Darkest Days MOBA

Mar 08, 2015 Planning
Lore - Scientists have found a hidden gateway to an evil world. This includes things such as trecherous creatures, powerful protaganists, evil entities and other beings. These beings have been called Heros or Champions and have entered into this one world to fight to the death to destroy each others altars. Gameplay - If you haven't played any MOBAs before then here is the simplistic idea of how its played: There are 2 teams each with 5 players and they must destroy each others towers until...

Defcon ONE

Dec 30, 2014 Release
Defense Condition ONE is a strategy map. Game run in phases where players place units. In defcon 1, players nuke each other until timer runs out. Highest point is winner.

Doomed Earth: End of Days

Jul 20, 2014 Beta
Doomed Earth: End of Days is a strategy/scenario game based off of the successful and fun map Doomed Earth made by former creator Yoz 2 years ago. As a player, you take command of one of the eleven nations still standing after an world wide economic meltdown. Your goal is to take control of 70% of earths population, meaning taking control of cities. At your disposal is conventional military forces such as tanks, helicopters, and infantry. However, other weapons include zombies, viruses,...

Desert Tankbattle

Feb 05, 2014 Beta
This map is a freely interpreted remake of the WC3 Battletanks/Battleships maps. It uses game elements and features of both maps and adds new ones (like the Zerg). Two teams of heroes fight against each other at a huge map, where two armys battle one another. One of the core mechanics is the weapon Autofire - like in the old Warcraft 3 times (phoenix fire). This map is currently still in developement and therefore flagged as BETA. You can find the map in Battlenet as "Desert Tankbattle BETA"....

Dungeon Runners RPG

Dec 07, 2013 Release
Dungeon Runners RPG In this RPG players do not run around doing quests, finding chickens, killing a wolf, ect. This RPG is based strictly on running dungeons. Teamwork being the most important aspect; the game can be played solo also. Read on for some good information. The Story You awaken in a strange cave with no memory of who you are or where you came from. The few people who are here are a little loopy and don't tell you much. In this cave, there are shadows making shapes on the... err......

Defendable Walls

Dec 01, 2013 Release
Walls for use in any map! Units can walk on them, and they work like cliffs.

Die or Survive

Nov 13, 2013 Alpha
Die or Survive A map where you defend your base. Up to 4 players, diffrent lanes. Backstory: You are a group of miners who were left behind to gather the remaining Blegg Gas. The others set up a superbunker for defence, a Sensor Tower and a Comm Tower. You spotted a Zerg Force gathering, and started building defences for the Super bunker, but you did not have enough time. They were coming. They destroyed the Comm Tower and the Sensor Tower, you lost all connection to the others. This, is...
Load Screen

Defence of the Universe

Sep 04, 2013 Release
This map is a map of AoS style. Two factions, Amber and Chaos fight each other and trying to figure out who among them are the strongest. You can choose from 6 unique heroes: Dark Templar, Ghost, High Templar, Marauder, Marine, Ultralisk. Each of them has a 4 different abilities. In the map offers the full classical mechanics AoS map with the new chips.
Bnet Preview Icon Mk. 2

Dungeon Explorer

Aug 02, 2013 Alpha
Diablo-style game with procedural items, progressive difficulty, leveling and map variety. (Still in early development) On game start, a dungeon, race, and story is randomly chosen. Enemies spawn in the dungeon with a coherent random pattern. The player then selects a hero and wages battle against these enemies with his/her allies. Killing enemies provides experience and loot, which are used to progress the hero with abilities and crucial stat increases. This game has constant expansion and...
Dodge The Observers

Dodge The Observers

Jul 05, 2013 Release
Race against your allies to reach the End Zone while reviving each other along the way, will you be the all in dodger or the patient life saver? - Avoid touching observers or die! - Touch an allies marker to revive them - 35 levels: 20 Ground, 12 Air, 3 Bonus Some of the in game features include: - Individual playlists with track buttons - Default lighting button - Anti AFK - Host override - Host ban authority Many initial game settings are possible (as host), you can set your "Unit Range",...

