Vortex of the Void

Posted by Sixen Aug 14, 2015 at 03:21 UTC

Vortex of the Void by Narudek

Vortex of the Void is a 7 mission Protoss campaign about Tedis, a High Templar, and her hunt after Mal'Zar, who is attempting to resurrect his master Ulzar, The Dead God. This campaign takes place a few years after the largest Protoss battle in the galaxy took place: the Shadow Templar, Ulzar, was defeated on Aiur. Now his slave, Mal'Zar is gathering the shadow energy to bring his master back to life. His Rebirth can start a second eternal conflict. Tedis wants to stop this coming darkness and make eternal peace in the galaxy. She knows, there is a still chance to set the victory flag.

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Versus TD & WoW2SC2

Posted by Sixen Aug 14, 2011 at 08:06 UTC

The Invitational has been all over the BlizzCon Site these last few days. If you're up for watching some pro maps, check out the videos, commentated by Day9 and JP. Maybe this will give some of you guys a little encouragement into making some Melee maps that could potentially be used by the pros in these kinds of tournaments.

Versus TD Tutorial by OneTwo

This is what I believe to be the longest tutorial in the history of tutorials, and it covers the following...

  • 4 players, split onto 2 sides, competing to last the longest.
  • Mobs will spawn continuously on a timer.
  • Players can choose between 2 races (choose in a dialog at the start).
  • One tower for each race (yeah, just one for each... but you can easily keep duplicating).
  • Fully working leaderboard
  • Player-leaves-game trigger
  • Anti-block
  • Tower selling
  • Few more minor things too.

Convert .WMO files to .M3 by Saeris

This tutorial covers how to convert .WMO Files to .M3, which means that we can now grab most, if not all, of the buildings used in WoW, within SC2. Previously, all the models we have been using to do so have been the .M2 files that were automatically converted by the WoW Model Viewer, which somewhat restricted us.

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Voliar's Revenge

Posted by progammer Nov 17, 2010 at 15:58 UTC

Voliar's Revenge by Skoite

For those Final Fantasy fans out there that haven't' heard from any project update recently, don't worry, Skoite is still on it. Voliar's Revenge is the turn based Final Fantasy with a futuristic theme. Any details have been amazing so far :)

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Vote, DOTA, Fractalisk, Battlecruiser, Fanart

Posted by vjeux Oct 28, 2010 at 19:03 UTC

Blizzard has started to reserve their map name. Mephs was informed to change his map Left 2 Die's name before Friday, or else the name will be taken.

Legacy Melee Remake - Votes

The Legacy Remake Contest is now over and there are 18 great entries. You can download all the entries to test it out with a computer.

You have 5 days to vote :)

DOTA Hero Selection Interface by progammer

Right after Blizzard showing their DOTA idea map, progammer had recreated the UI interface and turn it into a model previewer :)

The Fractalisk by Mephs

Here is one crazy unit made entirely with the Data Editor, possibly inspired by Blizzcon's custom unit showcase

Battlecruiser Operational by Suhnder

There are many great entries entered the Blizzcon Movie Contest but not all of them can win. If you have one, feel free to share it on mapster. Here's an epic action scene happened on Char

Fan Arts

Blizzard updated the fan arts section with another 3 artwork for Starcraft

Blue Posts

Another new round of blue answers is up :) Blue poster now have their own avatar.


Q. (Aratar) - I can't seem to stop a tank's turret from doing its idle turning animation. I've tried removing the "fidget" property from the tank's owner and from the unit itself (Set Unit State). I also tried clearing its animations and stopping baseline animations... it's still spinning its turret! :O Same goes for Missle Turrets or Auto-Turrets.

A. You can control the idle animation for turrets by modifying the Fidget field for the Turrets data type. This is separate from the Fidget field for the Unit data type.

Q. (Aratar) - Is there any way to use data objects (like images, sounds) from a mod in a map that has that mod set as dependency? I can see the objects in the editor, but once I run my map, the objects aren't there (images don't display, sounds don't play)

A. We're currently researching this issue. Maps should be able to use assets that have been imported into a custom mod dependency.

