Echo One

Apr 19, 2011 Alpha
You are Echo One, a lone operative deployed to search the future streets of Moscow for a lab containing an artifact or archive of some sort. This urban war zone will be filled with enemies of varying type as well as a few allies. With the world on the brink of destruction, it is vital that you do not fail. Author's Comment: This is my first map ever created and I just wanted people's opinions about it. Expect it to be really buggy. You won't be able to understand the storyline because I'm...

Multi-Story Ramps

Apr 19, 2011 Release
Ramps from a beta map that are no longer able to be created. few minor issues: need to reset textures map was at base level 0 so you have to raise the terrain it depending on your map. Pathing works as correctly as any other ramp Includes: 1- skinny ramp 1- wide ramp

Wings of Liberty Arena, PLEASE read

Apr 18, 2011 Planning
NOW this is my wish, that some of you amazing people on is to steal this map from me, keep the main idea, and then produce it urself, mby also keep the look on the arenas, but the thing is that I know nothing about Triggers and such, so I would glady give it you to finish! (if you want..) Now please read through, and give me some feedback even if you dont want to finish it. This is a map that I've been thinking about for a long time, and somthing I see lacking in the current...
Alonnisos 1.8


Apr 18, 2011 Release
A fun 1v1 map on the island of Alonnisos. A natural with double expansions but different focus of minerals and gas. Two gold expansions and rocks covering shortcuts across the map. The center plateu is very important in mid to late-game.


Apr 18, 2011 Planning
RISK-AMERICAN-BABY is like other risk games u have played but yet much funner..your constantly thinking and using your micro to the best. take control and conquer the world have fun. :) :)
Korhal Temple (2V2)

Korhal Temple (2V2)

Apr 18, 2011 Release
This is a 4 player map You will have 1 Xel''Naga Tower 2 Island Expo 3 Expos with a rich gas Everyone has a supply depot but unburrowed you can make a full block All lot of doodads The 2nd expo you will have to share with your friend Descirption: Large Playable:152X152 Full: 152X152 Pm me or comment on this map
Tyrador Metalopolis 2V2

Tyrador Metal 2V2

Apr 17, 2011 Release
You Will Have: 2 Island or Land Expan but wait it has 2 rocks in the door 4 Expos with rich gas 4 Rich Expos 4 Xel''Naga Towers 4 Danger Expos all you need to defend that is bukers spine crawlers or cannons ect The forth base has 3 gas but one gas is block by rocks All Bases has one Neutral Supply Depot but unburrrowed so you can block the door Descirption: Large Playable: 192x168 Full 192x168 Soon i will put campaign units and bulidings And puting campaign units costs less then the normal...

Fuzzy's Chanllege!

Apr 17, 2011 Planning
Survive as long as you can!=* ==

trying to make a map

Apr 15, 2011 Planning
this is a test map so im gonna see if i can make a map
Xel''Naga Station (2v2)

Xel''Naga Station (2v2)

Apr 15, 2011 Release
You Will Have In Base Expo with a back or side door 3 Expo' s 2 IsLand Expo 4 Rich Expo 4 Secret bases or sneek to there bases Everyone have rich gas for the main, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th The dimensions Descirption Large Playable 176X184 Full 176X184 PM ME OR COMMENT ON THIS MAP

mr benserdream

Apr 14, 2011 Planning
This map has 3 main routes to your opnets base one has been garded of bye rocks

First RPG Map

Apr 14, 2011 Beta
This is an incomplete RPG map. It has some problems. I think this map has great potential. I need help fixing them. I have a hero selection system and a quest system, but after two quests the third wont work.
v2.3 Screenshot 1

Cutthroat Mafia

Apr 13, 2011 Release
There are 12 townspeople, with two of them randomly selected for mafia. Those two will be trying to stealthily pick off the rest, one at a time. After they kill someone they have the option of hiding the bodies. If someone finds the body they can use an ability that starts a meeting to execute who they think the mafia is. This continues until either there aren't enough innocents left alive to hold a majority over the mafia or there aren't any mafia left in the game.

Super Battle

Apr 12, 2011 Planning
An auto-spawn map where you need to fight against your opponent and defeat their units

This is the awesome map yeah

Apr 12, 2011 Planning
In this game we have units that spawn on their own
Map View

Archi - The Machine

Apr 11, 2011 Release
Made by Archivian To play other Archi maps type "Archi" into the map search.
La Mancha

La Mancha

Apr 11, 2011 Release
The style map is like Tal'Darin Altar, 4 star points with an easy to defend exp. All the bases are in the perimeter of the map and the center is divided by 4 elevations in X, with a Xel'Naga tower in each one than let you to control the front door of each player. Supported modes: Coop Vs AI (all dificult levels) 1vs1 2vs2 FFA Search "Mancha" in Europe

Archi - Xel'gralah

Apr 10, 2011 Release
Made by Archivian To play other Archi maps type "Archi" in the map search


Apr 10, 2011 Planning
SuperTD is My First Map, I Need anyone willing to become a trigger tester, all that stuff (im still learning) and some beta testers. I Hope you will like it.
Shanghai Night (6V6) Map

Shanghai Night (6V6)

Apr 10, 2011 Release
Version 1.0 Resources - (1500*8+2500*2)*36 Normal Mineral Fields and Vespene Geysers. - (1500*8)*9 Normal Mineral Fields. - (2500*2)*3 Rich Vespene Geysers. - 3 Xel'Naga Towers Modes 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, 4v4v4, 5v5, 6v6, ffa Full Tested PM Me Or Comment