Death Avenue

May 17, 2013 Planning
Just a test map. First time map maker here.

Dune Strategic Game

May 12, 2013 Planning
Fight with your friends/ennemies on the only planet in the universe who have spice, Arrakis. Beware to the weather conditions, the meteor falls, the incoming worms and many other difficulties. You can select 1 the 3 legendary races: the Atreide house, the Harkonnen house or the Fremen tribe. Dune Strategic Game is a RTS with many possible scenarios, like king of the hill, capture the flag, protect the specified building, etc.
District 9 Complex Image

District 9 Complex

Apr 21, 2013 Release
This map has a lot of features such as three start locations bases at the top and the bottom as well. If you spawn at the middle bases you have to decide which ramp to protect in the early game, but spawning at the middle can be challenging to protect. The rich resouces has a rich vespene gas. Please Remember That if you are Downloading this Map you must go the File Page if you are in SC2 Mapster. If you are in you must go to Other Downloads page to which ever one. Version 1.0: Six...
Spawn Zone

Docking Bay 13 Beta

Mar 30, 2013 Beta
This is the first map of a custom campaign. The name will be changed eventaully to Psionics: Assault on Docking Bay 13. Current Status: Online, balanced up to a certain level. Still semi-buggy but playable. Story After the events of Legacy of the Void, with the Xel'Naga all but destroyed, the galaxy was at peace. With the fall of the Xel'Naga, the psionic link between the three races were shattered. This stopped the bloodthirst and war that each race had for each other. It has been 10 years...

Defense of the Citadel II V0.963

Feb 21, 2013 Beta
-Pick your hero and defend the citadel against waves of ennemies. -Buy or find a large variety of items/weapons -Epic battles against Bosses Beta Version - only 3 Heroes 25 waves and the map is empty for now This is a remake of the original Defense of the Citadel of Warcraft III made by me.
version 3.0

Diablo 3 UI Tutorial

Feb 21, 2013 Release
People have seen other submissions of maps that have a diablo 3 ui with the health and mana orbs moving. But they don't include how to do this, I have created a test map that shows you how to do it enjoy. must have the unit attached have an energy value for this to work or you will get a divide by zero issue. The file attached is a zip which includes the images for the ui screenshotted from diablo 3 and the orbs where modeled by me. Notable things to remember: There is some data edits for the...
Custom Lighting

Desolate Tarsonis

Jan 14, 2013 Release
2-4 player map. Mains located in each corner which are relatively easy to defend, there is a backdoor way on the two sides with an expansion an 2 destructible rocks between. On the top and bottom are two island expansions separating the top and bottom two mains, and 2 more expansions on the inside of the vertical walls closer to the center. Also tried to make this map very atmospheric with custom lighting since many melee maps lack an aesthetic uniqueness.
Protoss defending main

Daggoth's Domain

Jan 14, 2013 Release
Mains located at the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock areas with the natural up a hill to the left, if you looking at it from the mineral's perspective. Large middle area with a Zerg spire in the very center, and more expansions in the 4 corners. No gold or Xel Naga towers, and once again with the custom lighting to make it more atmospheric and unique from my other maps. Good for 2-4 players.
Zerg Icon

Dodge the Zerg

Sep 30, 2012 Mature
A 1-8 player dodging game In the future there will be points to spend on 10 different perks every 30 score, 3 more challenges, achievements, and multiplayer rank

Die With Honor

Sep 21, 2012 Release
This game has a little of bit of everything for everyone. Here are some of the details Basics It's you versus your opponent but the both of you will face endless Zerg waves. Build turret placements using your SCV & Probe to defend against the Zerg and your opponent. You gather income by killing Zerg and you can use the resources to buy and upgrade your various turret placements. How To Win Keep your opponent and the waves of Zerg from destroying your Planetary Fortress. You lose your fortress...