Sc2mapster Heroes

Feb 24, 2015 alleyviper85 Release
Idea Sc2Mapster Heroes will be a map created by the Sc2Mapster community to represent it the best way possible. It's going to be a DotA-Style map with the goal to create a hero for every member of this project as well as the best known members of our community. Concept Sc2Mapster Heroes will be a WoW Arena like map. Further concepts to this are in planning stage. Every Hero has a design either chosen by a member of this project or it will resemble one of the members of the Sc2Mapster...
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When Subs Attack!

Jan 11, 2015 MiketheSspike Release
This entire map is underwater. 4 players face off in an epic battle until one player has claimed 10 kills. The movement system is automatic and will follow your mouse movements. Left click fires a volley of torpedoes toward the direction clicked. Right click drops a mine which will activate after 2 seconds. Middle click, if enabled, will teleport you a short distance in any direction followed by a short boost of speed. Another option is, when units are destroyed they will drop any 1 of 4...
Main Screen

Apple, Apple, Orange

Jan 02, 2015 MiketheSspike Release
Edit (1/1/15): A 4 player mini game in which you collect fruit and turn them into the correct bin. There are 4 fruits that spawn, each of them giving you different points on turn in: Grape 45 points, Apple 60 points, Banana 75 points, Watermelon 90 points. If you turn in the same fruit several times in a row you will receive a bonus that stacks to 5 (1.5X bonus). You may alternatively turn in a specific fruit to an infestor for a game-long buff. On the top, an energy regeneration buff. To the...
Terrain 5

Galaxy 6000

Jul 13, 2013 MiketheSspike Release
This map is a remake of the NES racing game, Galaxy 5000. It includes all of the original 10 tracks and 5 vehicles. A mouse movement system is used for lowest Battlenet lag. Also features music from F-Zero GT and Etreme G3 Video 1 - Mercury Video 2 - Uranus
ss 6

Project Zero

Mar 04, 2012 MiketheSspike Release
Marine Frenzy: Choose 1 of 8 heroes with 1 of 4 roles. Buy mechanical units and upgrades to augment your troops and lead them to victory. Unleash Nukes on unsuspecting foes. - Several icons colored by myself.... - Voice recordings for the Nomad (themed after "The Changeling" episode from the original Star Trek) - Control several map positions to gain resources for upgrades and items.

Approximation War (Proxy War 3)

Feb 08, 2012 MiketheSspike Release
In this game your objective is to capture the ever moving hill area marked by a caution line and glowing area, You can Pick up items that heal you or upgrade your weapon. - 200 proxy points to win - Points can be gathered by owning a Hill( 3 every 4 seconds) or Killing a player for 2 points. Minimap by: .Talon Testing and Suggestions: EvilJason & AggronandPals Music: 18Multiplayer-versus Dr. Robotnic's Mean Bean Machine, 07-Fullbore Killer Instinct, 08 Cressant-Grizzly-Stage Megaman x5,...
Base #1 SS

Vulture's Nest

Jan 28, 2012 MiketheSspike Release
This map is a 4 player melee with several altered/added units and upgrades. It takes place on a Xel'Naga ship in high orbit over Char. - Reaver data from Maverck - Reaver model from Killst4r converted by PvtChevron - Missing Icons and wireframes from SoulFilcher

Proximity War

Jan 23, 2012 MiketheSspike Release
In this game your objective is to capture the ever moving hill area marked by a large Terran Beacon, You can Pick up items that heal you, upgrade your weapon, or give you charges for an explosive. 200 proxy points to win. Points can be gathered by owning a Hill( 2 every 4 seconds) or Killing a player for 1 point. Minimap by: .TalonTesting and Suggestions: EvilJason & AggronandPalsMusic: Martis Tetris Sphere. 1853- Wild West and 2019-NeoTokyo from Time Splitters 2.
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Proxy War

Jan 09, 2012 MiketheSspike Release
This is a King of the Hill map with random hill spawn points every 90 seconds of game time. You move your unit with right click and fire with left click. Weapons can be upgraded twice but are lost upon death. Music: - Tetris Sphere: Prophetic, Martist. - Time Splitters 2: Hangar.

