Darkblizzard Entertainment

Feb 06, 2015
This team creates Starcraft Games that are fun for everyone! We try to develop fun games so all may play. As I do search for others to join me in my task as I do have the knowledge of Starcraft 2 Editor and have created multiple games. Hopefully in the future we may create a great game together.

Team Kreasion

Jan 29, 2015
Note: I am well aware that "Kreasion" is not how to spell "Creation", I just think "Creation" would be sorta lame. I would like to band with a few other modelers and make one common asset. I also need to learn a lot more about modeling and hope to learn more.

Team Genesis

Jan 11, 2015
We are a team of editors; Everyone here has experience. Our goal is to improve our skills by creating games that deserve the Team Genesis stamp. Combining our knowledge and skills, weak or strong, is the best way to get things done. Most of us love editing and enjoy the opportunity to present new techniques, sometimes by showing off the skills we have, and other times by solving each others problems. We are almost always willing to help another member. This is not a team where you start with...

Sc1 Remake

Nov 04, 2014
IT:gruppo della creazione del remake di SC1 e BW cercando di renderla + fedele possibile all'originale. Per ora è in lavorazione la versione italiana, poi quella brasiliana e poi vedremo... si ringraziano Jones, Telenil e Chris per le campagne originarie e Thrikodias, Ghostnova, Rikky e Underp4ntz per i modelli PT: grupo para a criaciao du remake du SC1 e BW tentando di renderla mais fiel possivel au original. Pur agora esta en lavoraciao a versao italiana, depois a brazileira e depoi vamos...


Sep 06, 2014
The Game RaZe is a team-based Action RTS game where players choose mighty heroes and lead elite armies into combat. Combining strong elements of DOTA, Warcraft III, and Starcraft BW, The experience is concentrated, approachable, and satisfying. Key Features: -Warcraft III hero centered combat -Fast-paced team fights set in the Starcraft universe -9 planned factions with multiple upcoming heroes for each -Supports 3v3, 2v2, 1v1 format -No power snowballing, power is determined by skill and...

x-wing miniatures recreation

Aug 15, 2014
This team is to recreate the x wing miniature game in sc2.I am not a good sc2 game creator so i am looking for people who could build the game with me. I would also need some models from the xwing miniature game. ty for reading and plz join or PM me :P.

Starcraft Mass Recall

Aug 13, 2014
The team that ports the Starcraft 1 and Brood War campaigns on Starcraft 2, and corrects any bug that has survived the purge. All six campaigns are available, along with three more missions that were hidden in official material, for a total of 62 maps. The remake uses the same terrain, mission and units as in Brood War, with Starcraft II improved UI and pathing. The difficulty is higher than the original to keep the game interesting and challenging. For more information, check the map pages...

Aliens Team

Aug 01, 2014
Hi,this team is gonna be creating a survival game based on the movie Aliens (1986). I am not skilled in creating game modes for sc2 but i get alot of good ideas. I am looking for some friendly map creators who could help me realize this awesome game. Thank you for reading and please join. :D If you have any questions on the game,ask me in the comment or contact me by email [email protected]

Team Project Factions

Jul 19, 2014
This team will create a custom map with a community source of heroes based on the community itself. Everybody can insert himself. Just PM Zanryu. Complete Heroes: 5 Heroes in Progress: 1 Heroes on wait list: 0 Official Thread Project Page


May 24, 2014

The Thing -Arctic-

May 18, 2014
Description: The Thing -Arctic- is a multiplayer game for up to 12 players based on the universe and events as seen in the movie The Thing (1982). In a game of paranoia, trust, lies, and screams, you must determine who the Thing is, and slay him, before he slays you, through various different means. By Shadowdancer and Kawo

The Might of Minerals

May 08, 2014
This map is going to be completely revamped from our previous test versions. I've changed the name from "The Might of Terrazine" to "The Might of Minerals". I'm going to have to come up with a completely new storyline, but essentially, there will be 4 different types of minerals, (Minerals, Vspene (both gas and crystallized form), Terrazine (crystallized form) and Radioactive Minerals). Each of these resources will have different functions in the game and will allow you to buy different...


Apr 20, 2014
What we are about TnT-Productions is a team that specializes with defense oriented maps. From time to time we branch out and do something unique. Recently we have decided to open our doors to any like-minded people who wish to join. A formal application is required to join, its just a short application with a few questions to help us get a better idea of the type of person/player you are. It will be reviewed and you will hear back from us within at least a weeks time (7 days). If you don't...

CareNut Development Team

Mar 15, 2014
NOTE: WE STOPPED MODDING STARCRAFT 2 DUE BLIZZARD LAZY SUPPORT AND NOT RELEASING TOOLS WICH HOLD OUR PROJECTS! E-Studios is a Freelance Gamestudio that created & still creating Modifications &amp; Total Conversions of C&amp;C Games. We were the first that modded Starcraft 2 Before the Editor even existed and now we are moving to Starcraft 2 because of the easy use of just 1 Editor. Members:<</color>> Curse ID / ID Underp4ntz = Chrizz Carenut = Buffie Summetje = Summetje Team Goals:...

Team Shadowblade

Mar 12, 2014

MineralZ Developement Team

Mar 05, 2014

VGA Rumble

Feb 26, 2014


Feb 22, 2014
Mappers who strive towards a finished project envisioned by TM-Magic[sc1] (aka scMagic.568 [sc2]). We strive to create interesting/unique games that are easily learned but hard to master. This is where innovation and creation meet a well oiled machine. Do you want to be part of it? PM TMMagic. ===== Current Project: Wilderness Survival On Hold: Future Survival Constructor Wars


Feb 19, 2014
1 Position Open See:


Feb 19, 2014
BladeDancers working on the map. This is a team with passion, who dosen't give up. The things you start is going to be done. No matter how long it should take. I am expanding this Team to be realy big. Currently i have an ORPG going on. Feel free to join. Temporary members coming in for the ORPG project. After this big project i'm going to work on Remakes of the SC1, Wc3 games. We are about 17 members now.