TPS Mode Screenshot

Third Person Direct Control Battle in RTS Mode

Sep 02, 2010 Release
Third Person / First Person ( TPS / FPS ) Direct Control of a any Unit on the battlefield in the Real-Time Strategy (RTS) Mode with Role Playing (RPG) elements in StarCraft 2. Multiplayer Cooperative version for 4 players is done! EU map name: Big Battlefield [ FPS TPS RPG RTS ] Feel the Epic battle of StarCraft 2 from first person! You can control your unit in TPS / FPS Modes and upgrade with RPG system (9 upgrades for ANY unit). Video from actual version with new FPS / TPS UI and...

Mission 1 Landung auf New Eden

Sep 01, 2010 Beta
Hey there This is my first created Map using the Galaxy-Editor, so please take that in Mind if you criticize me ;) At the Moment its just a Scenario but there will be some new Missions as fast as i can create them. Story is explained at Loading-Screen. The Map is only in German at this Time, so please do not download it if you do not like it. Things to do: add Voice Actors and improve video-sequences / subtitles maybe translate in English (if you want to do it... just tell me) Mission start...
Mini Map

Brain Dead - Crash landing

Aug 31, 2010 Beta
"Brain Dead - CRASH LANDING" is the first of many Left 4 Dead type games. Survivors must work together as they move through the map finding items and "secrets" along the way. While the zombies try to prevent this at all cost. Human Heroes: Jim Raynor - Standard Hero unit with damage and utility Skills. Tychus Findlay - Strong Hero unit with few skills but high weapon damage and Hp/Hp armor. Egon Stetmann - Weak Support hero unit with many support skills. Rory Swann - Engineer able to build...
The Battle of the Plains Map Birds Eye View

The Battle of the Plains

Aug 30, 2010 Release
The Battle of the plains is a fictional scenario that I have made myself based on Dynasty Warriors maps (large battlefields). It is a 6 player game that is a 3v3 battle. There are spawning points (Units spawn every 16 seconds at Spawning Gates) that allow you to enlarge your army and attack your enemies. If you lose your spawning gate, you will lose your unit spawn. Every player has 3 spawning gates. Battle across the dark and foggy terrain with low sight radius as ambushes can easily be...

Islas perdidas de Ahuir

Aug 28, 2010 Beta
Pequeño mapa de varias Islas en las que tendrás que defenderte de los ataques aereos de tus oponentes, pequeño y sencillo. P.D: Aunque es el primer mapa que he hecho espero que os guste.

Dreadwind Plateau

Aug 26, 2010 Beta
This is a single-player mission in the vein of Blizzard campaigns. You command a Protoss force against the Zerg on Mar Sara. The trigger work is fairly simple, but it's functional- terrain work is my strong suit. Still requires balance tweaks, but it's fairly finalized. Hope you enjoy, and feedback is appreciated! IMPORTANT UPDATE- If you are encountering flaky enemy AI / nonexistent attack waves, the problem may be caused by playing the map via the "test document" option of galaxy editor....
Heart of the Swarm Cinematic: Return of the Overmind

Heart of the Swarm Cinematic: Return of the Overmind

Aug 25, 2010 Release
Here it is folks, the first real cinematic I've ever made. Taking place in between the third and fourth missions of Heart of the Swarm, this shows the result of the attempt to resurrect the Overmind. Simply start and enjoy!
War Games (Sim-331)

War Games (Sim-331)

Aug 25, 2010 Beta
A small perfectly symmetrical map divided between two teams Red and Blue. Each team has its own HQ building and a Requisition Center building. The objective is to destroy the enemy HQ. You earn credits through a special income system mainly by killing enemy units. You spend credits at the Requisition Center to buy units. There is a low unit cap so you must work together with your team mates to complement each other's unit types. The team that scores first blood will get a one-time credits...
Heart of the Swarm #3: to Clone the Beast

Heart of the Swarm #3: to Clone the Beast

Aug 25, 2010 Release
I uploaded the second mission a while ago, apparently it went unnoticed. Anyway, here is the third mission. It starts with a fairly simple cutscene. You must bring Stetmann to each overmind terndril much like with Zeratul in WoL, but with one difference: because I suck so much at triggers, you must bring him to them in a certain order. When you build a hatchery (so make sure your drones don't die before you get to your base site) he will tell you the first one, and will point out the next one...


