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Angel Arena Original

Dec 31, 2014 Alpha
This map will be remake of Angel Arena map from Warcraft 3. For the base i have token my map Vampirism Zero. It means that a bunch of stuff is already done. Heroes, shops, hero revival, triggers, some abilities. What next: Create a terrain. Create stats, points & rank system. Create achievements. Create about 15 heroes. Each hero have 5 abilities. He can choose to learn from 24 different abilities. It means that hero can have a tons of different unique builds. First hero is almost ready....


Nov 09, 2014 Alpha
Join 7 other players and survive the zombie outbreak in Eden on Mars. Investigate and discover the secrets of Eden.

Viacre - Chapter 02 [Another World]

Sep 27, 2014 Alpha
STILL UNDER DEVELOPMENT* - You can check the development history and progress through the "Images" Section. - .... The Viacre.... Visited the underworld.... Visited the dead world... Visited the horror world... Visit.... The world above... Open... The path.... To the other world.... To open... The door..... ... To Another World.... You were weak before.... But you changed... You overcame your weakness... You went to the world above... You are weak no more.... You can fight... You can...

SC2 - Ultimate (Mod)

Sep 19, 2014 Alpha
Search for "Ultimate" in mods on Battle.Net (Americas & South East Asia) Notable features You may submit a Ticket if you wish to provide feedback or ideas! :) StarCraft 2 Ultimate is intended as an extension mod that can be applied to any melee map. It can also be used as a functioning dependency for other maps if you wish. My goal is to include most campaign units, most StarCraft 1 & Brood War units, and many of the various upgrade and strain choices you see in WoL and HoTS. As well as those...
Fire and Sand Editor Shot

SBC Alpha (Fire and Sand)

Sep 18, 2014 Alpha
An alpha release for testing of the map Fire and Sand. note: This version is not intended for public release, and is only posted for testing. Thank you. Zip file includes the Map and Starbow Mod version 1.9 and Asset Mod file 1.7 Instructions contained within the Zip file. Thank you. Please post your findings, such as exploits, errors, difficulty issues, or anything you'd like to say. Thread is here:...

Gods Land 2

Aug 22, 2014 Alpha
im making a custom map for an arcade game named gods land 2. if anyone has ever played gods land they would know it needs a better map and a bit of polish.

Zombie Survival - Stop Watch

Jul 24, 2014 Alpha
Zombie Survival - Stop Watch This map is a remake of the original map. The first map was create in Starcraft BW an easy 10 years ago. Description You and your team of self selected heroes are stranded atop a city building during your last stand as you defend against which seems like an endless zombie horde. If your safe house becomes overrun you all lose since survival without a safe house is miniscule. However, venture out and you may not regret it. There is a 'stop watch'-like timer on the...

Marine Arena [Test]

Jul 22, 2014 Alpha
This map is a simple marine arena like all of this type, but i tryied to make my marine arena. You have a hero that will not return if die and your objective is destroy enemy bases with your marine that you have to spawn manually at your base. You can also up them (new ability) and you can buy mercenary. In this map there are 2 "Boss", and if you find and kill them you earn 500 minerals each. Good fun, i hope you like this...

Harvest Earth: Kenji's Edition

Mar 13, 2014 Alpha
Picking up the pieces after "dkrchris (Data Editor/Terrain Editor), & Kaillera (Trigger Editor/Region Editor)" abandoned the project over 3 years ago. Presently, just fixing up the broken or undeveloped aspects of the map.


Mar 08, 2014 Alpha
Boss Fight

Heroes III Of Might And Magic v. 0.01 Alpha

Jan 30, 2014 Alpha
Please tell me what do you think about the map


Dec 30, 2013 Alpha
I really hope this map can be finally published, but unfortunately, I don't have time to complete it anymore. So anyone who's interested in the map may continue the work, and please feel free to use all the assets.
Character Selection


Dec 21, 2013 Alpha
FighterCraft Concept: In this map, with a style similar to what Blizzard Outcasts could have been, you play a series of matches against another player. During these matches, you will be able to choose a custom made hero and battle in a 1 v 1 match. You will have multiple abilities to use and the winner is the one who kills the other player first. Development: I am currently the only one working on this map. However, I would like to have a Trigger/UI specialist help me out (if this is you,...


Dec 16, 2013 Alpha
Strike-Craft-Saga Amazing set of maps for those who tested early versions of this project. For those who likes games in Third Person. 4 maps with a lot of adrenaline. Download Descargar Archivo Zip Pagina Oficial:LostTest First map "Escaramuza" is basic: Second map "Dust" in the series: Third map of the saga: Fourth map of the saga: System Requirements: Minimum graphics settings: high, It lag? so down just a little to intermediate Recommended graphics settings: Ultra, Extreme Lag are a little...

Size Units

Dec 03, 2013 Alpha
Marines periodically spawn at your nexus. They receive upgrades as they gain kills, as well as physically growing larger. Larger units mean they are more powerful, but easier to attack and are a bigger target.

Die or Survive

Nov 13, 2013 Alpha
Die or Survive A map where you defend your base. Up to 4 players, diffrent lanes. Backstory: You are a group of miners who were left behind to gather the remaining Blegg Gas. The others set up a superbunker for defence, a Sensor Tower and a Comm Tower. You spotted a Zerg Force gathering, and started building defences for the Super bunker, but you did not have enough time. They were coming. They destroyed the Comm Tower and the Sensor Tower, you lost all connection to the others. This, is...


Nov 11, 2013 Alpha
This is a demo for my a new map "The Escape" , I have been influenced by the character switching in GTA 5 and its a easy puzzle game. Please leave a comment if you play my map.

Star Map Unlmited

Oct 13, 2013 Alpha
This is a map that was uploaded just to be a map on starcraft 2 mapster. Check out my real map on the arcade: - elimination tournament - @ NA :)
NightlyBuild Shot

Korhal Syndicate Wars

Sep 21, 2013 Alpha
Story: Universe falling in War. Terrain, Zerg and Protoss fight out of Space. In Korhal City Syndicates take the authority. Gameplay: Play Coop (4 Player) or Single in a random generated City filled with random acting life. Take Missions from different Syndicate, earn reputation from different Groups (Syndicate/Korhals Police/Bandits). Modify your Hero(s), get rich die Young. an "Syndicate" refresh with parts of Original Syndicate Gameplay Status: Early Alpha (*paused due Holidays, back @...
Loading SCreen

Operation Insanity

Aug 04, 2013 Alpha
Operation Insanity is a Next Generation Survival Map Please Visit The Website for More info