Evening Napalm II

May 27, 2015 houndofbaskerville Release
A "roads everywhere" 4 player spawn melee wip map. Could have named it roadblock : destructibles block the pathways between 4 remote bases. Upload 0 1 2 Upload 1 Upload 2
Cinder tears 01

Cinder tears

Oct 29, 2014 houndofbaskerville Release
10 player map .. the two center spawns are under powered and the 8 others are cramped like in a personal hell .. worst terrain work finish ever
Swamp City II2

Swamp City II

Oct 12, 2014 houndofbaskerville Release
6 player melee map with an emphasis on the "wtf" hard to read terrain" .. meant for 1v1 360 droppable main,under water level, 2 center spawn positions blocked/rocked in together, 4 smaller "fish" mains, 50ish expos, completely devoid of any sense of map pool political correctness The center area is blocked off by default melee destructible rocks.. the corner expos are the same way
Octo gone

Octo gone

Sep 25, 2014 houndofbaskerville Release
in sane map for up to 8 players the tiling/texturing while a work in progress is to be considered ex per mental
Victoria s secret

Victoria s secret

Jul 09, 2014 houndofbaskerville Release
4 start/player huge melee map with open mains and huge rush distance.. the expos open up the map .. some have mineral blocks .. 4 expos are gas only