Angry Angry Templar


Angry Angry Templar by Aphotic

This project is a remake of a WarCraft 3 legend, Hungry Hungry Felhounds (Originally created by TheZizz). The objective of the game is to kill all opposing players by ordering a Templar to attack them in an intense Hot Potato fashion. In each round, there is 1 Templar and 1 orb. The Templar will only kill players who possess the orb. Pass the orb around by using your throw orb ability. You also may choose one defensive ability at the start of the game. Each ability has different strategies and usage.

The game also includes AI which can be generated simply by adding computer slots in the lobby. The AI has an APM adjuster ingame from 1 to 960 (1 action per 1/16 second).


Date created
Mar 22, 2012