Vexal Tower Defense

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Tower Defense.

- 43 levels, including bosses with special abilities unheard of in a WC3 Tower Defense.
- Some levels have special abilities, again, which were unheard of in WC3.
- Unique towers which were not possible with the WC3 editor, such as towers with the Carrier's Hangar ability, upscaled to store an unlimited number of a variety of powerful units, or Sunken's ability to stack and uproot towers.
- Two unique races, Humanoid and Sunken.  Sunken is currently a work-in-progress.  The races are polar opposites in terms of play-style.
- Hero-Towers.  Hero-Towers gain experience and level with kills, and are allowed to choose their own distribution of skill points, as well as purchase powerful weapons to equip.
- Three modes of play:  Full Team, Left vs Right, and Solo.  More modes are currently in the works.
- Intense difficulty.  You will not win your first try.  You will not win your second try.  You will need a full team of coordinated players to make it halfway through my game.  

Created by Vexal.525

Some notes:
- I usually am not able to actually test versions of my map privately.  Due to the nature of 2.0, in order to originally test this map, I had no choice but to upload it publicly in its half-finished form.  It is still unfinished.  Every so often (as in, every few hours, a few times a day), I upload a new version with a small addition (such as a new tower, unit, ability, or balance change).  If I were able to complete this map in privacy before uploading it, I would.  However, due to the fact that the maximum party size is 6, and this is a 10 player map, it is almost impossible for me to organize a full private game.  I apologize if a version is uploaded with game-breaking bugs.  

Feedback:  Post here, PM me here, message Vexal (525) in-game, or email

I have uploaded a map with the triggers and object data in my TD.  

This file contains all of the triggers and data for my tower defense.  Feel free to open and examine these.  You may take any part of this map's triggers.  You may reuse any of my methods for creating an object.  However, I request that you not use any of the ideas contained in this map.  You may use any piece of an object's data to learn how to apply a similar function to your own object.  You may not copy the idea of the object itself.

If you wish to build your map ON TOP of this one, please contact me first.  I will not forbid such action, but I have disabled certain function to prevent such from happening without studying the map.  I did so because I am uploading this with the intention that people will use this map as a tool to answer specific questions, ie "how do I make a hero" "how do I make a tower launch units" etc.  

I do not request credit on maps where parts of my map are used.  I DO request that you contact me if this upload was helpful, and let me know exactly how it was so.  So that I may keep track of whether this is useful to anyone.

Feedback:  Post here, PM me here, message Vexal (525) in-game, or email

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  • Avatar of lobstrosity lobstrosity Aug 12, 2010 at 04:37 UTC - 0 likes

    "I don't know what to tell you. Don't play public games, I suppose. You wouldn't do Molten Core with a random group, would you?"

    I wouldn't go near that game with a 10 foot stick anymore :D

    What I was trying to explain is that people don't learn and don't listen- the vast majority of people who have been playing refuse to listen to suggestions and repeatedly do the same thing (in fact just now I had two rounds in a row where all four of my team mates just made turrets and called it a day :( ). I mean honestly, if they can't read the loading page and understand that empty bunkers do nothing, do you expect them to learn and be able to play to later levels?

    It would also be cool if people weren't allowed to use sunken until it was finished >.<

  • Avatar of Vexal Vexal Aug 12, 2010 at 03:03 UTC - 0 likes

    I don't know what to tell you.  Don't play public games, I suppose.  You wouldn't do Molten Core with a random group, would you?

    Over time, people gradually learn what to do, or at least what not to do.  Winning in a public game will eventually become common, as the public player base will become saturated with the good strategies.

  • Avatar of lobstrosity lobstrosity Aug 12, 2010 at 02:34 UTC - 0 likes

    "I understand your frustrations with the difficulty. However, if I make the map easier because of new players, then it becomes too easy and boring for a group that knows what they are doing."

