May 03, 2012 CrazyTwigman Inactive
Crazy and Blooha presents: What is Undead? This map is based on StarCraft 1 BroodWars' map of Undead 2 Reworked. Now I am not sure who made that but anyways, In this map there are up to 7 survivors and one Undead. Undead is a unique concept, in the fact that it brings in multiple concepts together. The best way that I have found to describe this game whilst testing, is that it is similar to Cat N Mouse and ISland Defense. For those of you who have not played those games, essentially, the 7...

Mt Impossible

Oct 22, 2011 CrazyTwigman Planning
MT impossible was first played in StarCraft BroodWar. This epic map was great fun and many enjoyed it. You were a probe and you had to use pylons and micro skills to get past ultralisks which attacked from the top of the mountain. their were 6 stages each getting progressively harder with building blockers. For each probe playing their was 1 ultralisk. At the bottom of the map their was a randomized shop which chose 2 shop items from 4. You could buy these at the cost of some of your own...