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Grass TD

Mar 20, 2014 Release
This is remake of warcraft 3 map Green Circle TD 60 waves 1-8 players 3 unique maps to choose from 10 types of towers + upgrades random mini bosses each wave 4 levels of difficulty + hardcore 5 items for towers This map is published on all servers except Chinese. This project in uncompleted. I don't plan work on project anymore, so i have uploaded the last version of map. You also can download map from Free to use, modify and publish on...

starcraft2 map

Feb 18, 2014 Planning
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Daybreak - custom campaign

Feb 07, 2014 Inactive
Custom campaign series with custom units and buildings. As I'm still making a base mod now, there's really a little to explain about this. I add assets to mod whenever I need them in new mission. Current status Daybreak mod: Unfinished 1 playable race and 3 non-playables (non-playable races will be poorly detailed) New heroes Mission 01: Alpha Mission 02: Unfinished I'm trying to make 12 maps for this campaign.
Map Layout

Troll Tribes

Dec 22, 2013 Beta
Forum for the game: Based on the WC3 map Island Troll Tribes. Goal: Work in teams of 4 to defeat the other tribes with your troll Hero. The map starts with you being able to pick from several different trolls: Once you have your troll, you will need to work together with your team to defeat animals and find the materials that randomly spawn all over the map to create troll buildings. All of these buildings have different purposes: Cooking food, sleeping to...
Honorgarde Keep

Honorgarde Valley

Dec 04, 2013 Release
Check the images tab for plenty of screen shots. Known Bugs -Staying in the lobby for too long will cause players to get dropped (fixed). Updates - Added Human UI textures and Layouts. - Added Basic Item system. - Fixed several bugs. To do List -Add Undead, Horde, and Elves (horde nearing completion) -Add Death Animations to Buildings -Add Attachment points to show fire on buildings -Update models that are out of date -Balance units and upgrades. -Add upgrades for specific units and buildings...

Vampirism Zero 2

Oct 04, 2013 Inactive
Vampirism Zero 2 is a new game much better than the first one with all new stuff, and leveling and rewards coming soon! Check it out on the Starcraft 2 arcade right now! You are the last to survive the war of the vampires and humans, the only thing you have left is each other. You are to make a new colony as well as the others and make walls to defend yourself. You never thought he'd be so strong as he gets fed he becomes stronger and bigger and now he's HUGE who will slay him and pre vale?...
Island Troll Tribes By Zaysite

Island Troll Tribes Remake

Sep 15, 2013 Release
Currently Enabling Basic AI to play with/against This map is based off of the concept of Island Troll Tribes for warcraft 3. The new Map is here. I have gotten rid of all the mountains!! You are now on an exceptionally large map of islands There are bugs still apparent but i need help finding them all i can only test so much. There are new features added cant really remember them all You must install the Mod file into your Starcraft II/Mod folder You can then play the map or open it in the...
Alliance attacking

Alliance and Horde

Sep 14, 2013 Release
Alliance and Horde is a RTS game mod that implemented by Starcraft II Editor. Core Feature: Back to WOW from sky. That mean reflection on the old WOW time in a RTS camera. 1. There are two factions: Alliance and Horde. 2. In the first release version, each faction has 6 heroes and 8 units. 3. First released map is Zul'Grub, which is similar to Lost Temple in Warcraft III. 4. The play styles, features are different from Warcraft III, units are categorized by Tank, Healer and DPS, and player...
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Galaxy Vampirism

Sep 04, 2013 Release
What is it? This map implements the mechanics of the classical Vampirism Fire 4.02b of Warcraft 3. This map will not be a clone with the same icons and units that will be taken only mechanic of map, everything else, landscape, walls, towers, heroes will be in a new concept of StarCraft 2. RELEASE Map released on AM, EU and SEA servers. Check it out! I am waiting for you suggestions about gameplay and balance. Official website
Vampirism Zero Icon

Vampirism Zero

Sep 04, 2013 Release
Cat & Mouse game, remake of Vampirism Zero from Warcraft 3. Old mechanics of the game were saved. New features were added to map: Human can choose from 4 different heroes. Each of them have unique abilities. Vampire can choose from 3 different Vampires. Each of them have unique abilities. More than 42 items are available in shops for Vampire. More than 20 items are available in shops for Slayer. Strong Tech Tree for Human. Demonic areas for Vampires. Vampire can farm minerals here. Map is...
Hero with attributes

Angel Arena Original

Sep 04, 2013 Alpha
This map will be remake of Angel Arena map from Warcraft 3. For the base i have token my map Vampirism Zero. It means that a bunch of stuff is already done. Heroes, shops, hero revival, triggers, some abilities. What next: Create a terrain. Create stats, points & rank system. Create achievements. Create about 15 heroes. Each hero have 5 abilities. He can choose to learn from 24 different abilities. It means that hero can have a tons of different unique builds. First hero is almost ready....

