F-zero Image

F-Zero Proof of Concept

Mar 14, 2015 Release
I wanted to create an F-zero backdrop for an arena just like in super smash brothers and the results are so cool that I wanted to share them with everyone.

Floodlings II

Sep 26, 2014 Beta
A co-operative game where one up to four players play as runners who's objective is to survive for 30 minutes, pickup power-ups, and avoid fllodlings (zerg) at all costs. Two players can play as artillery which is an immobile, invulnerable siege breaker that uses ammo and power-ups to kill the floodlings and defend the runners.

Font Style Explorer

Mar 09, 2014 Release
This overly-simple map lets you test the various font styles in SC2. Use the Up and Down arrow keys or select a font from the listbox. Enter your own custom text into the edit box. Note: This map possibly only works with English(us) locale.

Family First Aid

Jan 06, 2014 Planning
Family First Aid map contains four maps: First Aid - survival - at the moment the game is over 15% First Aid v. 2 - survival - the game is over 95% . Parody of the game MineralZ Evolution . First Aid 3 - SVC Battle - capture points ( flags ) - game over 75% First Aid TD - zahita tower - it is not yet in the public domain , it is written only in the Russian version . Will be written when the Russian Persia , fighting will be a separate card with a note (EN) English version . Soon all the cards...
Character Selection


Dec 21, 2013 Alpha
FighterCraft Concept: In this map, with a style similar to what Blizzard Outcasts could have been, you play a series of matches against another player. During these matches, you will be able to choose a custom made hero and battle in a 1 v 1 match. You will have multiple abilities to use and the winner is the one who kills the other player first. Development: I am currently the only one working on this map. However, I would like to have a Trigger/UI specialist help me out (if this is you,...
Roll: 4, Extreme #2

FLUB - Kulas Ravine

Aug 22, 2013 Release
What is FLUB? FLUB is a prototype stat-randomizing mod for Starcraft II melee maps. FLUB shifts gameplay toward clever strategy and away from raw experience. FLUB is generous yet demands nothing. FLUB is objectively wonderful. Map Link: starcraft://map/1/218749 (This is always up-to-date and will always work properly; use this instead of the trigger-stripped download. You'll need to bookmark it to create/join a game.) FLUB randomly tweaks the stats of each player's units and displays the...


Aug 07, 2013 Release
This is an example of the for-loop bug found in patch 2.0.10.

Frozen Glory

May 25, 2013 Alpha
defend your base and destroy your enemy

FFA Defense

Mar 15, 2013 Beta
FFA Defense map. There are 10 levels each consisting of 5 waves. Each wave starts with 1 column of 5 units, adding an extra column of units each wave.
Frigate Orpheon Part 3 (Deck Gamma) v4.0

Frigate Orpheon Part 3 (Deck Gamma) v4.0

Mar 05, 2013 Release
Deck Alpha: Deck Beta: Deck Gamma (Boss): MASSIVE UPDATE: The old Braxis Alpha tileset I was forced to use in the beta has finally been replaced with the Castanar tileset. Plus I lowered the Queen'a health, so you can beat her. Again, be sure to have tip notifications enabled. Here it is folks, the...
Frigate Orpheon Part 2 (Deck Beta) v4.0

Frigate Orpheon Part 2 (Deck Beta) v4.0

Mar 05, 2013 Release
Deck Alpha: Deck Beta: Deck Gamma (Boss): MASSIVE UPDATE: The old Braxis Alpha tileset I was forced to use in the beta has finally been replaced with the Castanar tileset. Again, be sure to have tip notifications enabled, and simple command card disabled. Here it is folks, the second part of the...
Deck Alpha v4.0

Frigate Orpheon Part 1 (Deck Alpha) v4.0

Mar 05, 2013 Release
Deck Alpha: Deck Beta: Deck Gamma (Boss): MASSIVE UPDATE: After screwing around in the editor, I figured out how to completely change the tileset. So now it is the Castanar tileset, so this map finally looks like it should've when I first made it in the beta. Unfortunately I had to split the Prologue...


Jan 02, 2013 Release
This Map Has its own Tile set configured It uses blizzards Niflheim textures its that secret Ice terrain that is in wings of liberty galaxy editor. YPu can contact me on bnet if any things or here

Fosse D'Infestation

Jul 19, 2012 Release
THIS IS AN OUTDATED MAP. MY NEW PROJECTS WILL BE UPLOADED SOON. Infestation Survive as long as you can Create units and defend the reactor. Easy gameplay. * Playable units: Marine / Marauder / Firebat / Goliath / Siege Tank / Viking / Void Ray / Nefs / SCV / Medivac / Sci. Ship * Ennemis: Zergling / Banneling / Hydralisk / Ultralisk / Queen / Mutalisk / Broodlord Beta version: may contain unbalances, bugs or weird things.


Jul 03, 2012 Planning
FactionCraft enables you to pick one of the original three factions (Daelam = Protoss, Zerg = Zerg, Raynor's Raiders = Terran) or one of the new six races I'm implementing (Infested, Old Swarm, The Dominion, Kel-Morian Combine, Tal'Darim, and Fist of Ulrezaj). FactionCraft will come out by HOTS and please make suggestions! Zerg can autocast Spawn Larvae, need suggestions for Corruptor, and need to get new spells for the Overseer. The Mothership will get Planet Cracker back, but less OP (not...


Jun 05, 2012 Beta
SC2 Frenzy is designed with a game concept best described as: a competitive next generation MOBA game, with an increased skill cap. We are attempting to realize this concept with in-depth heros, small team sizes, control node based play and player controlled minions. We have been experimenting with differant game mechanics in order to refine and perfect the best game possible.
Fortress of Multitude

Fortress of Multitude

Apr 05, 2012 Release
Been a while so thought Id ease back in by making some melee maps. This was the 1st, a 1vs1 where most of the extra rescources require air units for access.
Image 1


Feb 26, 2012 Beta
You got bored by SC2 flaws? Here we bring you MOD, that is one of most complex SC2 MODs, comparable to HoTS Custom, which protest against HoTS design. What does FreeCraft actually bring? For Terran, you can expect some early game cuts, added Firebats from baracks, Eagle as replacement of Hellion, Goliaths instead of Thors, Diamondbacks as mech tanking units, and Hovercrafts(Hovering bunkers with frikin' sensor tower attached to their head) from Factory, and Wraiths in Starports without other...


Feb 01, 2012 Release
A couple example triggers for evolution wars

Fury Under the Stars

Dec 15, 2011 Release
It's a 3v3v3 style with 18 heroes. Each Hero has unique abilities that work well with their corresponding faction. Each faction gets an army. The players are in complete control of the computers economy/upgrades/units that are spawned. Your Hero units gain gold from kills and you create workers with gold to mine minerals. They also get 1 ability point to upgrade each level, 2 attribute points, and 2 spawn tokens. Use the spawn tokens to increase the units coming out of the spawn buildings....