Map Overview

Thank You For the Venom (1v1)

May 19, 2010 Beta
Moderately sized island map with plenty of expansions and some hidden surpises for those adventurous to find and exploit them. High yield platforms in the middle provide valuable resources at great risk. And since both main bases are connected by land, there is a possibility of both land and air battles. Map Info: Players: 1v1 Tile Set: Zhakul'Das Jungle

[Cinematic Contest] Mini Battle cinematic

May 19, 2010 Release
Simple battle cinematic for the sc2 mapster contest

Marine Mania

May 18, 2010 Planning
This map is the follow-up of the map Footmen Chronicles, which was released about a year ago for Warcraft III: The frozen throne, which was a modded version of the better known Footmen Frenzy, which in turn was a modded version of Footmen Wars. It focuses on the main themes which those maps had, with greatly enhanced functionality and gameplay. Included in all this is, among other things: The classical hero-unit system, where a player may choose a hero, and upgradable units are continually...
Moonlight Valley

[2] Moonlight Valley

May 17, 2010 Release
Medium 1 vs. 1 map I made over the course of a few hours while I was learning where everything was in the editor. -Map Information- Tileset: Bel'Shir Dimensions: 128x128 Playable: 108x108 Natural Expansions Per Player: 1 Additional Expansions: 6 (2 are Rich Expansions blocked by rocks) Xel'Naga Towers: 2 (Near Rich Expansions) I hope you enjoy Moonlight Valley! (Also, if you find anything I should change, or any suggestions, feel free to comment!)
Current Layout

Phantom Reborn

May 16, 2010 Beta
Here's a remake of a Starcraft Classic: Phantom Reborn The Phantom(s) must use a mixture between stealth and deception to eliminate his enemies. Since I can't test the multiplayer capabilities and its kind of pointless to test it single player, the triggers haven't been tested yet. Once I can test online, the final release will be available soon after that.
(3v3) Elite Fastest v1.5 pic

(3v3) Elite Fastest

May 16, 2010 Release
An Epic 3v3 Melee battle North vs South (Allied at Start), Several Resources to get you started, Many locations to expand to as your base grows, Cliffs and ledges provide excellent strongholds and strategic advantages, a Gorgeously developed map that ensures that every battle will be more exciting and original than the one before. Who will win in a battle of PURE Strategy?

Triumvirate 2.0

May 16, 2010 Beta
My attempt at a remake of the two to three person map from the original StarCraft. Its a melee map where all players start on an island with 8 minerals and 2 vespean each. On the mainland there are 3 regular expansions (8 minerals and 2 vespean) as well as a rich expansion (10 rich minerals and 2 rich vespean) in the middle of some ruins. The map is designed to support both an air war as well as ground battles.
Ayre overview


May 15, 2010 Beta
Ayre is a regular 2v2 melee map with lots of flanking opportunities. High-risk rich minerals are available in the middle of the map. Middle area: Overview: I'm still very new to StarCraft 2 map creation, so if you have any feedback, please let me know!
(4)River of War

(4)River of War

May 14, 2010 Release
It is a 2v2 map, not very good, but it is the first and something has to start :) .

Melee - Survival Mode

May 14, 2010 Planning
Survival Mode This Enhanced Melee Mode is just like a normal 1v1. Except, you spawn with a Hero. The way to win is to kill the Enemies Leader. You get a small income of 50 Minerals, and 50 Vespene, (As of right now) and this may help you if you lose your base. The only way to lose, is to have your Hero die. This is the first of many "Enhanced" Melee Modes. Each race has a specific hero. . . Terran: Raynor Protoss: Zeratul Zerg: Azazel They each have abilities from their race. You must still...
Side View

Ride of Valkyries

May 14, 2010 Beta
My remake of Ride of Valkyries map from SC: BW
Pyroclasm Overview


May 14, 2010 Release
3 player melee map based on the Red Alert 3 map of the same name.
Editor View

Water Wheel

May 13, 2010 Beta
My first serious mapping project for Starcraft 2. This map is ideal for 4 player FFA, but also balanced for 1v1 and 2v2.

[2] War Torn

May 12, 2010 Release
this map is intended for 1v1 play, and features a battleground that was once an urban city, but now lies in ruins. Navigate the city streets and burning buildings to scavenge what resources you can. Heres a few in game shots.
Map Overview

Night Lights (1v1 Melee)

May 11, 2010 Beta
A fast paced 1v1 map with a similar rush distance to Steppes of War, filled with options of how to overcome your opponents. Do you go for the gold while leaving your natural exposed? Do you press down into the courtyard to keep your enemy from doing the same? Each game is unique!
Map Overview

Cleaver (1v1 Melee)

May 11, 2010 Release
Cleaver is a 1v1 melee map with similar size to blistering sands. The map features intense fights over territory, varying height levels, and a focus on unique gameplay spaces.
Involution (1v1)

Involution (1v1)

May 11, 2010 Beta
My first 1v1 map. I was trying to go for a map where players are always near each other. The rush could come at any time, with little or no warning. Whichever player has the better air-force will probably end up winning due to the extremely short distances between bases by air. I would appreciate any feedback, suggestions, critiques, comments,etc. Thanks guys! -Klaus1986 <Klaus.klaus> v.01 - beta release v.02 - fixed resource placement in center right
Map Overview

(6) Bay of Pigs

May 10, 2010 Release
Based off the Bay of Pigs map for Red Alert 2. Each base starts with one standard mineral/gas line, and two natural expansions with 60% as many resources each. Two additional high-yield zones found in the middle of the map are far from home and vulnerable. Xel'Naga towers provide a large tactical advantage which will create a highly contested battlefield as players strive for map control. Tall mountainous areas prevent units from flying far from land. Towers near the center of the map will be...
(4)The Starparty IV

(4)The Starparty IV

May 10, 2010 Beta
The Starparty remade for StarCraft II. Suggested Players: 2-4

Lunar Station

May 10, 2010 Release
A 1v1 melee map staged on Braxis Alpha. Your opponent is located right across from you, though unless you break the rocks you must go around the bend. Two Xel'Naga watchtowers in the center give added incentive to break the rocks.