Rock, Paper, Scissors & EagleAI

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Just wanted to mention, anyone interested can go check out LordAbyss's Unit Comparison spreadsheet. It's used to obviously, compare various data between two units.

Rock, Paper, Scissors by Zarakk

This is exactly what it sounds like: Rock, Paper, Scissors! Zarakk's version of the map will have three game modes: Tournament, Free Roam, and Tug-o-War. Each Mode has a different playstyle, and the map also sports various arenas you can play in. It's pretty simple in concept, but the thread has much more information, so go check it out!

EagleAI by MTops

MTops has been hard at work on this AI for months. In fact, I remember him referring to it back during our Melee AI Contest. Some notable features of his AI are:

  • Unit micro (focus fire on weakest unit, use weapon bonuses, retreat wounded units)
  • Tactical ability usage (blink, force fields, emp's and fungal growth are all used)
  • Excessive creep spread (zerg AI uses tons of creep tumors to make a creep highway)
  • Harassment strategies (medivac drops, mutalisk harassment and nydus worms)
  • Human-like errors on lower difficulty settings (limited multi-tasking, slipping macro, getting supply blocked, etc)
  • Large amounts of strategies available, so every game is different
  • Priority based production system (instead of food based)

If you want to play EagleAI, just search for it on! Any feedback you have would be appreciated, he's currently looking for some information, so leave it in his thread!


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