tower game

Aug 05, 2010 Planning
work in progress tower defense

Oxalis Station

Aug 05, 2010 Beta
An 8 player map with 4 wings and highly contested resources, best played with one of the team/co-op settings or FFA. Short distances between each base with multiple paths through the middle and aerial expansion in the corners. Still a work in progress, resource placement needs optimization and I need to get 2v2v2v2 settings to work.
The Guardian's Stand Map Picture

The Guardian's Stand

Aug 04, 2010 Release
This is a 2v2 melee map, you and your teammate share a rich expanse that is easily defendable, tight quarters offer quick and tactical gameplay. Comments and Feedback welcome and asked for. This is my first map and will make more if its something people enjoy.

Twilight Battlegrounds

Aug 04, 2010 Beta
2-player 1on1 map Playable 185 x 154 Full 200 x 192 (Note there is a bunch of open boarder space) Overview: A remix of an early attempt to make something large that also complements the player who wants to get a lot of bases. The main, nat, and 3rd design is said to be similar to steps with the exception that 4k blocks the way into the 3rd making it risky to defend without a sizeable force. The Center expos are unique. They are by no means the traditional expos and it will be interesting to...

Lobo and the Preserver

Aug 04, 2010 Release
Update*Lobo FINAL is up and ready to play Image of the layout for the final: 2-player 1on1 map Playable 144 x 120 Full 160 x 144 Overview: A clean urban themed map with an interesting set of expo choices. If you like panda bear guy you will love this map. - Hide Spoiler - The textures are a bit limited due to working with textures outside of the tile set. It's quite restricting. The upside is the map looks and plays clean while the detailed areas are quite enjoyable and are not repetitive....

The Vast Inferno

Aug 04, 2010 Release
The Vast Inferno 4-player 1on1 (perhaps even 2on2 top vs bot) map. Playable 136 x 144 Full 144 x 152 Overview: Start on the low ground. Expand to the middle level. Fight for the high ground. Flank from the depths of the center. LOS Blockers are plentiful so careful scouting is required. Don't get proxy'd now. Two islands contain 6 gold and one gas along with three towers to keep a look out for pesky drops. You might even be able to spy on a foolish neighbor. High ground contains 4 standard...

Monitoring Station

Aug 04, 2010 Beta
Monitoring Station: 4-player 1on1 map Playable 125 x 138 Full 144 x 168 Overview: The lay out is simple. I was thinking of a certain island tournament map from a Browder game and just ran with it. Clean and simple, except for the middle. It's large, contains big ramps, and has chokes but doesn't cut you off because you may travel the diagonals. The natural has two ways in. Each way also leads to an expo in case you find someone at the wrong door step you can just pick the other expo. Angled...
Map Overview


Aug 04, 2010 Release
Set on the world of Endemic where the war between the three races has once again ignited. There was a time when a lush forest swept across the entirety of the planet but as war rages on, the land has started to become scarred with the wounds of conflict. Endemic has been built for 1v1 action and houses starting points to the north and south. Each starting point has the standard eight mineral nodes and two Vespene Geysers. A natural expansion consisting of another eight mineral nodes and two...

Madness: Resurrection

Aug 04, 2010 Beta
This version may still have bugs, as the point of distribution is to help me find/fix all bugs with the map. This map is a recreation of a map from the Original StarCraft game, Madness (Such as Halo Madness or Family Guy Madness) So far there are several game modes: No Teams (FFA), Standard (2v2v2v2), Massive Teams (4v4), and A.I. Waves (Survival/FFA) Game Modes: No Teams: Complete free for all, you versus everyone else in the game. Standard: 2v2v2v2, you and your partner versus other duos,...
Midnight Action

Midnight Action

Aug 04, 2010 Release
Simple 1vs1 map. Easy defendable natural. High ground 3rd.


Aug 04, 2010 Release
A first attempt at Starcraft 2 mapping , 1 player V's AI. Any problems please leave comments, I am hoping to make more maps as soon as I get more into the map editor functions. 2v2 / 3v3 / 4v4 maps will be on the way if this one works ok. A lot to learn , I will get there over time and make some more detailed maps. Thanks
Multi monster mayhem

Royale Rumble

Aug 04, 2010 Alpha
Use your monster to get minerals for kills, first to 2000 wins. 4 player In Alpha stage, please find map on battlenet and leave suggestions here. Will be some balance issues only much playtesting can resolve,

Infested Zombie Attack!

Aug 04, 2010 Release
-Zombies Drop grenades, med kits, or spider mines -inventories located on top of Command Card -grenades do splash damage -spider mines arm in 3 secs -med kits heal 50 hp -you slowly regen shield, so stay away from creeps for 10 secs to regen -pick up items by clicking on them -watch out for stray zerglings -zombies get slightly stonger each wave UPDATE 2.0:: i added more doodads and a boss fight! -also now you get points (minerals) per kill -i changed Raynor to a Marine -added a shield...


Aug 04, 2010 Beta
This is my first attempt at... well, really, my first attempt at anything with the map editor. It's a 1v1 map, I'm aiming for it being symmetrical and balanced. Still pretty new at this, so I would love any and all comments any of you guys can toss my way on map balance, just generic map creation tips, etc. Also, I tried running this through the SC2 Map Analyzer Tool by Dim Fish and I couldn't get it to work, kept getting a 'unsupported file type' error. Any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong...

End Of The Line.

Aug 04, 2010 Planning
Normal map, 4 Bases, set in a desert area,.
Jungle Map v2.2

Cat and Mouse

Aug 04, 2010 Release
Overview: The classic cat and mouse redone for SC2. Just like the sc1 version, but built much better. Gameplay: A multiplayer map only. The cat(s) is randomized out of all the players playing. When a mouse, your job is to kill all the cats. When a cat, your job is to kill all mice. Cat has 2 sources of income. Various gold bases around the map. You gain more mineral income, but is also more open to cat. Has been released onto US server. If you wish to release it on another server, please tell...

Starcraft 2: Starcraft Mod

Aug 03, 2010 Alpha
Starcraft gameplay with Starcraft 2 engine. Current changes are focused on the Terran race, up to Armory tech. Best to test this atm. Changes: - Economy now reflects Starcraft 1 - Mutalisk micro and management - Zergling behavior changes - Marauder Overhauled - Structure costs, construction time - General game flow changed Some Zerg changes, like larva, queen, etc. No protoss changes atm. Please post your comments and suggestions.
SS 1

Metallic Nightmare

Aug 03, 2010 Release
A 1v1 map. This Fortress of metal was abandoned 5 years ago after an attack from UED forces, but in their hurry to follow Mengisk's forces they left behind a large abundance of resources.


Aug 03, 2010 Alpha
A test version of my map to show the bug I am experiencing

Zergling simple Attack-Move Ai

Aug 03, 2010 Release
Zerglings switch between Attack and Move, that way they lose less time and advance faster toward their target.