Alexei Stukov (Portrait)

SoulFilcher/Ghostnova Assets

Apr 03, 2014 GhostNova91 Release
This is where the models and assets that both myself and SoulFilcher have worked on can be found. COMPLETE LIST Alexei Stukov unit. Alexei Stukov portrait. Protoss Battlecruiser. Drone evolution: Purple. Dark Nullifier.
Icon Pack 26

Abilities and upgrades icon pack

Mar 12, 2014 SoulFilcher Release
ATTENTION: To access older packs click the 'Files' tab up here /\ /\ /\ DDS icons created using SC2 originals, blizzard artwork, and a few made by myself. Good for abilities, upgrades, tips and any other idea you may have. Pack 02 - 16 new icons from Blizzard assets and artwork. I created some of these for my mod and the others just because I got bored. Pack 03 - More icons. Pack 04 - More icons. Pack 05 - More icons, some based on SC2 beta achievements Pack 06 - Lost Vikings! The spades icon...
Evolutions: Scourge

SoulFilcher's Models

Aug 04, 2013 SoulFilcher Release
RELEASED MODELS AND TEXTURES SC1 Ion Cannon: Made from WoL Data Core structure, no custom textures. Dropship variations: Dropship made from the Medivac. Some texture variations for it. Nuke Silo placement model. SC1 Hydralisk: Made from WoL Hydralisk to look like the SC1 version. Mothership Core (HotS annoucement version, not the final version). Metroid unit with some basic animations. Hellion portrait wearing goggles. SC1 Guardian/Devourer Cocoon made from WoL Broodlord Cocoon. Dark Shrine...
Portrait Static pack 12

Portrait (Static) Pack

Apr 01, 2013 SoulFilcher Release
ATTENTION: To access older packs click the 'Files' tab up here /\ /\ /\ /\ (SoulFilcher) Pack 1: (Blurred civilian, night elf banshee, Hall, demon marine) and a few Alpha/Beta ones (Red suit marine, Fatty/Swarm Host, Nullifier, Disruptor and an alternative Infested Marine). (SoulFilcher)Pack 2: Abathur, de-infested Kerrigan, Izsha and Grunty (murloc marine). (SoulFilcher) Pack 3: HoTS' Widow Mine, Lessara. GhostNova's Firebat, General Duke, Duran, Stukov, Vindicator. Thrikodias' Aldaris,...
unit buttons

Unit icon and wireframe pack

Mar 28, 2013 SoulFilcher Release
I'm reorganizng this page. The old packs will be removed and new packs will contain the old files. Right now the new WoL packs contains all files created for models that can be found in WoL assets. Another pack will contain all files created for custom models of different authors, and a third pack for HoTS assets only. Check the pack's description for the complete list of files.
Hyperion "0"

Loading Screens

Feb 20, 2013 SoulFilcher Release
Here's my first pack of loading screens made from Blizzard artwork. Mainly screens that were at first meant to be in the game but were scrapped, and some others from released artwork. PACK 1: Braxis, Char, Kaldir (HoTS), Landing Dropship (HoTS), Mar Sara (scrapped version), Moria, Protoss ship w/ Kaldir at the background (HoTS), Shiloh, Umoja. SC1 + BW PACK: All loading screens from Starcraft and Brood War in 1024x768 resolution, so they are not widescreen friendly. PACK 2: Avernus (Beta...

Beta Unit sounds

Feb 08, 2013 SoulFilcher Release
I decided to upload ithese here because I didn't find them anywhere. If there are sounds missing please PM me with a link so I can download it and include it here. All sounds are in English. Warp Ray sounds Beta Immortal sounds Beta Stalkers sounds Beta Zealot sounds Beta Phoenix sounds Beta Mothership sounds Scrapped Ghost and Thor sounds Aldaris sounds (made from SC1 campaign briefings) TerraTron sounds SC1 Alpha Protoss soundtrack (Thanks to rikky333 for digging it up) Beta Tempest sounds,...