Sentry Micro Arena Beta

Sentry Micro Arena

May 31, 2010 Beta
The Sentry Micro Arena is a one versus one arena game in which each player controls 9 sentries and has to fight towards the other players base using clever use of shields, watchtowers, and other aspects. Sentries may be rebuilt up to 9, but take time and leave you vulnerable. Keeping your units alive it crucial. Each team has a base, sensor tower, and pylon-cannons along the front of their base. There is also a backway to allow you to destroy your oppoenents sensor tower. You win by...
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Squadron Tactics

May 30, 2010 Planning
This is a possible project idea for me, though It is likely this one will be pushed aside in favour of a more in depth RPG once I find one I feel interested enough in, or develop an idea for one. Unlike what I would usually work on, there won't be as much immersion or story in this project. Overview This map intended to be a very team intensive game. It is to be built entirely around squadron tactics, to make teamwork as strong an element as possible. I hope to make this to the point that...
Siege of Augustgrad (another brood war remake)

Siege of Augustgrad (another brood war remake)

May 28, 2010 Release
This is a reamake of the Siege of augustgrad level in Brood War. You are the UED and must destroy the city. Complete with original transmissions from the game.

Stranded on Korhal

May 28, 2010 Release
Korhal Introduction The brave adventurers Matt and Nigel find themselves on a distant planet far away from home. Their ship 'Prosperity' is just nearing the surface. Play through a series of easy to medium objectives backed up by cinematics and a plotline throughout the whole map. The whole experience takes about 20-25 minutes and should entertain you at least. Update 13th of October 2010 For everyone who is wondering if there will be future maps involving Matt and Nigel, you're in luck. I'm...

Starcraft Big Brawl (With special guest!)

May 24, 2010 Release
This is a melee map where you play as the Zerg. You, the Tal'darim, (Protoss) the UED and the Dominion all duke it out for dominance in a crowded temple on Aiur! The other players are allied against you, but you have some help in the form of special guest Larry the Hydralisk! If your base is under attack, he can save the day, and will also help you reduce the other three players to rubble! (You can't miss him: he's a big Hydralisk.)
Multishot screenshot

Simple skill example

May 23, 2010 Release
just a example of knock back Zealot 50% x2 Crit Marine 50% Evade Zergling max 5 target multishots Phoenix made by only data. i think knockback will inspire many mappers. ye i wish :) knockback zealot demo if... somebody want, i'll try to explain mechanizm of these with my very veryveryvery short english.. Added Siege tank with ground attack. sadly, i failed to link with attack cooldown and autocast to target location... (bucuz i made this to skill..) nevertheless, u can see zealot can evade...


May 22, 2010 Alpha
8 players will try to survive by building mazes with towers, to stop the waves of enemies.


May 22, 2010 Beta
Shadow TD Author: ShadowTiger a.k.a. StarcraftScientist Players: 1 Goal: Survive 45 Waves Current Version: 1.3 (no longer in development) I finally fixed the crashes... bugs in the editor caused them. Thanks for wasting my time blizzard. I plan to add in another 10 towers over time, and probably another 20-30 waves of enemies, depending on how many campaign units there are. Content: 10 Towers 60 Unique Global Upgrades Features: Strong variation for enemies Each tower plays differently...

Smash CTV

May 21, 2010 Alpha
The goal I have in mind for this map is to create a fast-paced, arcade-style Smash TV game. Player units are controlled using WASD 8-directional movement, and aiming is independently controlled by the mouse. Different units are selectable and are equipped with different guns, special abilities, and defensive abilities. The game is going to be relatively short, but very tough and full of surprises. This is not intended to have similarities to the popular Smash TV map for Starcraft 1 - you do...
Map overhead

Simplicity 2-4 player

May 21, 2010 Release
simple melee map for 2-4 players

Sniper Paintball Bald +Locks

May 20, 2010 Release
This project is now completed! Link to Teamliquid thread: I've set a new record for myself. I built this completely from scratch in less than almost 12 hours! Credit and special thanks go to Skizot, who voluntarily modeled the classic Brood War Flag unit when he heard that I would be working on the map. Its the primary reason, ironically, that this is such a large file! (~ 4 MB) gl hf! *CAUTION: Some Windows users may not have...

Starcraft 2: Invasion of Char

May 20, 2010 Release
Under blood and steel this fragment of ash will be RAZED.

Stargate Galaxies

May 20, 2010 Planning
Stargate Galaxies will be a Unique Singleplayer RPG thats Expandable by the Users themselfes. simple explained - It will be an RPG in the stargate universe where youre able to travel to other planets (maps that load after you dialed the correct address). the game starts on earth in the stargate center - you have the stargate and some coordinates, you dial them and advance to the next planet. this project is infinite expandable by users, because all they have to do is create a map, insert the...

Space TD (for Dev)

May 20, 2010 Alpha
It's only a little Tower Defense for test. The waves of enemies and towers are not balanced. Goal : Protect your Nexus Tower Defense -1 Builder -2 Towers -10 Waves
Supply Depot Tetris v1.2

Supply Depot Tetris w/ Multiplayer

May 20, 2010 Release
<font color="FF0000" size="3">I've set this project on the backburner. If you want to take up the project and update it then send me a PM and I'll give you manager.</font> Version 1.4 is out with Two Player support! This is supply depot tetris. The rules are simple. Blocks will drop and you need to manipulate them to complete lines of 10 blocks. You can shift blocks left or right, rotate them, soft drop, or hard drop. Has a score system with a high score bank saving! It automatically sets...

Shrink TD

May 16, 2010 Release
Uploaded as first map ever to EU! PROJECT STOPPED Survive 36 brutally hard enemy waves in a traditional mazing and fast paced tower defense using 26 unique towers. Information Players: Up to 4 Modes: Solo, Consolidation, The Intersection Races: Terran, Protoss and Zerg Uploaded to: EU, US, SEA (EU newest) Special Thanks . . . Derivation, shizophreak, templar4522, Habladabla, Deison, Shulcare, kumbol, Absence, Levythenobz, IAmBeingRepressed, darkboz, StarcraftScientist, SteveBiski,...

Super StarCraft Go-Kart

May 15, 2010 Beta
Official Beta Launch of Super Starcraft GoKart! This game is based upon a the classic mario gokart game series, but set in the startcraft universe! The goal of this beta is to test the map to make sure the features are working correctly and smooth out any bugs. once everything is working as it should be then I will share a file with all of the triggers for anyone else who wants to make a course and I will begin releasing several polished courses myself. Currently the map supports only 1v1...
Map Overview

Starcraft Troopers

May 14, 2010 Beta
About Classic defend the compound style gameplay from waves of zerg. Supposed to work in multiplayer, but lack of map publishing means I don't know. Tips Start with marines or reapers at the beginning. Utilize those choke points! Repair bunkers!
Starcraft 2 PacMan Screenshot

Starcraft 2 PacMan

May 13, 2010 Release
Use the Up, Down, Left, Right arrow keys on your keyboard to guide a probe as it collects energy pellets around the map. But watch out! Four evil drones are out to hunt you. Features: - PacMan style gameplay featuring the standard PacMan sounds. - 3 levels of difficulty to test your skills at PacMan. - Power Pellets: Eat a large power pellet to make the probe invulnerable for 10 seconds. - Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move. Known Issues: - Probe movement may be a little tricky at...
Shattered Inland

Shattered Inland

May 09, 2010 Alpha
I made this map fooling around with the new terrain editor. Tell me what you think.