[Contest] Screenshot Comics

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Screenshot Comics Contest

We have had contest for all kind of things, but none have been specific for terraining so far. So here's a chance for you to draw your own StarCraft 2 comics with terrain editor. Submit your comics in this thread

What to do?

  • Create a comics related to StarCraft 2 or related to mapmaking/custom maps
  • Characters, background has to be screenshot from a map. Feel free to use an image editor to edit/crop it into a comics
  • Comics can be about everything, tell a story, jokes, epic battle etc...

What you have to give

  • You have to provide a final images of the comics. You can submit more than one submission as long as they're different
  • Maps used to take screenshot is optional


  • Here are a couple of examples of what it should looks like. (Source: Deathleech from SC2Armory). Notes: These are all single pane, feel free to make multi-pane comics. Let your creativity run wild.


There hasn't been a contest lately so you will have 2 weeks for this contest.

  • End of the submissions: Monday, March 7th - Midnight PDT (Los Angeles) [Tuesday, March 8th - 9 AM GMT (Paris)]
  • A public vote will be held after the end of the submissions to decide who wins.


The main goal of the contest is to further community development within GalaxyEdit. The rewards can be see as follows:

  • First: 1-year Curse Premium
  • Second: 6-month Curse Premium
  • Third: 3-month Curse Premium
  • Everyone else: 1-month Curse Premium

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Feb 22, 2011
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Feb 22, 2011