Hots campaign remake

Hi im disappointed of the Hots campaign that there are no sc1 units. But i want to put them in as an mod.

So that means i want to add the sc 1 units (devourer guardian, defiler) back in the campaign. My plan is to use all hots campaign maps and in some missions you are enabled to make sc 1 missions.

For example in mission 1 (lab rat) is just the same. But for example in level 2 on char you must use scourges instead of scourge nest to kill the BC. (its an example). Also i want to make some new maps (most pvz because there are not very much pvz in HoTS) for the sc 1 campaign. So in the final mission you can use all sc units like scourges, guardian and defiler. Also i think i make some extra units (like blizzard did with predator and diamondback) like the calabas. Also unused muli things come back (OV drop Corruptors ect)

Mutation Im not sure how to do that. Anyway i try to make them working. I don't think i will add more mutations because than i need new models for these units. Maybe i can add the infestor (l2d choker and a new model (purp) But im not sure.

Upgrades The same, I don't know how to do that. I will try to make it the same as in the campaign. But i think there is no use of the Leviathan. So i must use an other way.

other I think i also will make some other units for the protoss, Like the corsair and reaver. And i make the valkery and (Beta) predator also working)

Dialogs We can't add new Dialog's. so it will be letter only. I think we will delete all dialogs form the campaign. (i don't mean all from units but just cutdialogs. For example kerringen if she said ''These freeze storms can help us to defeat the protoss''

What it will be

I want to make it so serious as possible. And so ''blizzard'' as possible. That means i don't add some units like ARAS or Auto turrent build by SCV's. So no ubber units no Bosses.


If it will be an success we also will do the same with the WoL campaign. That means missions for the warhound, Valkery, Hellbat and more. Also we upgrade some woll maps with new doodads

What do i need

I need the follow guys to help my. I do the data.

1 advanced trigger editors guys

1/2 terrain editor guys

1 guy to support my with the data editor (Zarxiel93 do also support my that means we need a very skilled data editor guy

if someone can do it an sound editor guy

An model guy to support some models (defiler for example)

Maybe some more i also ask some friend to join my. Maybe from the MA team. But i need to ask them fist.

Current members

SoulFilcher - Small Modle work and icons.

Rikky333 - Leader and Dataeditor,

Zarxiel93 - Basic triggers (we still need an advanced trigger guy)

Full time job ??

It will be not a full time job, don't worry. (But if i need a release date. PLZ BEFORE THE RELEASE OF LOTV)


Its just an campaign, no impossible ubber things. Anyway i try to make it so blizz as possible. So the terrain editors need to be good and not that they can create alone kube maps (like my) The supported data editor guy need to have much skills. (for things if i don't know how to fix them for example) The trigger editor don't need to have ubber skills. If they can create some nice campaign maps than its all right. For the model guy. You don't need lots of skills. The model work will be quit simply. For the sound guy, you need much skills. to make nice dialogs.

But don't be afraid. We don't bite :) So if you like this project send my a PM. If you are not sure that you have enough skills. But you are sure you can help my. Don't be afraid. You can learn much of this project. And if you can help my as much as you can. Your are welcome.

But don't make to much bugs plz. I dont like bugs (wait its zerg dhuuu :))

Suggestions Don't worry. Im not the big boss here. We work as an team. So you can make suggestions.But i can tell you now, supper OP end bosses with 7 ability's don't will be added. Even hole mapster can make suggestions in our showcase tread.

When we start If i complete the campaign. And if we have the members i need. Fist we will make the Mod so the Data editor guy, the model guy, the sound guy and I start fist. If the mod is complete the other guys will start to work. but we will still support it. and support the mod. And if some maps are finished than we start to test them for balance. I will give instruction :P

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  • Avatar of Maxpaynelaw Maxpaynelaw Sep 08, 2015 at 07:19 UTC - 0 likes

    Wow… I am glad to know that you people are still working on this project and it would be a great outcome for sure. There weren’t any updates till now and that made me think that the project was dropped long back.

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  • Avatar of wargirlwargirl wargirlwargirl Apr 16, 2015 at 14:20 UTC - 0 likes

    You guys still working on this?

    Marie T. Freeman If you're too busy to give your neighbor a helping hand, then you're just too darned busy.

  • Avatar of Metalking1417 Metalking1417 May 26, 2014 at 21:25 UTC - 0 likes

    you guys still working on this?

  • Avatar of UtichentoBaal UtichentoBaal Nov 26, 2013 at 03:52 UTC - 0 likes

    Hey Guys, What's up? im from Chile and I am trying to make a Melee map where you could use all units fom SC1 and SC2, since I was making it only for my self for fun. I admit i used your sc1 sc2 remake mod and then added a pure SC2 mod file to make even more units and buildings available. For example, with the zerg you can spawn:

    devourers, guardians, mutalisks, corruptors, brood lords, vipers, scourges, nymphs (old flying queen btw), queens (new walking queen btw) brood mothers, leviathans, brutalisks, aberrations, overlords, overseers, drones, roaches, hydralisks, lurkers, impalers, ultralisks, swarm hosts, defilers, infestors, banelings, zerglings.

    You can build:

    hatcheries, lairs, hives, extractors, creep colonies, spawning pools, roach warrens, baneling nests, evolution chambers, spore and spine colonies, hydralisk dens, lurkers dens, spires, greater spires, nymph nests, infestation pits, ultralisk caverns, defiler mounds, nydus networks, nydus worms.

    Altough it might seem ready, its far from it. I'm just stuck with the game mechanichs and i can't seem to get over it. I need help to finish it. D: I could detail you my problems more if you want. And maybe, if you guys want, take a look at my map so you can make your own conclusions. :D

    Now, i wrote to you cause you had a similar wish of all SC zerg units and buildings, as i do. But i also would like all terran and protoss units and buildings as well.

    I don't think i could help you with your Project but i did felt some kind of loss with all the zerg missing units and buildings. and finally, are you guys italians btw?

  • Avatar of missile17 missile17 Aug 12, 2013 at 17:30 UTC - 0 likes

    well then i guess my cutscenes skills and etc will be useless here....

  • Avatar of Quirriff Quirriff Jun 23, 2013 at 03:13 UTC - 0 likes

    By looking at the campaign Data, it looks pretty clear that Devourers were going to be a unit in the campaign, they also had 3 selectable abilities for the evolution pit

  • Avatar of Metalking1417 Metalking1417 May 05, 2013 at 04:19 UTC - 0 likes

    I like the idea. My main complaint with heart of the swarm's campaign was that it lacked options in comparison to WoL. Though I do have a few questions-

    • why do you want to bring back the guardian? The broodlord does everything it does but better (though the ones in HotS can fire at air).
    • If you get to redoing the WoL how will you distinguish the Firebat from the Hellbat since the later is give or take a few stat changes, identical in function to the former only it can transform.
    • Can you fix the campain's seeming alergy to stealth units? I want to use my Overseers to detect something!
    Last edited May 29, 2013 by Metalking1417
  • Avatar of SGTMeowmers9 SGTMeowmers9 Apr 29, 2013 at 15:38 UTC - 0 likes

    hey guys,

    i was thinking about some possible mutations when i can access my laptop i will send them to you if you need them

    Any and all SC2 related things put on hold for now.



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