Aftermath of the Overmind (Beta)

Jan 03, 2012 Alpha
A mixture of a 3rd person map and an RPG. Testing.

The Ascended Challenge

Dec 22, 2011 Beta
Use godlike powers such as Collapse (bridge/fissure), Sinkhole, Earthquake, Accumulate Fog, Solar Flare, Meteor Strike, and Eruption to prevent two enemies from obliterating each other's bases.


Nov 02, 2011 Alpha
this is a game inspired by the starcontrol series. it is just in its first playeble pre alpha stage. I would be happy if someone tried it (its made for two players for now). I am having a very hard time with the data editor, and someone could help me we can finish this map together. if so please contact me via e-mail at [email protected] . thank you!
Indev 25


Oct 16, 2011 Alpha
Main Combination of Real Time Strategy and Turn Based Strategy. Comparing to Total Wars series. RTS Battles and TBS elements RTS Campaign map. Inspiration of map Tactical Squads by Trieva movement system. Current status: Development. Links Front page link . Forum page: link Updates page: link Videos
Macro Battle

Macro is key

Sep 30, 2011 Release
If you like to macro and have epic battles with your friends this is the perfect map to do it on. Zerg ,Terran ,and Protoss each have received one special upgrade that will break your opponent in to pieces but these are not normal upgrades there meant for the macro players who have so much money that they don't know what to do with. Protoss has an upgrade that will increase their supply cap from 200 to 300. Zerg has an upgrade that will increase the rate at which they spawn larva from 15...

WoE Tabletop

Sep 22, 2011 Planning
This is a SC2 Version of my Worlds of Eoin® Tabletop Game with SC2 Races and original Gameplay and Carddesigns. It is a fusion of the CCG Card-concept and the Tabletop-concept. Each Player plays wit a Deck created by his own that will be saved an can be modified when the game starts or at its end.New Players gain startin credits. Starting creidst can be tradet for Starter-Decks an bossters. The Game rules are easy. Each playerteam first selects 15 terrain Cards from there Decks and place them...
Universe of Mech Beta

Universe of Mech

Sep 04, 2011 Beta
Universe of Mech , You own a base and it gets to call down mech and upgrade them to different class mechs. Use different strategy and hunt down the other player's base. Also use your base's special ability to enhance tactics. Please test this map out and give a feedback, I appreciate it! Note: If you want to see how fun this map can really get. Please play it with someone else. The map is published on, just search "mech" in the custom game server search bar.

Tactical Wars (Alpha)

Sep 01, 2011 Alpha
Just a short intro about myself. I am from SEA server, IGN is onslaught Char code 532. This is my first map so, feel free to comment. The project thread for this is here This map is already uploaded to BNET SEA. Tactical Wars is a 3v3 Tug map focusing more on lane control, technique and teamwork then on powerful unit spawns that wins the game. The main difference between this and other line maps is...


Aug 26, 2011 Planning
boldly going where no terran has gone before
Chain Lightning

Chain Lightning (data editor) + Chain Healing

Jul 28, 2011 Release
A chain lightning ability done with only the data editor. It bounces from one unit to another 15 times, never hitting the same unit twice, doing decreasing damages, and has a jumping beam actor. New version for retail SC2 + mod version. There's also a 5 jumps Healing Beam which us the medivac's beam. See Help page here to change number of bounces.

Black and White

Jul 22, 2011 Mature
Black and White ==== EU/US It's a map (top vs bot, 1v3-1v3) that features all the units of SC2 The goal is to defend your Planetary Fortress from the enemy army...and destroy the other one, buying units There is a custom way to buy units and other stuff (just by clicking them!!), there are group of units with relative upgrades at each angle of the map, (Terran,Zerg,Protoss,Mercenary) Your army is AI controlled When you buy a unit you get more income,mercenary doesn't give any income as well.....

Skyward Infestation

Jul 16, 2011 Release
Terrain Test: Sky Ruins A single player scenario made to showcase what sky ruins would look like in SC2 Yes this is the second time i've done this, but this time you can actually do something other than look at it. Scenario details: Aid Karass in retaking the area from the Zerg. Length: Approx 45 mins (if you don't turtle near the end) Difficulty: Medium. If All In or In Utter Darkness were rather hard for you on Hard, then this may be a challenge towards the end, but like that matters, the...

StarCraft Universe

Jul 15, 2011 Alpha
Project Thread: While we don't mind comments here, if you're wanting to discuss things the thread is the more appropriate place for it. Forums & Website: This is where the bulk of our information will be released first. StarCraft Universe FAQ: "What is this, I don't even. . ." this is for you. We try to answer some of the more important questions that people are asking. Facebook: Because you know you're all just a bunch of creepers ;P YouTube Channel: Any and all videos we release will be...

Camera Collision

Jul 15, 2011 Release
A map showing how to get the camera to collide with the terrain (there is also an option to enable it to collide with any non-pathable terrain.

Super fun time turbo!!!

Jun 21, 2011 Beta
In this game you play very similar to normal SC2 but instead of building workers and a economy you are slowly given resources at a fixed rate so building and unit construction is the only marco focus. The main objective of the game is to level each others production capacity to the ground as the victory conditions stay the same as regular sc2 in that you must destroy all of your opponents buildings . With no way to inflict economic damage in any direct way stamping out your enemy can be...

FringeworldColonizationProject (FCP)

Jun 18, 2011 Alpha
FringeworldColonizationProject (FCP) On their way to a new planet the FringeworldColonizationProject-Ships were attacked by pirates. The ships made an emergency landing on an uncharted world. Planned Features: No Units popping out of barracks, 1 Colonist = 1 Marine, 0 Colonists = 0 Units 2 special units for each Mission (Different ways to solve main and bonus objectives) Managing food, water, and energy supply Trading/Fighting with other factions

Ender's Game Battleroom Camera Testing

Jun 13, 2011 Planning
I got a strange type of camera movement that follows both your unit and your mouse, and I am just uploading to ask people to test it out and see if they like it. The camera follows the point 2/5s of the way from your unit and your mouse, so you are always looking at your unit, but you can still move your view a fair amount.
Mystic Waters

Show Case Folder

Jun 12, 2011 Release
Hello, This will be my Show Case Folder map thing? I will give all the Show Case maps that i make in here. Feel free to use them to Cinematic, Campaigns, or whatever you think they are good for! I will not demand credit for them, but of course it could be nice (: Feel we too see what there is (: The System that i use then making a Showoff/Showcase map is inspired from WTE: Feeling Lucky. I am using a "Random Number Generator" to find the Terrain I want to use (: If you want to be a part of...
Lava Corridors

Lava Corridors

Jun 12, 2011 Release
A small 1v1 melee map. Three paths on the map are covered in lava. To open up additional attack paths, Take control of a Xel'Naga tower and the lava will lower. Access to gold expansions, as well as the enemies back door are available with the lava down.
Starcraft 2 Melee Evolved

Sc2 Project Descent

Jun 05, 2011 Planning
It's been a while since I updated the information on this project because I have been working on it on and off, however expect several updates within the next few weeks. I will now be referring to this project as project Decent. The initial concept remains the same. I am attempting to create a custom melee game that is more like Warcraft 3. The current Alpha in development contains 5 core factions with unique meta game tactics, upgrades, and abilities. These factions include: - Protoss...