Posted by Sixen May 09, 2016 at 16:50 UTC

HeptaCraft by summerloud


HeptaCraft is an extension mod for SC2:LotV, featuring a whopping seven playable factions, ranging from old-school BW-like factions to completely new ones with fresh ideas. The gameplay is more like BW than StarCraft 2, with longer, more positional battles.

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Posted by Sixen Apr 03, 2015 at 23:16 UTC

Herakles by TheAzureGuy


Herakles is a campaign in which you only control units - no base building involved whatsoever. The focus lies on managing your units and use them wisely to survive. In other words, this campaign is all micro, but no macro.

Story-wise, the campaign is set in a different universe than StarCraft II. There are still terrans, zerg and protoss, but I'm re-introducing them here to the player. It is set at the early years of human colonization in space, which means that some of the technology of present-day SC2 does not exist yet, and that is reflected in both story and gameplay. Think of it as StarCraft Origins, expect it's not trying to be a part of the real StarCraft lore, but rather it's my own take on the origins of the three races.

This campaign is a remake of sorts of Terran Tactics, a project which I started back in 2011. The core ideas from back then are still included, but otherwise I've started from scratch to ensure that this project will be as good as possible.

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Posted by Sixen Oct 05, 2014 at 23:22 UTC

Hover by Elmaex

Hover is a fast-paced sports themed map. Up to 8 players in two teams try score the most goals in 12 minutes. Each team has up to three field players, who skate on a hoverboard and are fast and mobile, as well as a slower goal keeper with four powerful abilities.

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Heroes of the Storm @ BlizzCon2013

Posted by Sixen Nov 15, 2013 at 02:08 UTC

Update:: Want to get feedback on your maps for free? Want to play lots of fun maps with the community? Of course you do, so join us for Map Night!

Heroes of the Storm BlizzCon 2013 Coverage by Sixen

Once again, I had the chance to go to BlizzCon this year, and as usual, it was a blast. I spent a lot of my time focusing on Heroes of the Storm, and as such, was given the opportunity to interview game director, Dustin Browder. Aside from my interview, feel free to check out the rest of my videos, which include panel recaps, and my initial thoughts on Heroes! For other BlizzCon coverage, be sure to check out our information dump.

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Hellbat Infomercial

Posted by Sixen Jul 21, 2013 at 18:37 UTC

For those of you curious as to how the Hellbat infomercial was created, check out the behind the scenes video.

Hellbat Infomercial by PrettyAwesome

This may just be the first infomercial I legitimately enjoyed... Introducing the Hellbat, from the HasuCraft Film Series Project!

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