    True. But everybody is a new player and so few of them have any clue what they're doing (or listen to the suggestions of others for that matter). At all. To the point where I need to join like 5 lobbies before I find a *half* decent group. Also- the first 10-20 waves have become so boring because I've done them soooooooooo many times (thanks to all the mass crawlers/bunkers/turrets)

    "It should be impossible for new players. It should be difficult for experts."

    Which would be nice if there was a way to separate the noobs and the vets into different lobbies...but you can't :( and it really brings the map down.

    "Crawlers can be useful. They cannot be built alone, but with the right synergy, you can safely build them starting round 1. It's a strategy I designed the race around, but so far have really seen no one use correctly."

    I've only come across one other person besides my self who could utilize them correctly...everyone else just builds as much as possible and nothing else.

    And on another note...I'm not so much frustrated with the difficulty as I have no problem getting to 36 with a decent group....but again...99% of people trying this map don't do anything useful- and infact join other lobbies and continue doing the exact same fail strategies and ignoring everyone trying to help them.

  • Avatar of Vexal Vexal Aug 12, 2010 at 02:13 UTC - 0 likes

    I understand your frustrations with the difficulty. However, if I make the map easier because of new players, then it becomes too easy and boring for a group that knows what they are doing.

    It should be impossible for new players. It should be difficult for experts.

    Crawlers can be useful. They cannot be built alone, but with the right synergy, you can safely build them starting round 1. It's a strategy I designed the race around, but so far have really seen no one use correctly.

  • Avatar of Wallweasels Wallweasels Aug 12, 2010 at 02:02 UTC - 0 likes

    Indeed, I heard the SC2Editor is like working with a bucket of mud :/ However with such things atleast copy/paste coding can be done :D

  • Avatar of lobstrosity lobstrosity Aug 12, 2010 at 01:58 UTC - 0 likes

    - Disabling sharing of resources upon player-leave in Left vs Right mode. I do not want the other team to be able to sell the towers of a player on the opposing team when they leave. I do not want the resources distributed to both teams.

    -Sorry but how else are you supposed to get the high level towers past level 30 or so without stealing people's towers? I've done everything I can think of- no matter what I do it seems impossible to even get the Higgs Boson tower without selling someone's towers.

    -I can take down a robot on my own no problem, but 99% of the people I play with can barely get it to half health. Can you PLEASE reduce it's power? And on that note, why is the Citadel so much easier to take down?

    -Protector (stinger upgrade) should have a larger foot print- I found out the hard way it's arms block massive units and makes a wall.

    -Something really needs to be done about bunkers and spore crawlers- whether it be banning them for the first few waves or only allowing two. I'm getting really tired of losing because people think massing crawlers and bunkers works for anything.

    -Is the map actually beatable? I've only been to level 36 and I haven't played with anyone who has passed that level. What's the deal?

    Overall an awesome map, though it would be nice if i knew enough people who didn't completely fail at it!

  • Avatar of Vexal Vexal Aug 12, 2010 at 01:08 UTC - 0 likes

    I agree with a good number of your suggestions. My reasoning for leaving these things out is not design decisions. It simply takes forever to make anything in the sc2 editor. Sunken at the moment is half-finished. I am comfortable with humanoid except for its marines.

    I would love to have more than one hero. Again, that takes a lot of time. Each unit takes me a couple hours to design and implement. I have a certain way I like things. Especially making weapons. I have to debate which damage type, it's ratio of cost to damage, its dps. Then I have to sit and stare at each available unit model in the game until one clicks in my head as suitable. Worse, there are not many to choose from. Then I have to do the same thing again with the weapon projectile and mover. The Higgs Boson and Ion Cannon took 9 hours to make.

  • Avatar of Sniper3 Sniper3 Aug 12, 2010 at 00:55 UTC - 0 likes

    Crashed on the 2nd boss twice in a row now, not sure what happened but with this new update(version) it keeps crashing me...

    Anyone else have this problem?

