Custom Campaign Initiative

CCI Depdencies Mod File

Back when I was an active mapper, I was annoyed at having alot of broken abilities when using the LibertyStory mod file. I was well into trying to fix all these dependency issues (including repairing all the abilities modified by LibertyStory) when I went back to school and lost the time to really finish it. I remember there were issues that I just couldn't solve, no matter how hard I tried.

Out of curiosity, I opened it back up and it appears to work perfectly now (at least from the Terran side of the house). If loaded after the LibertyStory it should restore the abilities and tech tree to that of multiplayer (though possible not the most up to date version, there's some poor data editing on my part I'm sure).

It's released as is, feel free to let me know if you encounter problems using it. My main goal was to take away some of the pain associated with making a new map as I was making copious amount of tedious data editing over and over again. So download it, and give it a shot.

CCIDependencies Mod File

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Date created
Nov 29, 2012
Last updated
Nov 29, 2012