Multi monster mayhem

Royale Rumble

Aug 04, 2010 Alpha
Use your monster to get minerals for kills, first to 2000 wins. 4 player In Alpha stage, please find map on battlenet and leave suggestions here. Will be some balance issues only much playtesting can resolve,

Infested Zombie Attack!

Aug 04, 2010 Release
-Zombies Drop grenades, med kits, or spider mines -inventories located on top of Command Card -grenades do splash damage -spider mines arm in 3 secs -med kits heal 50 hp -you slowly regen shield, so stay away from creeps for 10 secs to regen -pick up items by clicking on them -watch out for stray zerglings -zombies get slightly stonger each wave UPDATE 2.0:: i added more doodads and a boss fight! -also now you get points (minerals) per kill -i changed Raynor to a Marine -added a shield...


Aug 04, 2010 Beta
This is my first attempt at... well, really, my first attempt at anything with the map editor. It's a 1v1 map, I'm aiming for it being symmetrical and balanced. Still pretty new at this, so I would love any and all comments any of you guys can toss my way on map balance, just generic map creation tips, etc. Also, I tried running this through the SC2 Map Analyzer Tool by Dim Fish and I couldn't get it to work, kept getting a 'unsupported file type' error. Any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong...

End Of The Line.

Aug 04, 2010 Planning
Normal map, 4 Bases, set in a desert area,.
Jungle Map v2.2

Cat and Mouse

Aug 04, 2010 Release
Overview: The classic cat and mouse redone for SC2. Just like the sc1 version, but built much better. Gameplay: A multiplayer map only. The cat(s) is randomized out of all the players playing. When a mouse, your job is to kill all the cats. When a cat, your job is to kill all mice. Cat has 2 sources of income. Various gold bases around the map. You gain more mineral income, but is also more open to cat. Has been released onto US server. If you wish to release it on another server, please tell...

Starcraft 2: Starcraft Mod

Aug 03, 2010 Alpha
Starcraft gameplay with Starcraft 2 engine. Current changes are focused on the Terran race, up to Armory tech. Best to test this atm. Changes: - Economy now reflects Starcraft 1 - Mutalisk micro and management - Zergling behavior changes - Marauder Overhauled - Structure costs, construction time - General game flow changed Some Zerg changes, like larva, queen, etc. No protoss changes atm. Please post your comments and suggestions.
SS 1

Metallic Nightmare

Aug 03, 2010 Release
A 1v1 map. This Fortress of metal was abandoned 5 years ago after an attack from UED forces, but in their hurry to follow Mengisk's forces they left behind a large abundance of resources.


Aug 03, 2010 Alpha
A test version of my map to show the bug I am experiencing

Zergling simple Attack-Move Ai

Aug 03, 2010 Release
Zerglings switch between Attack and Move, that way they lose less time and advance faster toward their target.

Play Me!

Aug 03, 2010 Release
My would-be submission to the Buzz! competition, before it was cancelled. This map rewards players for repeatedly rehosting via an experience progression system: The more you host the game, the more powerful your units in the end-game battle will be. Bonus experience is awarded for extra players, and by introducing new-players to the map. Despite the illusion of a 'playable game' the player can make no input once the game has started, as required by the competition. Not too sure what to do...
Forggoten-Island 1


Aug 03, 2010 Release
Forggoten-Island 1vs1vs1 Multiplayer map
Hobrows Zerg Defence

Hobrows Zerg Defence

Aug 02, 2010 Release
This is my first map! Survive the coming swarm. Your outpost is doomed, but your primary base defence is very low. Defend your outpost as long as possible! Localization Hero (30 levels, 4 abilitys) Customized Units and Buildings 20 Waves Day/Night Lots and lots of zerg to kill 1 to 6 player (map scales with player number) much more...


Aug 02, 2010 Planning
Robostrike had to be the first map I work on and it was but never finished. Many concepts of the map replaced each other and the process of their born and replacement by something new looked like it will never end. It had to be forced to stop and it was stopped. Now I am sitting in front of the monitor ready to finally start building Robostrike. I hope nothing will stop me from finishing this work. Story. Somewhere on well guarded weapons testing polygon a great explosion happened which...
Map Overview

Ultimate Tank Defense

Aug 02, 2010 Release
Build tanks, units and heroes to stop all 36 waves from destroying the Headquarters. Tanks act as bunkers, every unit who is inside of a tank grants it combat benifits or abilitys. Heroes level up and have many purchaseable upgrades. The Headquarters(HQ) Has many upgrades, every level each player gains 1 vespene gas, 2 for a boss wave this is what these upgardes are based on. Each player is limited too 1 hero, a single hero can't win you the game though so build tanks and units! 9 unique...
Urban-Control 1


Aug 02, 2010 Release
Urban-Control 2vs2 Multiplayer map
Sc2 n' Sc1 PLUS

Sc2 n' Sc1 PLUS

Aug 02, 2010 Release
Play a standard One vs One melee match as terrans on blistering sands using all units in the data editor. This includes all: • Multiplayer Units • Campaign Units • Mercinary Units Feel free to add me: Identifier 611. (Ingame, my name is Vulture)
Le Centre (Extended)

Le Centre

Aug 02, 2010 Release
-- English: The Centre is a great map that has two regions separated by a mountain range that is accessible by a central volcano that was once a sacred place for an alien race still unrecognized. The only ways to reach the other region is passing through the central volcano or directly by air. The card includes a system of non-aggression pact (NAP) that provides the opportunity by vote (At the beginning of the game) to players to create a pact that will block for 10 minutes the players from...


Aug 02, 2010 Release
Jungle-Myst 2vs2 Multiplayermap
Rhino APC ingame

Rhino APC

Aug 02, 2010 Beta
A test map for a custom unit I made - The Terran Rhino APC, which can lay spider mines and transport up to 4 Marines. (or 2 Marauders) It is buildable at a factory, and uses the Colonist Transport (Agria)/Dominion APC (mission 1) model. The Diamondback is also buildable. This is only a test map and as a result, it is not complete. Neither is the unit. The unit has sounds, a portrait and a wireframe. The sounds and portrait are that of the Hercules as it was the most fitting one. The build...
Frozen Haven

Niflheim Test (Ice,Snow)

Aug 01, 2010 Release
This map is a templated restoration of the Niflheim tileset which was cut. The files were left in so i restored it. I also included a frozen remake of Scorched Haven named Frozen Haven.