Shanghai Night (6V6) Map

Shanghai Night (6V6)

Apr 10, 2011 Release
Version 1.0 Resources - (1500*8+2500*2)*36 Normal Mineral Fields and Vespene Geysers. - (1500*8)*9 Normal Mineral Fields. - (2500*2)*3 Rich Vespene Geysers. - 3 Xel'Naga Towers Modes 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, 4v4v4, 5v5, 6v6, ffa Full Tested PM Me Or Comment
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Apr 09, 2011 Release
Examiner: National Online Games 4/5 - "Mafia has all the allure of those party-night murder-mystery game boxes, and you can play through one in significantly less time. Grab your friends, serve some popcorn, and hide your identity – Mafia is a StarCraft II custom map worth playing." - Daniel Tack (Mafia Review) NEW! Now released is Mafia Simulator, by Illidan and Raiden. This program simulates Mafia games and graphs out which groups win. It's a good way of balancing your setup and figuring...

IAI Metalopolis

Apr 08, 2011 Beta
Note: This project is no longer continued. Admin, if you see this, please remove this project. Thank you. ------------------------------------------- After seeing the Automaton 2000 Micro Bot, I feel I can't wait any longer to get this map out. I did not want to do so because the map is only like 1% done, but now I feel like I'm stealing some one else's idea. What does this map do? Currently it only does a few thing, since it's only 1% done. But the aim of this map is to improve Sc2 AI, and...

Unforgiven Map

Apr 06, 2011 Alpha
A Map Made By Me! And Ya i need a description

Archi - Evening Bloom

Apr 06, 2011 Release
Made by Archivian Type "Archi" in search to play other Archi Maps
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Nuclear Reaction

Apr 06, 2011 Beta
General Info Suggested Players: 2 to 9 The goal of the map is to Survive the Nuclear Strikes as long as you can while trying to sabotage for the other players and make them fail. The time between nuclear strikes gets decreased every 30 seconds until everyone is dead and a new round starts. After the voted amount of rounds have passed the player with the most points is declared the winner. You get 1 point for every level of difficulty you manage to survive. And I have to give credit to Dest1ny...

War of the Elements

Apr 06, 2011 Beta
Four elemental worlds meet at a crossroads; it is there that the forces of earth, air, fire and water battle for supremacy. Join forces with an element and defend it from the others, in return you will be able to call upon the champion of your element from your factory, lair, or robotics facility.
The Ocean Floor

Struggle for the Depths

Apr 06, 2011 Release
As a mercenary in need cash, you find yourself considering work from stranger and stranger people. You have been approached by the oddest creatures you've ever seen, representing what appears to be three seperate and rival factions. Firstly, a sect of snake-like leviathans who call themselves "Naga," then a group of odd miss-matched beings in a strange alliance of their own, consisting of "Gilblins, Kvaldir, and Murlocs" and third and possibly the most frightening; a dark and questionable...

Archi - Infested

Apr 05, 2011 Release
Made by Archivian Type "Archi" to play other Archi Maps

Battle.Net Left 2 Die

Apr 05, 2011 Release
A cooperative version of the Wings of Liberty campaign mission "Outbreak" with evolved zerg strains, a customizable techtree, and a brand new game mode called "Night 2 Die" where the attacks never end! PM ME COMMENT


Apr 04, 2011 Beta
Crusades This is my first map. It's a 5v5 where every player chooses and controls one hero. The objective of the map is to destroy the enemy team's titan while protecting your own. There are also 3 towers in the map that provide extra units for the team that controls them. 17 Heroes 85 Abilities Over 200 different Upgrades Please leave comments and suggestions on my map. ☺
main character


Apr 03, 2011 Release
Watch in 1080P full screen for the best experience Hey guys. Here it is, the explosive first episode of StarCrap the web series. hope you guys enjoy and if you do then please subscribe and thumbs up :D Tune in the next two weeks for "StarCrap Shorts" and in three weeks for "StarCrap: Episode 2 - Betrayal!" also anyone with submissions or ideas please pm me or visit my project page here: here is the link to our channel:...

Capture the Star

Apr 01, 2011 Beta
So this is my first serious map, I've dabbled in the arts here and there, reason is mainly I am afraid of the data editor, however I'm pretty comfortable with the trigger. Tag based capture the flag. There's a jail system/voting system (for number of rounds, map, and individual runner choices)/round system. Supports up to 7v7. Has a fully working dialog scoreboard. Alpha bot stuff going on, haven't published it yet, I will when I get it more flushed out. Plans for future : Some attributes for...
Warzone (Pic1)

WARZONE (Terran War's)

Mar 31, 2011 Alpha
This is a Spawn based map where u receive a fixed amount of units, thus making the main factor strategy and tactic's. Basically you are in a city with your troops in the center of tower there is a large fortress which has enough defense to repel multiple attack's, holding this for a amount of time (prolly 5 or 10 Min) will grant you a battle cruiser which is a very destructive force and will easily destroy enemy command center's. You will receive money for killing special units like tanks and...

Genetic Lab Wars 2

Mar 31, 2011 Alpha
Genetic Lab Wars 2 Three remote Genetics Labs have begun cloning Zerglings, however there is only enough research funding for one... A 2v2v2 tug map. Each base has 3 lanes leading from it, however with only 2 players to a team you must pick your fights. ...Work in progress Milpheus has produced the excellent terrain, some screenshots from her site below: Features 22 Zerg units (up from 6 for GLW1)

Tychus beatiful journey

Mar 31, 2011 Alpha
Alpha version should i continue the map creating?


Mar 30, 2011 Alpha
It's in English, since my nation sucks at accepting outside influence. If you are willing to translate let me know. Let me know what you need fixed. BTW, I know I need to get on the Scarab alert. That's where I left off. Terran has a lot of units, but each is specialized. Zerg morphs into everything, but that is the point, reduces base footprint. Toss, hell... tell me what you kidz need outside the toy box I have given. Give it a test, let me know how it goes, [email protected] And if you...
Probe cost

Alternative Starcraft 2

Mar 29, 2011 Release
Protoss cost are 5x lower Terran build speed are 1 sec Zerg states are 2x stronger (hp, attack, armor) Protoss kosten sind 5x billiger Terran bau geschwindigkeit ist 1 sec Zergs sind 2x stärker Remake of an old SC1 map
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Archi - Zerg Mountain

Mar 29, 2011 Release
Made by Archivian To play other Archi maps type "Archi" in the map search


Mar 29, 2011 Alpha
Little bunker defence map.Up the Irons!!!