Official Cheat Codes

Posted by progammer Dec 02, 2010 at 18:04 UTC

Cheat Codes by Blizzard

Blizzard has published their official list of cheat codes. Check them out. Leave a comments below to help me explain all the references

Cheat CodeDescription
WhatIsBestInLifeInstant Victory
LetsJustBugOutAndCallItEvenInstant Defeat
TookTheRedPillDisables Fog of War
Bunker55AliveInsideDisables the need for Supplies (Food)
TerribleTerribleDamageEnables God Mode
SpectralTigerAdds 5000 Minerals to the Available Resources
RealMenDrillDeepAdds 5000 Gas to the Available Resources
WhoRunBartertownAdds 5000 of each Resource to the Available Resources
SoSayWeAllAllows the use of all Tech
IAmIronManInstantly Allows all Upgrades
CatFoodForPrawnGunsEnables Fast Builds and Fast Upgrades
HanShotFirstDisables Cooldowns on Spells
TyuHasLeftTheGameDisables Victory Conditions to Allow Continued Play
NeverGiveUpNeverSurrenderEnables Continued Play After a Defeat
ImADoctorNotARoachJimEnables Fast Unit Healing
MoreDotsMoreDotsAll Units and Buildings are Free to Build (No Cost)
Story Mode Cheat CodesDescription
WhySoSeriousAdds 5 Million Credits
LeaveYourSleepOpens all Missions (Ability to Jump to Missions)
EyeOfSauronAllows Access to all Cinematics
StayClassyMarSaraAllows Access to all UNN TV News Broadcasts
HoradricCubeOpens all Research Options
Custom MapsDescription
JaynestownAdds 5000 Terrazine to the Available Resources
Easter Egg Cheat CodesDescription
OverEngineeredCodPiecePlays the Song Terran Up the Night

Updates: Alternative cheat codes from sixen. These all works but is not documented

Cheat CodeDescription
CadEasyGoinLose the current game
ReversingNazaire / BaseStarsPrimativeFast Build
FSBComunicacionFast heal
MintMansOperatorFood usage/requirement
SmoldersBolds5000 Minerals & Gas
StroakSmolts5000 Minerals
NeverGiveUpNeverSurrender / YpoonsVoicemailDisable defeat conditions
DZMHairSpring5000 Custom Resources (the 4th resources after Terrazine)
SawnOutOfMemoryFog of war disabled (the new Black Sheep Wall)
QroteroTime of day disabled
CMethodFeedbackWin current game
LyingPectMission select?
WapBoinkersResearch points granted
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Out of Bounds Contest Results

Posted by Sixen Nov 26, 2010 at 20:42 UTC

Out of Bounds Contest Results

I would like to give a big thanks to everyone who participated in this Contest, Bounds were my absolute favorite type of map during the old SC1 days. Checking out a lot of these entries really brought back some old memories (especially Level Up Bound, man I miss that map). I'm kind of inspired to go recreate one of my old bounds now... Anyway, thanks to everyone who participated, and congratulations to our top 3: progammer, Xen10, and Introversity, with D1000 coming in a close 4th! Stay tuned for the next contest, should be coming around pretty shortly, ;).

12. aciddragoon - The Nydus Network - 4
13. Exaken - Unnamed - 3
14. bigdakafa7 - Clan XDs Bound - 3
15. Aneth0r - Lava Dodge - 2
16. Aneth0r - Unnamed Level 1 - 2
17. Aneth0r - Unnamed Level 2 - 2
18. QMJ3 - WANTED (Level 1) - 2
19. QMJ3 - WANTED (Level 2) - 2
20. yukaboy - Factory Trap - 2
21. Zarakk - A Zerglings Journey (Level 2) - 1
22. stevehammon - Frontline Wars - 0

1. progammer - The Amazing Probe - 18
2. Xen10 - Level Up Bound - 13
3. Introversity - Lights Out - 11
4. D1000 - Unnamed - 10
5. Noidealol - Bounce - 7
6. nevjmac - Unnamed - 6
7. Victiln - Got Ninja - 5
8. Zarakk - A Zerglings Journey (Level 3) - 5
9. Obliviron - Dog Meat - 5
10. Zarakk - A Zerglings Journey (Level 1) - 4
11. Zarakk - A Zerglings Journey (Level 4) - 4