  • Avatar of Wallweasels Wallweasels Aug 12, 2010 at 00:38 UTC - 0 likes

    Oh and yeah long comment :P sorry about that.

  • Avatar of Wallweasels Wallweasels Aug 12, 2010 at 00:38 UTC - 0 likes

    Hey nice work on your map so far. Although it has problems. Some basic things: Why so many useless units? Marines, firebats past like round 4, turrets and even sunkens outside of just to wall. I think a simple thing to add would be a generic "upgrade" structure for buildings or units in general, similar to the Ghosts upgrades. It confuses me why ghosts are the -only- infantry to have an upgrade. Specifically per race:

    Humans: Marines: Almost useless on stage 1, for 3 minerals each they barely do any damage at all and worse than that. If they had a "hero" upgrade to maybe a Marine2.0 that did more damage, or had upgrades this would easily solve this issue. Firebats: Useless past a few stages. Same issues as the marine, lacking firepower and even increased cost (to 20 from 10). Without any ability to upgrade this unit is lacking and costs to much to even consider using en-mass. Turrets: Oh lawd almost worse than marines because they cost double. Even the like 45 crystal upgrade for this unit is terrible. :/ Laser: Although not that bad of a unit on its own, its upgraded unit costs to much to consider buying ever thus making this unit in general one to not buy because its future potential is so low. Bunkers: They do their job but I would suggest merging bunkers and turrets to make one unit. A Bunker with an upgrade to become bunker+OntopTurret for 1020 cost. The turret could be fast firing and do decent ground/air damage. It, further, could upgrade to a more powerful one.

    Sunken: Zerglings: Fine on their own. But all the infantry they can use should, like humans, have some kind of upgrades. Maybe faster attacks for zerglings or hydras getting more range, etc. Hydras: Cost to much at 25 each I almost never use hydras. 12.5 zerglings do significantly more damage whilst lacking AA that can be covered elsewhere. Upgrades would be fun Banelings: ...does anyone use these? They are like turrets but even more useless. 8 minerals for a unit that almost can NEVER make back its cost outside the first few rounds. They desperately need a damage buff or ability to make banelings more dangerous past round 4+ It would make alot more sense to make banelings into something else and make it a very slow (23 attackspeed) unit that did good damage. At least then I MAY use them once. Pierces: They are a good unit but expensive. I am very uninterested in buying these over the acid-throwing lake for 70mins. These need to be re-valuated in cost to balance them out. Spine Crawlers: a 'wall' and that's all they are. crappy damage, upgrades cost to much and its AA upgrade is a joke for its cost, at most only useless on the first air wave and that's it. Exploders are the only reliable upgrade, but 172 for the shocker (even if its not bad on its own) is crap compared to the potential of other units. Awakener: slow attack its worthless. Only in an extreme maze could this unit ever function properly and even then it has very diminishing results for its 204 price tag. 3 acid-lakes for 210 would do significantly better..and namely attack air. AcidLakePoolsIforgotthenameof: The best unit sunken have, its cost effective, does great damage and attacks fast...with splash. However would like some upgrade for it, as I think all units should have upgrades. Lava Spewer: :/ terrible. 300 minerals, or otherwise known as 4 acid-lakes. that does good damage at a decent speed. Just costs to much. damage overall from acidlakes would do more. No upgrades, kind of meh range aswell. Infestor: Costly, barely slows units, not all that great.

    Heroes: Should have a choice between a few I think. Atleast Sunken and Human should have a different hero. Overall kind of a meh unit, late game only good for Slow or using PulseRifle (of which requires massive dumping into efficiency), but costs 400. Could have abit more diversity I think. But probably the most solid part of the map.

    But hey, like the play the map, its just mindnumbing to play because of retards who buy all the terrible units. I like maps to take strategy, but having entirely useless units isn't strategy, its mostly about strangling the little use you can out of the somewhat decent units :(


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