Sanctuary Fortress

Nov 03, 2011 MiketheSspike Release
A remake of the Sanctuary Fortress from Metroid Prime 2 as a 4 player melee map.
Mekka map 8 location 4

Mech City

Oct 22, 2011 MiketheSspike Release
2v2v2v2 Capture the Data 3PS By: MiketheSpike Inspired by: Tigerija Minimap by: .Talon Far into the future the earth is covered in layers of structures built upon the ruins of past cities. Upon these installations you will be engaged in a war for Data. Your team must collect 10 Data units in order to achieve victory. -This map uses an ASDF Movement control along with mouse-look and mouse clicks for firing. -New Version released with smaller map and many changes including new music added...

Battle Tank

Oct 09, 2011 MiketheSspike Release
A rivalry between four mercenary groups erupts into a all out war, decimating the city and it's population. This battle will determine which of the groups is the strongest and will only end with the complete annihilation of the other groups. - 4 Player - WASD movement - Mouse controlled turret movement - Destroy 50 enemy units per team to defeat them - Alternate victory Destroy enemy bases * Minimap by .Talon * Terrain and doodads mostly by Blizzard Units so far..... Blitz Team: Siege Tank,...
Main Screen

Apple 2E Tank Wars

Aug 13, 2011 MiketheSspike Release
An amazing Apple 2E remake with cubes, spheres, and anything else you could ever want! (Video) -Now in COLOR! This is a WASD, Mouse-look Game Music from Megaman 10, Sheepman (Capcom)

Slag Pit

Aug 02, 2011 MiketheSspike Release
This is a small 1v1 map in which the starting locations are very close to each other but the close ramp is blocked by debris and several other main pathways are turned into bottle necks with debris. There are also two island expansion areas.
Map Center

GullyPush 2v2/FFA

Jul 29, 2011 MiketheSspike Release
Forces compete to control a mineral rich gully in an otherwise mineral scarce environment. Beware the surrounding high ground lest your remote mining operations go down in flames. Designed by Aggronandalts, Made by MiketheSpike

Battle Probes

Jul 08, 2011 MiketheSspike Release
The Protoss have created a grand facility devoted to the testing of Prototype Probes in an attempt to create the ultimate war machine. This is a top down, free for all, killing spree map; controlled by mouse position in combination with space bar. Weapons are fired with left mouse click and other upgrades are use with right click. Now you can also gain points by gathering minerals, gas, and Terrazine and returning them to the Protoss Beacon. Two movement systems are available: WASD and mouse...
White Thunder

Twisted Metalcraft

May 20, 2011 MiketheSspike Release
This map is in early release form and has a bit of polishing left . It is currently playable as a 4 person death match. Arrows to move, Mouse clicks to use and change weapons, esc to show ui, Return to game to hide menu. Models and bug fixes to come Minimap by: .Talon
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To Chain the Beast

May 17, 2011 MiketheSspike Release
A remake of the last Brood War Terran campaign mission "To Chain the Beast". It is a One player mission in which you have to administer drugs to the Overmind in order to control the Zerg. Two of the Overmind's strongest Generals, the Cerebrates, whom try to eradicate you while you mount assaults to cripple their Hive Clusters.
Nagrand Overview


Apr 30, 2011 MiketheSspike Release
This is my Starcraft 1v1 rendition of the World of Warcraft continent of Nagrand in the Outlands. It is to be played as a one versus one and has a standard 8 mineral starting location with 2 vespene geysers and the natural expansion. Also includes high yield expansions and normal expansions. (New Version available with the Vulture's Nest Unit Mod integrated)
Map Overview

Rolling Hills Valley

Apr 30, 2011 MiketheSspike Release
This Valley is the location of an ancient Protoss Temple. Now it's the stage for a great conflict. Rolling Hills Valley is a Standard One vs One map with natural expansion, blocked expansion, high yield expansion, and island expansion.