Survival Chaos

Aug 12, 2013 Planning
You have to def against others and kill them. Quote from original WC3 map desinger: Each player chooses his race from 12 available and gets a base at random side of the map. You can only control your structures and influence the game by researching upgrades for your units which move on their own. There are plenty of upgrades, usually more than the time or money for them all to be researched, so choosing them is a mater of strategy. Also sending Heroes and bad ass Special units at the right...

Battleships SC2

Jun 07, 2013 Alpha
A remake of the battleships map from WC3. The map shares the same play style as the original and will have updated graphics, models, and UI making a great game even more enjoyable. I intend to have a tiered weapon system with all shops from the original map placed into dialogs. The trade system will return and will need a lot of balancing so that it is beneficial but not necessary. A terrain set that changes throughout the progress of the game, or multiple themed sets. The idea is that as the...
Krazy Kodo Tag

Krazy Kodo Tag

Apr 09, 2013 Release
"In a world where krazy kodos run rampant, can you survive for 25 minutes?" A Warcraft 3 classic, with some new twists! Build structures, gather resources, fight back, or simply run from the attacking kodos! Features: + Kodos which will hunt you down and eat you! + Runners which must flee to survive! + Mine minerals and harvest trees to build defenses! + Construct towers, walls, and train troops to halt the kodo onslaught! + Research upgrades to enhance your troops and structures! + Collect...


Apr 07, 2013 Planning
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All Hope is Lost

Apr 03, 2013 Planning
The colonists and terran factions must work together to destroy the Tal'Dariem and the Queen of Blades with her new zombie horde.
Loading Screen

Probes vs Zealot 2

Apr 03, 2013 Inactive
Cat & Mouse game, updated version of original map of Pobes v Zeelot with name Probes v Zealot 2. Old mechanics of the game were saved. New features were added to map: Achievements system. Stats, points and rank system. XP, leveling and rewards system. Bug fixes. Leaderboard. 6 different maps to choose from instead of 5. Some balance changes. Link on latest version with loading screen: Probes vs Zealot 2 Latest Version Link on map pack since version 1.86 with loading screen: Probes vs Zealot 2...

Custom Hero Line War

Feb 15, 2013 Inactive
Custom Hero Line Wars Alpha NEWS: -Restarting Map development, cause of Problems with the old one :( Description: Custom Hero Line Wars is a Map played like an normal Hero Line War, exept that you can choose an hero desgin and add 4 Spells + 1 Ultimate. More Infos at our Team Site Dev Team: Scarjit ChaosDeamon [Currently Inaktive] Thanks to: Swcompty For creating Sc2 Rank Icons. magnificence7 For creating an Hash Libary.

Angel Arena - Inifinity

Jan 15, 2013 Planning
Hello everyone ! This is my current project : Angel arena - Inifinty Yes, it's over the map in w3 but in sc2 ^_^. But it's with more options, more faculty (...). In global : 2 teams 10 players Spécial event ! (wait what? ho sure it's not a event with some gold, or maybe sometimes but .. Ok it's a random event with a random time) Mobs (ho really?) with lvl per times (example : After 5 min of the game, mobs is lvl 2 etc.) A little story Duel (1v1 and ...) Stuff ... chose the language IG...
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War4craft : Battle Realms

Dec 31, 2012 Beta
Warcraft: Battle Realms Warcraft: Battle Realms is a project for people like me who want to relive the feelings of playing Warcraft III but with the game engine of Starcraft 2 (it's not a Warcraft clone but more a warcraft-like strategic game. Let's revive epic battles with not a lot of units but longer fights and a lot of microgestion with heroes spells. It's a melee map which can be play up to 4 players (2v2, 1v1, FFA). Warcraft units are imported from WoW. The lore of the mod is the...