Jun 15, 2014 Planning
hi i havent got a clue what im doing :)
Chapter 02. Another World

The Viacre - Chapter 01 [The Probes]

May 22, 2014 Release
The Viacre - Chapter 01 [Probes] Do you like creepy things, horror, or puzzle solving, or just finding mysteries....? ...... What will you do if you wake up in an unknown room, with no memories about yourself? ... This map tells a story about the 7 probes waking up at an unknown research center called the "Param Value." An unknown voice whispers to them, giving them help.... But why..? The voice never reveals itself, but only helps the Probes from afar, by giving them hints and sending them...
Rainbow Gunner in action


Apr 26, 2014 Release
This is Base defence. You can defense yourself with towers or units or both. There's 3 little missions (destroy specefied building, boss) Actually theres only one zombie - zombie-dog, but i have skeletons, archers, bosses and many more for you. The most successful unit i made is a RainbowGun man. His rainbow gun attacks 3 targets at once changing colors of shell. Its early alpha, just want to know what people think about this map. So please comment this map, tell me whats good whats bad about...
Overall terrain

The Hunger Games by Fenix

Mar 16, 2014 Inactive
The goal is to be the last player alive, so you have to kill everyone. The catch is, you're in the Hunger Games arena and some special events will occure provoking deaths... and more than this, you have energy. You must eat to survive longer. To eat, you have to find food by moving around into the arena. As the game goes on, more events will occurs and the survivability will be harder. May the odds be with you. Well, this kind of map was made a long time ago by someone but never got updated...

hecktro dwells

Mar 08, 2014 Planning
its a test map still testing

Ghost Finder 2

Jan 29, 2014 Release
This map is about Humans (Catchers) that have randomly awakened in a maze figuring out that others were placed upon the maze with them. As the humans begin to work together to help each other survive in maze by collecting supplies from the maze, they soon to noticed that one of the humans aren't a true human and has been killed on this maze a while back returning for revenge for those who enter its maze. Will you be a chosen person picked to enter the maze or will be you one that has been...


Dec 30, 2013 Alpha
I really hope this map can be finally published, but unfortunately, I don't have time to complete it anymore. So anyone who's interested in the map may continue the work, and please feel free to use all the assets.
Hurricane Shrine

Hurricane Shrine (AoS)

Dec 26, 2013 Release
Is an Multiplayer Online Battle Arena inspired with Mob vs Player Elements similar to Diablo 3 :)

Banshee Blood

Dec 03, 2013 Release
Banshee Blood Banshee Blood is a simplified, yet epic space warfare. Use Phase-jump abilities to dive directly into hectic battlefield, and deploy tactical inhibitors to block enemy fleet from trespassing. Each game provides 15 minutes of intense action. Published on ALL REGIONS : Search with 'banshee' Features CloakDrive Ability CloakDrive : Singular - Mainly used for evasive maneuvers. Unlimited target range. CloakDrive : Mass - Take offensive measures with all your nearby fleet. You'll...

Terran Moon Base Lockdown

Nov 21, 2013 Beta
This is a giant base defense map. It is up to Jim Raynor and his band of rebels to protect the moon base from the dark protoss at all cost. Swann is a expert at machinery he can build/rebuild the generator, gates, turrets, to help protect the base and repair them as well.

Die or Survive

Nov 13, 2013 Alpha
Die or Survive A map where you defend your base. Up to 4 players, diffrent lanes. Backstory: You are a group of miners who were left behind to gather the remaining Blegg Gas. The others set up a superbunker for defence, a Sensor Tower and a Comm Tower. You spotted a Zerg Force gathering, and started building defences for the Super bunker, but you did not have enough time. They were coming. They destroyed the Comm Tower and the Sensor Tower, you lost all connection to the others. This, is...

Zerg in the city

Oct 20, 2013 Release
Terran players (Team 1): Play as in survival map. Build a defence and try to eliminate all zerg structures. Zerg players (Team 2): This is a tug of war game style for you. Build spawning structures, make upgrades. You can control drones, overseers and infestors. Place infestor next to a group of neutral buildings and start producing mobs.
Loading SCreen

Operation Insanity

Aug 04, 2013 Alpha
Operation Insanity is a Next Generation Survival Map Please Visit The Website for More info
Strike-Craft-Dead Match

Maps Set Strike-Craft©

Aug 02, 2013 Alpha
Strike-Craft© Pagina Oficial:LostTest Iniciations First map of the set with some mistakes but playable. I recommend minimum graphic settings: High Download/See more>>Iniciations Link Map Download Manager/Author:Hemanbrian Contributor:Zeldarules28 CT Park liquidation Second map of the set,error-free I recommend minimum graphic settings:Ultra Download/See more>>CT Park liquidation Link Map Download Manager/Author:Hemanbrian Dead Match third map of the set,error-free I recommend minimum graphic...
-Poker Defense-

-Poker Defense-

Jul 23, 2013 Beta
-Poker Defense- is a StarCraft 2 map in where you play poker in the hopes you get the best hand you can get which earns you a tower to place on the field to create your maze. Waves must touch 3 randomized points on the field as they try and make their way to your base to kill you! It's currently in beta as an 8 player FFA with thoughts of making it a PvP game.
Outside of Town

Nightfall Online

Jun 15, 2013 Planning
Townsfall This project is currently in development. We will be having new pictures and features updates coming up soon! What is Townsfall? Townsfall is an upcoming map that is based off of the popular Starcraft II map, Mafia by DarkRevenant. The map itself will feature a similar gameplay style as the original Mafia map, except instead of playing purely from a series of complex and complicated menus, you will be using your units instead. During daytime, you are safe from being killed by enemy...


Apr 30, 2013 Release
Take control of your Swarm Queen and prove that YOU are the Omega. 4 player FFA unit spawning Hero Kill neutral creeps and opponents Zerg units to gather minerals to grow and evolve your units! You gain more minerals for killing neutral units than you do for killing opponents Zerg. Defeat your enemies Swarm Queen to defeat them. Keep your Queen safe away from combat, or close at hand for a near endless wave of Zerg reinforcements. Summon Greater Nydus Worms for rapid re-deployment. Defeat the...
Krazy Kodo Tag

Krazy Kodo Tag

Apr 09, 2013 Release
"In a world where krazy kodos run rampant, can you survive for 25 minutes?" A Warcraft 3 classic, with some new twists! Build structures, gather resources, fight back, or simply run from the attacking kodos! Features: + Kodos which will hunt you down and eat you! + Runners which must flee to survive! + Mine minerals and harvest trees to build defenses! + Construct towers, walls, and train troops to halt the kodo onslaught! + Research upgrades to enhance your troops and structures! + Collect...

All Hope is Lost

Apr 03, 2013 Planning
The colonists and terran factions must work together to destroy the Tal'Dariem and the Queen of Blades with her new zombie horde.
Spawn Zone

Docking Bay 13 Beta

Mar 30, 2013 Beta
This is the first map of a custom campaign. The name will be changed eventaully to Psionics: Assault on Docking Bay 13. Current Status: Online, balanced up to a certain level. Still semi-buggy but playable. Story After the events of Legacy of the Void, with the Xel'Naga all but destroyed, the galaxy was at peace. With the fall of the Xel'Naga, the psionic link between the three races were shattered. This stopped the bloodthirst and war that each race had for each other. It has been 10 years...