Aug 22, 2010 Planning
The Northwest observed the least amount of damage in the majority of the US during the Great War of 2077. In some deep areas of the hills and mountains pockets of forest managed to adapt to the fallout even as the water grew more and more contaminated. Discovering this recently after the formation of New California, the Brotherhood of Steel has dispatched a contingent of troops to collect soil samples and examine the local wildlife. What they didn’t expect was the high concentration of...

primemovers zone control

Aug 21, 2010 Release
A fast paced, territorial control map. 4 teams of 2 vie for control of 64 zones, which, when held, spawn units and grant resources to upgrade. The objective is simple; kill your enemies' dudes. 6 unit types (3 ranged, 3 melee) gives you choices to fit your play style. Further customization is possible using a secondary specialization system. Type -help in game for a brief tutorial! Questions/Comments/Concerns can be e-mailed to [email protected]

Battle Ground

Aug 21, 2010 Release
Two teams of three fight to control 6 bases. Each player starts with one base that cannot change alliance. Once a person controls a base, units will spawn for them. Bases can be taken over to spawn units for a new player or destroyed to stop spawning units all together. The game is over when all the original bases for a team have been destroyed.
Elite Ghost Beta Screen

Elite Ghost V1.0

Aug 20, 2010 Release
Control an Elite Ghost that is capable of taking out anything in his way. You are sent in to investigate an area that the Protoss are using to create a secret weapon. You must navigate the area, take out any opposition in your way, find and destroy the weapon. This is my first shot ever at create a legit map/scenario in any game, strategy or otherwise. I am new to the whole trigger editing deal so it took me a while to sort everything out as I have never done this kind of stuff before. It was...

Terran Defense vs Infected Onslaught

Aug 19, 2010 Release
Send some feedback. You need to survive the constant onslaught of the infected. Destroy both Infested Colony Ships to win or survive 60min, you lose if you Command center is destroyed. V1.4 is the 2vsAI version V3.0 is the 2vs2 version For more check my website: Fixed some stuff

Zombie Survival Deadwood

Aug 16, 2010 Release
You have crashed landed on a unknown planet, a few moments later, you feel something is happening to you. Your squad scientist found out that the air is poisoned, and according to the readings the poison is coming from five infested buildings. If we don’t destroy the buildings in one hour, we will die and turn into a infected being. This is a 4 player map, were you fight the Infected AI, with Hero’s. Destroy 5 key structures to win the map, do this in 45 min or you die and turn into a...
Map Image

Golem Wars Classic

Aug 15, 2010 Release
Golem Wars Classic is a port of Golem Madness Mass Attack from the original Starcraft. Much of the classic gameplay is preserved and updated to work with Starcraft II, with a few new additions and mechanics changes to this beloved favorite. Players choose from three types of Basic Golems, which are spawned periodically at their Golem Factory. Using these, they wage war against their opponents, attempting to destroy their opponent's factory. As they rack up more and more kills, their basic...

Gormor's Hero Testing Map

Aug 15, 2010 Release
Hero testing map. Trying to work around the stupid dependency thing. Its screwing me over.
Dukems fall

Dukems fall

Aug 13, 2010 Alpha
3vs1 where three people are buffed up thors in TPS mode defending a base from the other player who is Protoss in RTS mode with limited tech and supplies. Has imba cannons defending protoss base so assaulting it is impossible. Protoss must destroy the Castle Uberstein before timer runs out. Thors controls are wsad move, left click hand cannons, right click anti air and middle mouse flamethrower. To target just get the camera (not the unit) to point toward what your shooting at. Experimental...
Urban Special Forces Map Overview

Urban Special Forces (Default and Hero Modes)

Aug 12, 2010 Release
Note There are now two versions of the map you can download, one for Default mode, and one for Hero mode. In Hero mode you start out with one of 6 heroes from the campaign that level up as you and your allies kill enemies. IMPORTANT: From this point on, the versions I upload here will not work correctly if you upload them to This isn't something I wanted, but I can't make offline and versions in the same map without causing many problems. If you need the
Loading screen

Special forces help

Aug 12, 2010 Alpha
Um this is a remake of the special forces that was in the original starcraft. Pretty much why im posting this is cause i cant seem to figure a few thing out. -why its soooooo lagy after 5 seconds - how to get the score gets traded in and changed into minrals -last how to get my engnering bay and suply depot to desplay time and how to shorten time - if you find any bugs please tell me - also for the lag issue i did a few triggers trying to hide the terrain and some of the models for units but...