Q. (Aratar) - How do I make portraits move their lips in transmissions? The "talk" animation just makes them shake their heads. Is it possible to make the lips move in sync with the subtitles?

A. You can set up facial animations in Sound data with the Facial Animation and Facial Group fields. These refer to animations available from a .fxa file which is specified in Model data with the Facial Controller field. The easiest way to pick facial animations is to open the Previewer, add a portrait model, and right-click the portrait model tree view item to Add Facial Layer. Then you can right click the facial layer to view which facial animations are available. Once the data is set up, your portrait will play the facial animation when you send a transmission using that model and sound.

Q. (Aratar) - When I make a UI dialog and then put a portrait inside it, the portrait is underneath the whole dialog frame... how do i make the portrait render on top of it? The "Set Portrait Channel" function seems to be the answer, but it's not doing anything :(

A. You should be able to fix this by calling the Set Portrait Render Type trigger to render the portrait in the LDR pass. The game UI is rendered in two passes. HDR is rendered first which generally includes all 3D elements (world, console, portraits). LDR is then rendered on top of that, which contains all of the 2D controls like the dialogs you can create through triggers. Changing the portrait to LDR will allow it to render on top of the dialogs but you will lose certain effects only available in HDR

Q. (Aratar) - Some doodads have different textures based on the tileset that used. Is it possible to switch their textures somehow? Example: Rock doodads - I'd like to use their Char texture on the Mar Sara tileset (along with using the normal mar sara rock textures)

A. To swap an Actor's textures to a specific tileset you can send the Texture Group Apply message in response to the Actor Creation event. What’s happening here is that Rocks have their Model data entry configured to automatically change their textures in response to the application and removal of various “texture props”. This behavior is turned on by having at least one item the Texture Declarations field. Each tileset has a prop associated with it such that any model with textures declared will automatically use the correct textures for that tileset.

Whenever a Model Actor sets its model (during initialization or a model swap), it internally sets the tileset prop with what the map specifies. But you can override the prop with the Texture Group Apply message to customize individual models however you want. Tileset props overwrite each other, so if the map sets the tileset prop to “aiur” and you specify “char”, then aiur gets replaced with char. The texture props for any given texture are based off a combination of any texture prop names found in the texture file's name and any additional data configured in the Model or Texture catalogs. You can link a texture file to any set of texture props by adding TextureDeclares for the model or by adding entries to the Texture catalog.

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Vector TPS, Outranged, Gesture Based Casting

Posted by vjeux Oct 02, 2010 at 11:10 UTC

If you are participating the Bounty Hunters tournament, please check out the informations on the forums.

Razer has got a 133,337 fans on their facebook page. They are doing a free giveaway of 1337 gears. You just have to register here. Thanks Bibendus for the tip ;)

We are soon going to spotlight a map of the week on sc2mapster. If you know some awesome maps please tell us :)

There's a Starcraft 2 Tournament called Startupcraft. Unlike the other ones it's organized to raise money for Child's Play Charity. We are participating at Curse by sending some of our best Starcraft 2 players: Hubert Thieblot (CEO), Kevin Van Ness (World of Raids), Nathan Lindberg (Sales Manager) and Whalen Rozelle (Project Manager).

Vector TPS by malu05 and TheKC

The following video is from a Starcraft 2 map. Yeah ... I can't believe it either :) malu05 teamed with TheKC to work on an impressive 3rd person campaign. Here's a trailer to make you say "Omg I want to play this map now!"

Outranged by anteevy

anteevy is not using the Galaxy Editor to do another DotA or Defense game. Instead he decided to invent a new gameplay concept called Outranged. I really like how innovative he his both for his map and the presentation videos. If you missed his pen and paper presentation it's worth watching.

Gesture Based Casting by ChromiumBoy

The mouse tracking trick gave many ideas to people. Here's a nice gesture based spell casting by ChromiumBoy.


A quick note from Blizzard that will make you happy if you are using custom dependencies :)


Custom Dependencies Desync Maps in 1.1+

Using a map with custom dependencies defined in the Publishing System creates an issue where, in multiplayer, a significant number of players can get a "desync" error message and drop from the game.

Hey Motive. Thanks for the report. We have developed a fix for this issue which will be implemented in the next patch. (Source)

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