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Hero Survival J

May 23, 2015 Beta
battlenet://starcraft/map/1/253683 5 player coop hero survival. each hero has 4 unique active abilities that have 4 upgrade stages. one of these abilities is an "ult" and one passive ability. (QWER style) players must work together to use their hero's strengths and weaknesses to support one another. players gain resources by killing enemy units, which attack in waves. the ultimate ability can only be unlocked with minerals, this resource is only gained upon completion of a boss wave. these...
halo 01


May 21, 2015 Release
battlenet://starcraft/map/1/246261 do vs 2 ai just u.. leave a review or note me
Hand of Humanity Launcher

Hand of Humanity (Campaign)

Apr 20, 2014 Release
This single player campaign has 15 missions. All campaign missions are basic single player maps with story elements. Story: You play as Terran and follow how Hand of Humanity organisation fights against Minestar Corporation. Minestar owns major part of Koprulu Sector's natural resources. Story advances on loading screens of each mission. How to play? Singleplayer campaigns require some file management to make it work properly. 1. Download ("Files" section at top part of...
Hallowed Arboretum

Hallowed Arboretum

Apr 19, 2014 Release
A large map featuring crumbling Protoss ruins, derelict Xel'Naga relics and ominious, forboding deep murky water and alien flora. Primarily designed for team-play with larger battles fought back-and-forth through the ruins. < Availble in the Americas and South-East-Asia regions on Battlenet, through Custom Games > Alternative Download : * 6 Player Map Primarily designed for large-scale 2v2 or 3v3 battles F.F.A. suitable High-Yield...

Harvest Earth: Kenji's Edition

Mar 13, 2014 Alpha
Picking up the pieces after "dkrchris (Data Editor/Terrain Editor), & Kaillera (Trigger Editor/Region Editor)" abandoned the project over 3 years ago. Presently, just fixing up the broken or undeveloped aspects of the map.

hecktro dwells

Mar 08, 2014 Planning
its a test map still testing
Boss Fight

Heroes III Of Might And Magic v. 0.01 Alpha

Jan 30, 2014 Alpha
Please tell me what do you think about the map
Hurricane Shrine

Hurricane Shrine (AoS)

Dec 26, 2013 Release
Is an Multiplayer Online Battle Arena inspired with Mob vs Player Elements similar to Diablo 3 :)
Honorgarde Keep

Honorgarde Valley

Dec 04, 2013 Release
Check the images tab for plenty of screen shots. Known Bugs -Staying in the lobby for too long will cause players to get dropped (fixed). Updates - Added Human UI textures and Layouts. - Added Basic Item system. - Fixed several bugs. To do List -Add Undead, Horde, and Elves (horde nearing completion) -Add Death Animations to Buildings -Add Attachment points to show fire on buildings -Update models that are out of date -Balance units and upgrades. -Add upgrades for specific units and buildings...

HOTS Multi + Campign Custom

Jul 22, 2013 Beta
Use When Making a custom map or campaign, races get campaign upgrades and units, as well as fixing blizzards bugs, if you find a bug tell me v1.1 is broken, server error Sc2 wol and hots campaign with multiplayer stats, units get upgrades and has some additional units, including sc1/BW units Some unit examples (not all) -griffon Valkyrie fatty defiler shield battery monolith
HasuCraft: Episode 6

HasuCraft Film Series Project Files

Mar 28, 2013 Release
Episode 6: This is the map and cutscene file we used in HasuCraft: Dark Heart of Darkness. It includes just about everything, including the dialogue. However, the dialogue is not permissible to use in your own production. Keep in mind the dialogue is just for reference and we do all color grading and audio production in Adobe Premiere and Audition. You are highly encouraged to link to: if you use our set in your production!!! Other than that,...
Hammer of Dusk Campaign

Hammer of Dusk Campaign

Jan 04, 2013 Release
Mission 3 Released! Story: It is the year 2615, humanity on the outskirts of the Koprulu sector struggle to fight a renegade Zerg swarm, controlled only by a queen known as "The Mother". As the battle between Terran and Zerg continues, a military group, named "The Hand of Dawn" is humanity's last hope at crushing the Zerg-Infested threat. Recently however, the Hand of Dawn has been hard-pressed to find any solution to dealing with the presence of the Mother's Brood, and because of this, Dawn...
Heroes of the Rift

Heroes of the Rift

Dec 26, 2012 Planning
Heroes of the Rift - is an RPG MOBA Inspired by tons of MOBA Games including the Diablo 3 Battle Arena, It'll be an Add-on created to be port on Starcraft II Engine, and will promise fast-phased gameplay and promising battle-experience which includes several abilities found on DotA 1 (The game was also inspired from DotA a little bit due to its current nature that it supports mainly Mythical Heroes and Medieval gameplay, There will be a Kill Streak System and even includes a Ladder System by...

HomerJ gegen die Welt

Dec 18, 2012 Release
A 6 Player Coop Funmap You play one of the HomerJ Team members as an hero. You guide your chosen hero through the story, that is separated in 5 act which contain several quests and subquests. Through the acts you get more abilities for your hero and you can buy upgrades in the main base (for the base or your heroes). Three difficulties: normal, hard, extreme. Achievments are unlockable at difficulty hard or extreme. For the best game-experience you should have a premade team (maximum 6...

Hero Arena

Dec 10, 2012 Planning
A hero fighting map centered around 1v1 battles with an automated tournament system. Options for series or single elimination.

Heart Break!

Nov 17, 2012 Release
ITs A converted Legacy Map From Broodwar 256 squared.

Human Campaign

Nov 07, 2012 Beta
This is some of my own personal favourit maps from blizzards wc3 human story campaign. Which are remade in the SC2 world using basic units. Atm this is just a beta, meaning, that the terrain is bad and its missing cinematics and prologues. Anyways, the only requirement for the maps to work properly is that u choose BRUTAL difficulty. (Dont worry, its no where near as hard as brutal) Hope to see a comment of what u think so far. Installation Instructions Download the zip file and extract to a...
Hero Attack 3X

Hero Attack 3X

Nov 04, 2012 Beta
Hero Attack 3X is a 10-12 player DOTA style game. You choose a hero, pick a lane, and proceed to fight for supremacy as you work your way towards the enemy base. Hero Attack 3X differents from most DOTA style games in that it is fast paced and there are actual bases to destroy, and not just towers. It's a true game of strategy and tactics. Hero Attack 3X is a total rewrite for the original game Hero Attack. It's currently in BETA, but most of the major bugs currently present in the original...

Hero Testing

Oct 29, 2012 Beta
Hero Test This map was originally intended to support my project Link to the Future I've gradually transitioned away from the Zelda theme. The new Hero is called Beam. Camera: Third Person Players: 1 (+) I'm planning to add a second support Hero with the Nova model. Controls Move: Left-Click Attack: Right-Click Ability Panel: R While the Ability Panel is open, press 1-4, and then Left-Click an ability to set the ability in that slot. To use abilities, target an enemy and press the...

Horologium Super-Cluster RPG

Oct 19, 2012 Alpha
Had me a little fun over the weekend, decided to make a bomb ability for Bob, it is about finished, and isn't really that complicated an ability. Still so fun to watch though. So fun in fact I decided to make a short video of it. Leaving 2 videos showing Imp and Casper a little bit too. Yes, I need to practice making videos it is true, but enjoy anyways. Alpha Testing has Begun! Been going a little slower than I would like with my project lately, taking care of newborn twins will do that....