Random Unit Arena By Cstorm

Jun 06, 2011 Beta
Based on the original Starcraft 1 game "Random Unit Arena". Two teams of 4 compete with randomly chosen units to destroy the enemy Planetary fortress. If your random units die, new random units will spawn back at your base. Supports up to 8 players(+2 Computers) Have fun, and send bugs or errors to me at Sc2Mapster.Com
Overview 3

Racing Tower Defense

Aug 30, 2010 Alpha
77 LVL 4v4 Tower Defense Racing map ! Beat the final wave first ! You can retry every wave and keep all income from the mobs. Every Tower you build spawns a unit which you can micro to beat the wave faster / more efficient. Currently Alpha - 71 lvls implemented, all towers implemented If you want to help me test my map and you are on european bnet, please add me: Char: TheDuke Code: 146 Server: EU Change log: v0.8: lvls 72 - 77 added ! 11 bosses added ! autocast enabled for several mobs...