Kobold Tribes

Blizzard just opened up 12 new mapping forums on the Battle.net SC2 website, be sure to check them out! In addition, for those of you waiting for Blizzard All-Stars, looks like they're hiring for a Lead Designer!

Kobold Tribes by Qancakes

This is a little outdated but certainly worth a feature. Blizzard interview Qancakes about his map, Kobold Tribes, as seen here.


Kobold Tribes is a team-based survival RPG in which two teams of up to five players each command a Kobold unit and work together to defeat the enemy tribe. At the start of each game, the Kobold players find themselves in a forested landscape that must be overcome before the enemy team can be dealt with. Kobolds can cut down trees, hunt wild animals, gather berries, and engage in quests, pooling their resources to build structures, cook food, and arm themselves for the inevitable battle. As time passes, day leads to night, at which point the tribe must stick together near a campfire or freeze.

Feel free to read through the interview (thanks for the shout out!) and/or check out his map! It's in the same format as the good ol' Island Troll Tribes maps that I personally loved.

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  • Avatar of XLIIVI XLIIVI Dec 17, 2012 at 23:25 UTC - 0 likes

    this is a swell game. i really appreciate what you are trying to do. i think it's not necessary to involve an enemy team in the mix, however.

    kobold are in my vision more like walkers who attempt making life worth living. this is tough in the wilderness. doesn't imply there should be some PvP element.

    this is because you will struggle with the PvP while you are enjoying your trek.

    i like the mechanic of how you shed light on the night. when it does, the wolves are possible to ambush maybe?

    the rising action of the camp building and then the introduction of the quests is very enjoyable. i get a feeling of primitive survival survival by wits. then you are treasure hunting in-game with other quests, too.

    i guess you could deal with the pathing of the imported models so to avoid killing the sheep units. there is no reason sheep are always pathing blockers. maybe there is a crane feature to move the sheep.

    while you are hewing stones and your fatigue drops, i don't think it's necessary the kobold dies. this seems unrealistic.

    totally a very fun game. i just have some few critique to mention here maybe surprise you. hehee

    Currently working on data assets; custom abilities.

  • Avatar of Monkalizer Monkalizer Dec 15, 2012 at 14:40 UTC - 0 likes

    @Exaken: Go

    I agree :( Now people will get sucked into those forums and i wont be able to participate!

  • Avatar of Exaken Exaken Dec 15, 2012 at 14:00 UTC - 0 likes

    Why only add those forums on NA and not on EU?

    So basically, generally and obviously... add more rocks.
    Hope is just deferred disapointment.



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