StarCraft Universe

Jul 15, 2011 Alpha
Project Thread: While we don't mind comments here, if you're wanting to discuss things the thread is the more appropriate place for it. Forums & Website: This is where the bulk of our information will be released first. StarCraft Universe FAQ: "What is this, I don't even. . ." this is for you. We try to answer some of the more important questions that people are asking. Facebook: Because you know you're all just a bunch of creepers ;P YouTube Channel: Any and all videos we release will be...

Camera Collision

Jul 15, 2011 Release
A map showing how to get the camera to collide with the terrain (there is also an option to enable it to collide with any non-pathable terrain.

Super fun time turbo!!!

Jun 21, 2011 Beta
In this game you play very similar to normal SC2 but instead of building workers and a economy you are slowly given resources at a fixed rate so building and unit construction is the only marco focus. The main objective of the game is to level each others production capacity to the ground as the victory conditions stay the same as regular sc2 in that you must destroy all of your opponents buildings . With no way to inflict economic damage in any direct way stamping out your enemy can be...

FringeworldColonizationProject (FCP)

Jun 18, 2011 Alpha
FringeworldColonizationProject (FCP) On their way to a new planet the FringeworldColonizationProject-Ships were attacked by pirates. The ships made an emergency landing on an uncharted world. Planned Features: No Units popping out of barracks, 1 Colonist = 1 Marine, 0 Colonists = 0 Units 2 special units for each Mission (Different ways to solve main and bonus objectives) Managing food, water, and energy supply Trading/Fighting with other factions

Ender's Game Battleroom Camera Testing

Jun 13, 2011 Planning
I got a strange type of camera movement that follows both your unit and your mouse, and I am just uploading to ask people to test it out and see if they like it. The camera follows the point 2/5s of the way from your unit and your mouse, so you are always looking at your unit, but you can still move your view a fair amount.
Mystic Waters

Show Case Folder

Jun 12, 2011 Release
Hello, This will be my Show Case Folder map thing? I will give all the Show Case maps that i make in here. Feel free to use them to Cinematic, Campaigns, or whatever you think they are good for! I will not demand credit for them, but of course it could be nice (: Feel we too see what there is (: The System that i use then making a Showoff/Showcase map is inspired from WTE: Feeling Lucky. I am using a "Random Number Generator" to find the Terrain I want to use (: If you want to be a part of...
Lava Corridors

Lava Corridors

Jun 12, 2011 Release
A small 1v1 melee map. Three paths on the map are covered in lava. To open up additional attack paths, Take control of a Xel'Naga tower and the lava will lower. Access to gold expansions, as well as the enemies back door are available with the lava down.
Starcraft 2 Melee Evolved

Sc2 Project Descent

Jun 05, 2011 Planning
It's been a while since I updated the information on this project because I have been working on it on and off, however expect several updates within the next few weeks. I will now be referring to this project as project Decent. The initial concept remains the same. I am attempting to create a custom melee game that is more like Warcraft 3. The current Alpha in development contains 5 core factions with unique meta game tactics, upgrades, and abilities. These factions include: - Protoss...


May 29, 2011 Beta
Heros added. Destrucitable Resources and minerals shards. 3v3 hero team play map. Test your game aginst an insane Comp.

[Shooter] Cold War

May 22, 2011 Planning
[Shooter] Cold War (FPS in style with many game-play options) That is basically what I have planned, this is coming from a shooter I was working on from here: That map was based off another person who gave me permission. So this map is like 3 generations deep :P
White Thunder

Twisted Metalcraft

May 20, 2011 Release
This map is in early release form and has a bit of polishing left . It is currently playable as a 4 person death match. Arrows to move, Mouse clicks to use and change weapons, esc to show ui, Return to game to hide menu. Models and bug fixes to come Minimap by: .Talon


May 17, 2011 Alpha
Zerg text subject "Paczerg" has escaped from its confines and is eating the lab's data pellets! The four Ghosts on duty are out of ammo, but their shields will get them close enough to melee the specimen. Hang on, where are those shield disruptors?

Heroes Of Mind And Majikc(HOMM)

May 13, 2011 Alpha
Demo version of the demonstration version...

Super Paper Hydralisk

May 11, 2011 Beta
A jump and run game based on Super Paper Mario


May 08, 2011 Alpha
3 beta races. it needs some help with hero experience, balance and new units.
Custom Made Image

Helrals Random Dungeon Map

May 05, 2011 Alpha
forum thread: Helrals random dungeon map V0.10 available options: -dance = Zealot dance animation, when not fighting. -stop = Stops the current animation. hold the right mouse button to rotate the camera. you can use both WASD and mouse to move. (thx to rrowland for the library) if you stop moving near a zergling the zealot will automatically attack. Changes in v0.10: All the Assets are now in a Mod. Updated UI to 1.3 override method. Added Targeting system (top left dialog shows some target...
Space Points

Space Points

May 02, 2011 Alpha
This is a simple 2v2 map with custom resource handling. Several beacons on the map can be captured by moving any ground unit there. As long as a beacon is owned by a player, it will generate minerals or gas.

Echo One

Apr 19, 2011 Alpha
You are Echo One, a lone operative deployed to search the future streets of Moscow for a lab containing an artifact or archive of some sort. This urban war zone will be filled with enemies of varying type as well as a few allies. With the world on the brink of destruction, it is vital that you do not fail. Author's Comment: This is my first map ever created and I just wanted people's opinions about it. Expect it to be really buggy. You won't be able to understand the storyline because I'm...

First RPG Map

Apr 14, 2011 Beta
This is an incomplete RPG map. It has some problems. I think this map has great potential. I need help fixing them. I have a hero selection system and a quest system, but after two quests the third wont work.

Tychus beatiful journey

Mar 31, 2011 Alpha
Alpha version should i continue the map creating?