Tychus beatiful journey

Mar 31, 2011 Alpha
Alpha version should i continue the map creating?


Mar 30, 2011 Alpha
It's in English, since my nation sucks at accepting outside influence. If you are willing to translate let me know. Let me know what you need fixed. BTW, I know I need to get on the Scarab alert. That's where I left off. Terran has a lot of units, but each is specialized. Zerg morphs into everything, but that is the point, reduces base footprint. Toss, hell... tell me what you kidz need outside the toy box I have given. Give it a test, let me know how it goes, [email protected] And if you...
Probe cost

Alternative Starcraft 2

Mar 29, 2011 Release
Protoss cost are 5x lower Terran build speed are 1 sec Zerg states are 2x stronger (hp, attack, armor) Protoss kosten sind 5x billiger Terran bau geschwindigkeit ist 1 sec Zergs sind 2x stärker Remake of an old SC1 map
Map View

Archi - Zerg Mountain

Mar 29, 2011 Release
Made by Archivian To play other Archi maps type "Archi" in the map search


Mar 29, 2011 Alpha
Little bunker defence map.Up the Irons!!!

Night of the Dead Spec Ops

Mar 29, 2011 Release
Night of the Dead Spec Ops Latest Changelog Cooperative survival game with high amount of replayability. Mainly targeted at hardcore audiences, who enjoy a challenge. Highly polished and balanced game. Main Features 12 unique classes for players to choose from over 30 enemy types to test your skill over 30 item types to aid in your survival over 20 primary and secondary missions revolving around a central storyline complex achievement system that keeps track of your stats as you progress....

Bunker totally omg

Mar 29, 2011 Beta
Broken map: Upload Stuck at 0%
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Archi - Dark Citadel

Mar 29, 2011 Release
Made by Archivian Type Archi in the map search to find other Archi maps


Mar 28, 2011 Planning
Its called DukeCraft, and the game will have only 1 active unit, which is Duke Nukem and they will all look identical in the fashion of Duke Nukem 64/3D. The idea is a Duke Nukem RTS, its so awesome you already dig it. So help me :( lol. I have help requests at the bottom!. --- Setting: The map will be a remake of the Red Light District (level 2 on 64/3D) Spawning: A time machine driven by Duke Nukem will steal copies of himself from different time periods, and spawn them close by (using the...

Ability Maps

Mar 28, 2011 Release
Custom SC2 abilities by Southpaw444 aka Startographer444.

Freax Arena

Mar 28, 2011 Alpha
Freax Arena (working title) is a mixture between hero arena, rpg and real time strategy. You choose one of 6 different heroes and spawn on a mainly random generated map. You can kill creeps and do quests to level up your hero and get minerals. For each level you get a skill point which allows you to learn one of 4 different abilities. Later you will be able to choose a secondary class to customize you skill pool. With minerals you can buy items which are selected randomly from an item pool....
Screen 1

Ghost Tournament

Mar 28, 2011 Release
Third person shooter with different play modes including Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Domination. It's now possible to enter/exit vehicles, shoot from vehicles and run over other players. Ingame footage. The map was inspired by Unreal Tournament. Best played with 6-12 players. Available on B-net EU. Feel free to upload to different realms. Press TAB to see the score board. Use W, A, S, D or the arrow keys to walk. Left click to shoot. Right click to zoom. Hold SHIFT to...
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Card Shuffle

Mar 28, 2011 Release
A fast paced competitive Card Game blended in to with real time strategy. Playable up to 6v6, each player picks a hero with unique abilities as well a deck to play with. Summon units & cast spells, working with your allies and destroy your all the opponent's heroes. Features: A cool UI, easy to use and pick up. 5 Heroes to choose from. 8 decks to choose from. Completely unique unit's and spells. Lots of re-playability. Deck List Coming soon. Screenshots Coming soon. Leave a comment if you get...
Son of Stetmann

Son of Stetmann

Mar 27, 2011 Alpha
Son of Stetmann is a 2D platform shooter for 1 to 4 players in which you navigate a military compound and shoot all in your path. Use W,A,S,D to move and Space to auto-fire. It is a demo containing a single level and boss. This is my 2010 Blizzard contest submission but it is now published on the US region with minor revisions related to multiplayer. It is also unlocked for your perusal right here (obviously). Feel free to publish it on other regions, but if you are publishing the map...


Mar 27, 2011 Release
some wow models and icons.
Xel'Naga Armada Overview

Xel'Naga Armada

Mar 27, 2011 Release
Xel'Naga themed space platform map, that encourages air battles, dropship-play, and with limited space to build, forethought in building placement. YouTube Trailer Notable Features Starting base has Rich Minerals, but fewer nodes than other resource areas. Center expansion is defended by Xel'Naga Hybrids. Resource caches surrounding the central Xel'Naga Watchtower, which is guarded by Hostiles. Natural Expansions only accessible by flight. Available now on Battle.Net!
Project Logo (Small)

Warcraft: Legacy of the Damned

Mar 26, 2011 Alpha
WC: Lotd is a highly ambitious project that will utilize the immense power of the Galaxy Editor in order to breathe life into the Warcraft RTS series once more.This will be a fully fledged conversion featuring a breathtaking, lore abiding storyline spanning several emotionally-gripping campaigns containing new units, new heroes and new features as well as a fully fledged melee mode.Of course this will not happen overnight; if this project is to live up to its namesake a whole host of skilled...
The New Dominion

The New Dominion

Mar 26, 2011 Release
The 3rd Zerg mission in SC1 where you have to pwn Duke's forces while protecting the chrysalis. Special thanks to Blizzard for putting the real chrysalis so I don't have to make an egg blown up to many times it's size. Transmissions and tech tree limitations are featured.

City terrain

Mar 26, 2011 Beta
My unfinished terrain for Mexaprone to use

Cat vs Mouse Desert

Mar 26, 2011 Beta
Cat vs Mouse Desert Tag Game 2 teams rage on against each other for survival. Using mercenaries and built units and structures, along with teamwork both struggle to survive. Find it on!