SC1 Queen of Blades Campaign

Queen of Blades campaign by Telenil, et al.

Telenil and his partners have released the last installment of the SC1 campaign, so you may now play the entire SC1/BW campaign within the SC2 engine. Enjoy the nostalgia, :).

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  • Avatar of DuckyTheDuck DuckyTheDuck Feb 11, 2013 at 17:26 UTC - 0 likes

    Well, scarabs silently fading away on impact instead of exploding was kinda underwhelming. And the magic of sc1 seem to be lost in the artstyle of sc2, look at the intro transition scene - blackened grim lava versus sc2 bright color saturated one, I can barely see wraiths on top of it.

    Last time I've tried it it just rubbed me the wrong place, as if something was very very off. I wonder if there is a reimagining of sc campaign, something with a different style.

    Ignoring my grumpiness, gj, I'll go check terran and protoss BW part.

    Edit: Playing it now, it's alright, unskippable intro sequences and psi storm model as disruption web make me scratch my head though.

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