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Out of Bounds Contest

Posted by Sixen Nov 09, 2010 at 00:53 UTC
We have just added a Broken Maps category for users who are experiencing issues with their maps and believe the source of the problem to be within the Galaxy Editor itself. If you find yourself in this situation, upload your map to the Broken Maps category. This will make things easier for us to push your maps over to the guys at Blizzard that can actually get these problems fixed. Your files will still remain private, as only the SC2Mapster Moderators and Blizzard will touch them. Thanks!

Out of Bounds Contest

Something we have noticed is that there is a lack of Bound/Obstacle maps on these days... (So yes, is out of bounds! *drumroll*) For those of you who were around during the days of SC1, Bounds ruled the Customs list. If you can remember, we have also had a Minigame Contest before. However it was generic and this time we want to focus on specifically making Bounds and Obstacles.

What to do?

You are making a portion of an obstacle course/bound. Feel free to make an entire map out of it, but each submission should only be one obstacle. You allowed to create any kind of obstacle you want... A maze, explosions, dodge units, anything you can think of in terms of being challenged in the form of an obstacle is fair game. Remember, the more creative, the better!

What you have to give

  • You have to provide a youtube video of one obstacle. If you can't record, post the map and ask, someone will help you recording it :)
  • If you want to have multiple obstacles, just submit multiple videos. It'll make things easier for judging if we keep it to one obstacle per submission.
  • If you want to have a music background, you can import and play it in the map, but it is recommended to add it in the video.
  • You have to attach the map used to take the video


You have 10 days to complete this contest.

  • End of the submissions: Wednesday, November 17th - Midnight PDT (Los Angeles) [Thursday, November 18th - 9 AM GMT (Paris)]
  • A public vote will be held after the end of the submissions to decide who wins.


The main goal of the contest is to further community development within GalaxyEdit. The rewards can be see as follows:

  • First: 1-year Curse Premium
  • Second: 6-month Curse Premium
  • Third: 3-month Curse Premium
  • Everyone else: 1-month Curse Premium

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OneTwo TD, WTE #8, Trix #2, SCLegacy Machinima

Posted by vjeux Sep 29, 2010 at 08:26 UTC

We are currently in the process of moving to more powerful servers. There may be some downtime. Follow the process.

There are 3 days left before the end of the WoW Boss Contest. For those who don't want to enter because they are doing a boss inside your map, I'd tell you that it takes really few time to copy & paste only the Boss into a dedicated map for the contest :)

OneTwo's TD by OneTwo

If you are a fan of Tower Defenses or a fan of OneTwo's tutorials, I would recommend you to play OneTwo's TD. I really like the unit pathing represented with small glowing lights. It is available both in Europe and US :)

WTE #8 - Mar Sara Blues

The Weekly Terraining Exercises are a fantastic way to improve your terraining skills. And yet again there are some amazing pictures being made. If you want to participate this week is about Canyon Ambush.

Terrain Trix #2 - Replicating Warcraft 3 DNC Colouration by obliviron

After the Trix "How to create a sun" obliviron is sharing how to use lighting to create a dungeon-like effect that en-shadows units not under the influence of an omnilight. This works for every widget in the game . It'll help for your RPGs :)

SCLegacy Machinima

Update: The video has been removed from youtube ... It has been there for months and just been removed after it got news on sc2mapster ... You can get informations on the video here ... Better than nothing I guess.

SCLegacy is working on a machinima and released few months ago two excellent trailers. I have no idea where the project is at but even without it being complete those 2 videos are amazing!

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Official Galaxy Editor - Part 2

Posted by vjeux Apr 22, 2010 at 10:50 UTC

IRC Data

There are many things on the IRC. Some of them have been posted on the irc. You can see some screenshots and this video by Dustin:

Edit: Added another video from Dustin!

Other resources

There are also other resources as well that might interest you.

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