Starcraft 2 Expancion

Starcraft 2 Expancion

Nov 20, 2011 Release
New units, New strategies and a totally revolutionary mod is my first mod hehe. Add three heroes per race TERRAN Medics Firebat armor 3 Goliat Waith Dropship ability mechanical health units, PROTOSS Preserver Diamondback Scout ZERG Infested Protoss and Terran Luker Guardian thanks for helping with the protoss shield, now help me to publish it on battle net that I have no internet

SC:Twilight - The Shattered Temple

Nov 20, 2011 Alpha
Just to give a try about how would SC2 be if some ideas from Brood War would still be there. ^^ Finished: Terran Removed Units Reaper Raven Hellion Thor Returning Units Vulture Science Vessel Goliath

TPW Ohana

Nov 09, 2011 Release
This is a 2-spawn beach map called TPW Ohana. Similar to Bel'Shir Beach, but with a custom tileset and more touchups.
SC2 Expanded

SC Expanded River Valley

Nov 06, 2011 Release
Soulflitcher, has allowed me to use his SC Expanded Mod, so I went around creating 10 different maps, this was one I liked, but wasn't the biggest, I added the mod, added a few triggers for water states, and incase you don't know what SC Expanded is, all you have to do is build a forge, evolution chamber, engineering bay, select your upgrades at the bottom, and build normally, but with different units ano tactics, ALL mod credit goes to Soulflitcher, hope you like... :D

Mt Impossible

Oct 22, 2011 Planning
MT impossible was first played in StarCraft BroodWar. This epic map was great fun and many enjoyed it. You were a probe and you had to use pylons and micro skills to get past ultralisks which attacked from the top of the mountain. their were 6 stages each getting progressively harder with building blockers. For each probe playing their was 1 ultralisk. At the bottom of the map their was a randomized shop which chose 2 shop items from 4. You could buy these at the cost of some of your own...

run war

Sep 28, 2011 Planning
varios minerios ricos ,bases de varias cores obridando o jogador atacar todo
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Starcraft Campaign Enslavers Remake

Sep 18, 2011 Release
This is a remake of Starcraft campaign Enslavers. The map is motivated by recent remake of Starcraft episodes and credit for Starcraft 1 unit models used in this map goes to Maverck. You need 'Sc1mod.Sc2mod' file in 'Mods' folder of your Starcraft 2 directory. Contains 5 missions and features two different routes based on what you choose to do in the Second mission. Should you choose to rescue Protoss captives, the next course is to play Enslavers 02B and Enslavers 03B or if you've chosen the...

Brood War Terrain

Aug 18, 2011 Release
Badlands and jungle terrain mixed together with updated Duran unit. Cliffs are original too. Duran isn't built it's just the sounds, model, portrait and such. Use or modify to your hearts content just make sure to throw some credits around :) -Replaces Xil
Screenshot A

War for Helm's Deep

Aug 04, 2011 Release
A defensive siege map. Like many of the other (10? 20? more?) Helm's Deep maps, it follows the same basic guidelines for objectives. The defenders (Rohan, the Elves, Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli) have to hold out long enough for the Riders of Rohan to arrive with Gandalf, or kill the two commanders of the Uruk-Hai (Saruman and Ugluk). Saruman's forces (Saruman, Ugluk, and Lugdush) must destroy the fortress before the Riders come (50 minutes). My version was derived from the Helm's Deep-Annatar...


Jul 26, 2011 Beta
This is a remake of Atrix Defense from SC1, I am not the orginal creator. Defend your lane from advancing troops. BETA, send Comments/Suggestions/Bugs to [email protected]
Units 0.955

Starcraft 2 - Brood War

Jul 21, 2011 Release
Published on SEA, US and EU Realms Create Custom Game > Search "SC2BW" Latest Changes - Version 0.974 Additions New Sounds for Zealot New Sounds for Dark Templar New Sounds for Protoss Building Warp in New Sounds for Wraith New Sounds for Vulture New Sounds for Siege Tank New Sounds for Science Vessel New Sounds for Goliath New Sounds for Ghost New Sounds for Battlecruiser New Model for Creep Colony Added Protoss Music New Stats/Ranking System - should now work correctly Replaced ingame timer...

Samir Duran and General Duke units

Jun 27, 2011 Release
This is the Portraits for General Duke and Samir Duran from Starcraft 1. Units aren't fully made the only reason for this map is to show the assets. I have a crappy Duke Marine skin that I made in 2 minutes but his portrait is for a tank or BC. Duran has the texture nad portrait for Concept art white and blue Duran, Concept art Duran with red beret, and Original Duran with custom armor and red beret. Duran looks best with dark green team color. The sounds for infested and regular Duran are...

The Thing v 1.06

Jun 16, 2011 Beta
Survivors are stranded on a abandoned installment where they must figure out who is the thing and kill them before the are killed themselves

Killing Fields

Jun 13, 2011 Alpha
Killing Fields from SC1 imported for SC2. I did some touch ups and cliffing and water.

Random Unit Arena By Cstorm

Jun 06, 2011 Beta
Based on the original Starcraft 1 game "Random Unit Arena". Two teams of 4 compete with randomly chosen units to destroy the enemy Planetary fortress. If your random units die, new random units will spawn back at your base. Supports up to 8 players(+2 Computers) Have fun, and send bugs or errors to me at Sc2Mapster.Com

This is Anime

Jun 03, 2011 Alpha
Basicly a redone/modernized version of the sc1 game, with 4 maps and 9 heroes

Observer Lovely [SPACE]

May 26, 2011 Release
A remake of the famously popular Brood War map!

Deathpunch 0.1

May 22, 2011 Planning
A very hard map where you have to destroy your enemies in heated battle

Zergling Round Up

May 01, 2011 Release
Suggested Players: 2-4 Herd 25 zerglings into your corral. The first cowboy to succeed wins...Yeeeehaw! I added a small soccer shootout in the right hand side of the map. Go watch it! Remade from B-lizzard's SC1 map. I've also included the originial sounds.
Twilight Struggle icon

Twilight Struggle

Apr 21, 2011 Release
The Zergs! have returned. Fortify your defenses and fight your way free! Search for "Twilight Struggle" on US servers. Filter "Co-op vs. AI". Or you can download it to play by yourself. Modes: 2 player Co-op - You and another player beat back the Zergs! back to back. Solo run - You get control of the entire Terran Outpost and survive alone. Multiplayer mindmeld - Team melee (share units) with multiple players. Note: If player 2 is present during Solo run, he/she can control your...