Apr 20, 2014
What we are about TnT-Productions is a team that specializes with defense oriented maps. From time to time we branch out and do something unique. Recently we have decided to open our doors to any like-minded people who wish to join. A formal application is required to join, its just a short application with a few questions to help us get a better idea of the type of person/player you are. It will be reviewed and you will hear back from us within at least a weeks time (7 days). If you don't...

Team Genesis

Mar 18, 2014
We are a team of editors; Everyone here has experience. Our goal is to improve our skills by creating games that deserve the Team Genesis stamp. Combining our knowledge and skills, weak or strong, is the best way to get things done. Most of us love editing and enjoy the opportunity to present new techniques, sometimes by showing off the skills we have, and other times by solving each others problems. We are almost always willing to help another member. This is not a team where you start with...

CareNut Development Team

Mar 15, 2014
NOTE: WE STOPPED MODDING STARCRAFT 2 DUE BLIZZARD LAZY SUPPORT AND NOT RELEASING TOOLS WICH HOLD OUR PROJECTS! E-Studios is a Freelance Gamestudio that created & still creating Modifications &amp; Total Conversions of C&amp;C Games. We were the first that modded Starcraft 2 Before the Editor even existed and now we are moving to Starcraft 2 because of the easy use of just 1 Editor. Members:<</color>> Curse ID / ID Underp4ntz = Chrizz Carenut = Buffie Summetje = Summetje Team Goals:...

Team Shadowblade

Mar 12, 2014

MineralZ Developement Team

Mar 05, 2014

VGA Rumble

Feb 26, 2014


Feb 22, 2014
Mappers who strive towards a finished project envisioned by TM-Magic[sc1] (aka scMagic.568 [sc2]). We strive to create interesting/unique games that are easily learned but hard to master. This is where innovation and creation meet a well oiled machine. Do you want to be part of it? PM TMMagic. ===== Current Project: Wilderness Survival On Hold: Future Survival Constructor Wars


Feb 19, 2014
1 Position Open See:


Feb 19, 2014
BladeDancers working on the map. This is a team with passion, who dosen't give up. The things you start is going to be done. No matter how long it should take. I am expanding this Team to be realy big. Currently i have an ORPG going on. Feel free to join. Temporary members coming in for the ORPG project. After this big project i'm going to work on Remakes of the SC1, Wc3 games. We are about 17 members now.

Arzulu Studios

Feb 07, 2014

Team "Generic Code" (Dark System)

Feb 02, 2014
We are proud to announce the Alpha-Release of Mercenaries of Dark System! Our team is working hard to add new features. Thank you for your on-going support. The map has RTS, MOBA, and strategy elements all mixed together. To learn more check out our videos on the second page of our team page. Triflin - Team Leader, Data Editor, Trigger Editor, Map Designer, Tester, Custom Animations, and part of the Creative Team. Spoolofwhool - Assistant Team Leader, Data Editor, Trigger Editor, Tester,...

Custom Hero Line War Dev

Jan 30, 2014
Custom Hero Line Wars Alpha NEWS: Inactiv Description: Custom Hero Line Wars is a Map played like an normal Hero Line War, exept that you can choose an hero desgin and add 4 Spells + 1 Ultimate. If you want to contribute in it just send me an PM with your Name. We use Dropbox for sharing the Map and the Libarys. Heart of the Swarm is required to help us. More Infos are comming. Dev Team: Scarjit ChaosDeamon [Inactive] Deadcaller REMOVED FROM PROJECT Thanks to: Swcompty For creating...

Team Om

Jan 26, 2014
Hello! Team Om is a new team. We have two goals in mind, to make two different mods. The first mod would be an MMO style boss battle. The second fantasy strategy game. PM me if interested I will get back to you as soon as I can.

The Indestructibles

Jan 16, 2014
We are team of authors who have exact goal and we are working heavily to achieve it. We work strictly on one project - a custom, lore-friendly single player Protoss campaign "Indestructible". And we shall not perish. We shall succeed. Link to the project. Requirements for joining this team does not exist. Being our goal - lore friendly, we accept any help we can, thus also people who have whatsoever no experience in the editor. We allow this to accumulate people to be able to discuss and ride...

Sprites Quest Cartography

Jan 07, 2014
Sprites Quest is a 2D Starcraft 2 Arcade Game. Notable features of Sprites Quest is a near infinite prebuilt world can be constructed. To help the game develop faster the Cartography Project was conceived at concept phase. Cartographers only need imagination and design as they use Sprite Quest Builder mode to expand the Sprites Quest Game and aid in the development of a final project. With this in mind this team's goal is to support, train, teach, and coordinate Cartographers and support...


Jan 04, 2014
Let's be honest: but at what cost?

BU Campaign With Story Units In it

Jan 03, 2014
Alright so this is for a group on The Group is Called Banger-Universe-Devs. Read the about us topic in Banger-universe-devs for a description for the Banger Universe. What This is for is a chance to get in on the creation of the BU Campaign. In the Banger Universe, there is this hero named Risker who started as a zergling, who asked Jim Raynor to break him free from the swarm. By the end of the first campaign, he had evolved into An Aberration look-Alike that can jump up...

Brood War UMS Revival

Dec 22, 2013

World of StarCraft: Death Knight

Nov 15, 2013
Recreate the World of WarCraft Scoure quest line for the Death Knights. Needed jobs. Triggers, Ability Creator (Models will be provided), World of WarCraft Hero system aka Inventory, Bag, Talent Trees etc, and a Saving System. And much more that will be added later

StarCraft 2 Death Knight quest line

Nov 14, 2013
I am working on creating a World of WarCraft Death Knight quest line map, I will create the models using the WoW Model Viewer, I need people to help me with triggers, creating custom abilities (I will supply the ability models), also a hero system: Leveling, Inventory, Bags, Talent Trees, Spell books, mount and companion system and much more to make it seem like you are actually playing WoW Death Knight quest line. I want to recreate the Scourge quest line for the Death Knights from the start...