water, doodads, and level out the terrains. Left the 3 cliff levels between "territories" to let you decide where to place ramps or level the entire things at your chosen level. Next file will be a leveled version with water.
Dropship preview

Custom Models & Textures by RC131-Scythelisk#587

Jun 05, 2013 Release
Currently working on SC2 new race: Cynteor - a robotic civilization recently arrived in koprulu sector. It's homeworld is somewhere else in the galaxy which is far away from solar system, but close to koprulu sector. I forgot to make a note that: For the Furnace Roach and Fortress Roach, I used HOTS model as the base model. It may cause some trouble to use them in a WOL map, sorry for the inconvenience All future models will be at least HOTS model. Author: Scythelisk #587 Thanks to println...

Custom Tilesets

Aug 24, 2012 Release
Any custom tileset I make will be uploaded here and on EU. Current Tilesets: Cryogen (Ice)
Zion Palette

Zion Tileset

Aug 19, 2012 Release
A custom red-rock themed desert-like tileset.
Gehenna Palette

Gehenna Tileset

Aug 17, 2012 Release
A custom sulfurous wasteland tileset.
Test Map

Gradius's Protoss Installation

Aug 04, 2012 Release
A custom Protoss installation tileset. Replaces Castanar.
Great Lakes Painted Image

The Great Lakes Terrain

Jul 14, 2012 Release
256x256 The Terrain of the Great Lakes located between Canada and the United States. Tip: Starts at cliff level 1, not 0.