BlasterBots by DuckyTheDuck

Does anyone remember the old Bomberman game for SNES? I can't even begin to explain how many hours I spent playing the "campaign" of that game, let alone the amoutn of time I played multiplayer against my brothers and friends... Good times... This map project is pretty straightforward, it's a tribute to the Bomberman game I was speaking of; strategically lay bombs and kill your opponents [and blocks]! In addition, feel free to read the interview Blizzard conducted with him about this map.

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  • Avatar of DuckyTheDuck DuckyTheDuck Jan 21, 2013 at 01:31 UTC - 1 like

    They kinda have a point =D

    This feature is disturbingly old, so old that newsing it can make one feel mixed emotion about how this is news.. Maybe it would be better to make a fixed news post with all other featured maps like "hey guys, it comes pretty late, but if you haven't logged on to b-net in past few months, check these maps Blizzard featured".

    Also, since I don't want to look like an ungrateful whiny duck: "yay".

    Neostar RPG
    Bomberman for SC2!

    Status: ヽ(´∇`)ノ

  • Avatar of Nebuli2 Nebuli2 Jan 21, 2013 at 00:43 UTC - 0 likes

    This project is awesome and all, but hasn't it already been newsed?

  • Avatar of SoulFilcher SoulFilcher Jan 19, 2013 at 23:38 UTC - 0 likes

    lol. Very old news by now. Ducky's project was known here on mapster way before Blizzard featured it, and they didn't feature it yesterday...



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