Death Valley

Mar 24, 2011 Planning
A regular map made for a 1v1

StarCraft Explorer's Series

Mar 24, 2011 Planning
Starcraft Explorer's is a sieries of missions that are like episodes that you play along until the ending. YOU are a basic explorer of many in the "Foundation": a group of Artifact/ Treasure hunters/ Explorers that explore new places in the Sector and collect artifacts. YOU (Andrew) is the explorer who will be focusing on. Andrew was hired near the end of the Brood Wars to Wings of Liberty. Andrew was hired in the begining for basic tasks, but in the journey he will have to adapt to live and...


Mar 23, 2011 Release
Line up banelings like dominos and knock them down. Press space to enter and exit edit mode. In edit mode, left click to place banelings, right click to remove banelings. Select a baneling and press X to "kock them down" Don't place banelings too close together or your chain will stop.

Starcrisis Pre-Pre-Pre-Alpha

Mar 23, 2011 Alpha
Lightgun-StyleGamePOC(Pre^99 alpha) Tal'darim Altar LE (2V2)

Mar 22, 2011 Release
There are two easily defendable expansions in front of your main base. There are multiple paths to navigate around the center, so make use of the Watch Towers.<n/><n/>GSL league map. Original map created by: Jonghyun Joo (LSPrime) Send Me a PM or comment Cinder Fortress (3V3)

Mar 22, 2011 Release
Team play map, you share a fortress with your allies. Initial expansions are easily defended, but additional expansions push towards the enemy. Utilize a Watch Tower to help defend your team's forward position. PM Me or Comment

Special Forces: Elite

Mar 22, 2011 Release
Based upon special forces, with a few additions and surprises. Features 15 units each with a new unique ability and tons of zerg swarms. Designed to be played with friends. You can see the latest updates and changelog to the map here (RSS feed available): With this and all of my maps, they are left open intentionally for editing and learning. You are welcome to borrow what you want from it to help your own map, I only ask that if you make new...

Archi - Versus

Mar 22, 2011 Release
1v1 Made by Archivian to play other Archi maps type Archi in the map search

Starcraft 2 World of warcraft 1 player scenario.

Mar 21, 2011 Release
I have made a Sc2 map using the Wow character model package made by Zarakk You have a choice between playing as The Lich King, or, Lady Sylvanas I have no knowledge of this game because i have a very bad internet connection (Hughes-net)so i cant do much.So for anyone who loves Wow but got a bad connection or don't want to pay the money?== THIS IS THE MAP FOR YOU!! == Hope you like. Mapmakersrule,

Archi - Urban Flux

Mar 20, 2011 Release
Made by Archivian To play other Archi maps type "Archi" in the search

Elrics Domain

Mar 20, 2011 Planning
Fight to defend your city from The Dark Lord Elric
Game View

Archi - Ruin

Mar 20, 2011 Release
made a by Archivian Type "Archi" to find more Archi Maps


Mar 20, 2011 Planning
Fisca == A fight to capture and conquer the world.


Mar 20, 2011 Planning
THE OWNAGE TEAM === time to hunt some zerg!

ralron's RPG

Mar 20, 2011 Alpha
a Open World RPG 4 acts ( 4 main zone with diffrent units terrain ) - 3 heros ( so far ) - Unique Set item depending on hero. and quests. - over 36 spells - 20 quest - 10 unique bosses Up comming ad ons - more spells -more heroes - ZOne instances ( dongeons you will be able to acces for extra exp and loot ) - special Unlocks deppending on game progress ( save/bank system )

four-corners td

Mar 19, 2011 Beta
4-player maze TD. The enemies go around the outside of the map and hit the 4 corners. After going to the 4 corners they will go to the center where you will lose lives. If you block they will go around your maze by passing through the center. Please PM me with comments. (Enterest)


Mar 19, 2011 Release
Crash Kill and Destroy! Mad Max returns! Madness on the road! Map is published at russian server which is part of European one, but i'm not sure map is accessible there. No right reserved. Map is property of society. Feel free to use it as you wish Thanks for all people who developed FPS/TPS/WASD control systems. Separate thanks to Irush, Brandon509, Doubotis, Progammer (his WASD system made in data-editor inspired me), izhVenom (racing adviser)

I dunno this is my first map

Mar 19, 2011 Planning
This is my first map, so please leave suggestions at [email protected] . . . Thanks!
Colony 219 Logo

Colony 219

Mar 18, 2011 Planning
The goal of Colony 219 is to create a story-driven point-and-click adventure style game spanning several maps that will have the player solving puzzles and riddles to unravel the plot. Game delivery will be episodic with new maps/story advancements being delivered as they are ready. Combat will be light but full featured, implemented in the style of hack-and-slash ARPGs like Diablo (only with missiles and guns in place of swords and spells). The game will feature custom graphic elements,...
Cat'n'Mouse Fights

Cat'n'Mouse Fights

Mar 17, 2011 Release
Remake of Warcraft 3 Cat Catchs Mouse map. Now for SC2. Now in open space. Great battle of cats and mice continues. Bad old pussycats return to catch down the last mouse in the University. Main Information Map consists of 3 different modes: - classic Cats Vs Mouse - Mice (players) Vs Cpu controled Cat-Droids - Cat-Hero Defence (just like Enfo's) Classic gameplay isn't new for those players who played Cat Catchs Mouse at Warcraft3. The goal of cats is killng all the mice. Cats grow up in...