I dunno this is my first map

Mar 19, 2011 Planning
This is my first map, so please leave suggestions at [email protected] . . . Thanks!
Colony 219 Logo

Colony 219

Mar 18, 2011 Planning
The goal of Colony 219 is to create a story-driven point-and-click adventure style game spanning several maps that will have the player solving puzzles and riddles to unravel the plot. Game delivery will be episodic with new maps/story advancements being delivered as they are ready. Combat will be light but full featured, implemented in the style of hack-and-slash ARPGs like Diablo (only with missiles and guns in place of swords and spells). The game will feature custom graphic elements,...
Cat'n'Mouse Fights

Cat'n'Mouse Fights

Mar 17, 2011 Release
Remake of Warcraft 3 Cat Catchs Mouse map. Now for SC2. Now in open space. Great battle of cats and mice continues. Bad old pussycats return to catch down the last mouse in the University. Main Information Map consists of 3 different modes: - classic Cats Vs Mouse - Mice (players) Vs Cpu controled Cat-Droids - Cat-Hero Defence (just like Enfo's) Classic gameplay isn't new for those players who played Cat Catchs Mouse at Warcraft3. The goal of cats is killng all the mice. Cats grow up in...
map view

Archi - Rainbow Island

Mar 17, 2011 Release
Made by Archivian Type "Archi" in the search to find other Archi maps
HiveMind Melee

HiveMind Melee

Mar 16, 2011 Release
Red team vs Blue team, multiple players control 1 base in an otherwise standard SC2 1v1 game. In other words, multiple players act as a single player in a 1v1. Split responsibilities, micro as an offensive player, macro as the builder, do whatever suits you. Work together to defeat the enemy team.


Mar 16, 2011 Release
Hello! This is my first mod, hope you'll enjoy it! Search for PylonWars on bnet(EU) and you should find it. Please leave feedback, glitch/bug reports, suggestions here, ty! It's 4v4, everyone start with 1 Command Center, 1 Barrack, and 1 Pylon. Warp in your units from the barrack by the pylon. Destory the other teams pylons to win! Questions? :)


Mar 15, 2011 Release
It is space arcade-shooter arena on flag capture for 8 players. - Features: An original engine for the fighters, as much as possible approached to a reality, completely based on program physical model. Control is carried out by keys WAD and a space. Shooting is carried out by pressing and keeping of the right button of the mouse. System of switching of the weapon and not infinite ammo. An explosive gameplay on flag capture. - Now on a choice there are 3 characters with the different basic...

fastest map by tinogripe 1.3

Mar 15, 2011 Beta
This is a fastest map made by tinogripe mineral,gas harvest time 0 food limit 250 added boundaries so that i reduce the dead space by more than half ZERG: -dont have to click a lot to build banelings -queen reduced spawn larva cost to 12 -reduced roaches food cost from 2 to 1 -infestor reduced fungal growth cost to 50 -increased mutalisks food cost from 3 to 4 TERRAN: -reduced ghosts emp cost to 50 -if more ghosts are selected they all snipe instead of 1 -reduced helion food cost from 2 to 1...
Map Preview

Life of a Terran

Mar 14, 2011 Alpha
Project Name: Life of a Terran Team name: Team LoaT Release Date: When it's done. Website YouTube Contact: [email protected] All clan members are required to use Google Docs, Twitter and Microsoft Live Messenger Clan Log shows the most recent activities inside the clan. Draft Ideas Preview of the draft map ideas so far. Join The Team How to be a good Team Member tutorial Main Idea We have all played Life of a Peasant,...

Codename Hope [1 player] [scenario]

Mar 14, 2011 Alpha
Untitled Project [Codename Hope] During the multiplayer beta, I experimented with the map editor a bit. I started working on a single player campaign, and while it seemed cool at first, things quickly got frustrating. The map was way to small, important scripted events were buggy, AI was pretty much non-existent. I didn't know much about code structure, so, even though I was using the GUI, triggers quickly became a complete mess. Since then I've learned PHP, and knowing the way a programming...
Khaydarin Depths Khaydarin Depths (2V2)

Mar 13, 2011 Release
Team play map, your ally is located nearby. Forward expansions bring your front lines considerably closer to your opponents. Destroy rocks to make use of the rich mineral locations throughout the map. Please Comment Rate or PM Gutterhulk (2V2) Gutterhulk (2V2)

Mar 13, 2011 Release
Team play map, your ally is located nearby. Nearby additional resources are easily defended. Advancing towards the enemy will provide further resource locations and Watch Towers that control vision over important attack routes. Please Comment, Rate Or PM

Zombie Invasion

Mar 13, 2011 Planning
Start with your hero and purchase units, defenses, and eventually build a base. 4 player coop.
Pinnacle Overview

Pinnacle Grove

Mar 13, 2011 Release
My concept for this map was to create a 4 player size Desert oasis with GSL style safe natural and no islands. Doing it I kept in mind to create as many avenues of attack as possible and give players space to manouver... This map has sick rush distances and thats intended. I think its always good to have some maps with different terrain architectures. There are no rocks on the map


Mar 12, 2011 Release
map with tons of minerals, gas and an expantion behind your base. the gold minerals are hard to get to but easy to defend.
Just started


Mar 11, 2011 Alpha
The map takes place on a distant world where a new and vicious specie has emerged. The Matriarchs. You take control as one of these. Eradicate all who opposes you and dominate the world! But watch out... there are beasts that are bigger and deadlier then you out there. There are no buildings, you get units by morphing and cloning the ones you have. The primary source of income is battles, so be aggressive. Victory is achieved by killing all enemy Matriarchs.
Pirates Vs. Merchants

Pirates Vs. Merchants

Mar 10, 2011 Alpha
Intro A game that sets a team of "Merchants" against a team of "Pirates". Each team is competing to make a certain amount of money (as a team). Merchants try to ship goods (units) between towns in order to make a profit. For example, they can purchase a marine from Town A for 60, transport it to Town B, and sell it for 80. Merchants can use both ground transports and air transports to transport goods. Pirates try to attack the merchants' transport units. Pirates earn minerals for every...
Shaman Arena Logo

Shaman Arena

Mar 09, 2011 Alpha
Shaman Arena For discussion and bug reports: Official Bnet discussion thread: News March 22th, 2011 The map has been uploaded on the NA server! Patch 1.3 is live in the regular servers, I have uploaded Shaman arena to the US server, hopefully now I can get some feedback! March 12th, 2011 I ran into some errors while working on the UI, I will have to fix this when the patch hits the real...

Jacobs Ladder

Mar 09, 2011 Release
Jacobs Ladder is a classic map from SCBW, enjoy


Mar 09, 2011 Planning
a 3rd person story. battle that is intense