Mercenaries in Space: Mining Company

Mercenaries in Space: Mining Company by maticpl


Gameplay in Mercs is fairly straight forward. After picking your hero, you are being thrown to this place, called Mercs HUB. It is your main base of operations. You can refill your supplies here (stimpacks, first aid kits) and also buy new weapons and armor. But most important thing is in HUB Terminal. This is the big computer near the entrance. Be sure to check it out. You can save your hero there (to have your stats and items transferred to next episode, or just to make a break between missions).

After you become familiar with HUB, it is time to go on a mission. You can select mission using HUB Terminal. I suggest choosing missions having acceptable level requirements (you can check them by clicking "View Description" button). When all players agree on which mission they want to play, you can head to the exit. After boarding the dropship and clicking button "Go to mission" you will find yourselves on a real mercs mission.

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    So basically, generally and obviously... add more rocks.
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