Big Game Hunters

Big Game Hunters

May 25, 2010 Release
A port of the original Starcraft map for Starcraft 2. Nothing has been changed to make the map more friendly for the new units. I used the legacy map converter to get the basics into the map, then manually added the cliffs, water, and pathing. I had to move the resources around to make room for the larger starting buildings (5x5 instead of 4x3). The map is not exactly the same, but is pretty close.
Trench Warfare 2.0 Map

Trench Warfare 2.0

May 24, 2010 Beta
Remake of the hit classic that was popular on the SC1 servers. 3 player map where each team has 1 main base and 1 expansion base. The bases are separated by a maze of terrain. Field of vision is a must to have.
Volcanic Battleground Overview

(2) Volcanic Battleground

May 24, 2010 Release
Map for two players. Three path lead to the ennemy base and you have two yellow minerals spot to expand. -Number of Player: 2 -Type of map: Melee -Planet: Char

Killing Fields 2.0

May 24, 2010 Planning
This map was an original blizzard map from StarCraft. It has been modified and converted for use in SC2.

Starcraft Big Brawl (With special guest!)

May 24, 2010 Release
This is a melee map where you play as the Zerg. You, the Tal'darim, (Protoss) the UED and the Dominion all duke it out for dominance in a crowded temple on Aiur! The other players are allied against you, but you have some help in the form of special guest Larry the Hydralisk! If your base is under attack, he can save the day, and will also help you reduce the other three players to rubble! (You can't miss him: he's a big Hydralisk.)


May 22, 2010 Release
a map made from starcraft1 for starcraft2
(2) Impervious

(2) Impervious

May 21, 2010 Release
Impervious is a 1v1 macro oriented map. Players have the opportunity to easily gain control of their side of the map to secure expansions. Map Features Xel'Naga Towers can see each other - You know when you're being watched Two alternate paths of attack blocked by rocks Main path in a tight choke Your side of the map is relatively easy to control Destructible rock @ the natural choke that can be broken to widen the area (like (4) Othello in Brood War) LOS Blockers hiding the cliff expansion...
(4) Fighting Spirit v1.8 Top View

(4) Fighting Spirit

May 21, 2010 Release
A port of the classic (4) Fighting Spirit professional map revamped for Starcraft 2. Original BW version by 변종석. (Rose.of.Dream.) Map features Wall-able natural expansion (Same as BW) Cannot build on bridges, around center temple area, or lane between natural and third expansion (Same as BW) Center temple has two Rich Vespene Geysers and a total of 12 mineral patches (Similar to BW, you had two Geysers at that base)
Endymion's Aura

Endymion's Aura

May 21, 2010 Release
A High Level 1v1 Melee map for original strategies. One shared expo, difficult to defend.
Map overhead

Simplicity 2-4 player

May 21, 2010 Release
simple melee map for 2-4 players
Urban Point

Urban Point

May 20, 2010 Release
Medium sized 2v2 ladder map. Still undergoing trials.
Game Map

[Working Title] Minion Assault

May 20, 2010 Beta
Game has been updated to version 0.7.5 Introduction: As is the case with most projects coming out during the beta phase, this was mainly just a small goal I set for myself to help with learning the editor. What a process it's been.. it's incredible how difficult the most simple of tasks are, but the outcome is so insanely customizable it is completely worth the hassle. I've definitely lost more hair in the past few weeks than I have my entire life just trying to figure most of these things...

Tropical Ridge

May 20, 2010 Release
This map is my first try in Galaxy editor. It's a 2-person melee fight which takes place in a tropical island setting. Please download my map, show me my mistakes, show where improvements can be made and such. Thanks!
(8)Hidden Temple

(8)Hidden Temple

May 20, 2010 Release
An 8 player melee map, with a temple in the middle of Bel'shir Jungle. mostly designed for 4v4, FFA, or 4 teams of 2 players. It might be ok for 3v3, but maybe a little to big. My second sc2 map, and this time, I try to get it very symetrical ! I'm pretty statisfact of it, expect maybe that I find the area around the temple a bit too empty. Feel free to give some feedbacks. PS :If someone know why 2 of the start points are not shown in the global picture, please tell me ...
Map Overview

Thank You For the Venom (1v1)

May 19, 2010 Beta
Moderately sized island map with plenty of expansions and some hidden surpises for those adventurous to find and exploit them. High yield platforms in the middle provide valuable resources at great risk. And since both main bases are connected by land, there is a possibility of both land and air battles. Map Info: Players: 1v1 Tile Set: Zhakul'Das Jungle

[Cinematic Contest] Mini Battle cinematic

May 19, 2010 Release
Simple battle cinematic for the sc2 mapster contest

Marine Mania

May 18, 2010 Planning
This map is the follow-up of the map Footmen Chronicles, which was released about a year ago for Warcraft III: The frozen throne, which was a modded version of the better known Footmen Frenzy, which in turn was a modded version of Footmen Wars. It focuses on the main themes which those maps had, with greatly enhanced functionality and gameplay. Included in all this is, among other things: The classical hero-unit system, where a player may choose a hero, and upgradable units are continually...
Moonlight Valley

[2] Moonlight Valley

May 17, 2010 Release
Medium 1 vs. 1 map I made over the course of a few hours while I was learning where everything was in the editor. -Map Information- Tileset: Bel'Shir Dimensions: 128x128 Playable: 108x108 Natural Expansions Per Player: 1 Additional Expansions: 6 (2 are Rich Expansions blocked by rocks) Xel'Naga Towers: 2 (Near Rich Expansions) I hope you enjoy Moonlight Valley! (Also, if you find anything I should change, or any suggestions, feel free to comment!)
Current Layout

Phantom Reborn

May 16, 2010 Beta
Here's a remake of a Starcraft Classic: Phantom Reborn The Phantom(s) must use a mixture between stealth and deception to eliminate his enemies. Since I can't test the multiplayer capabilities and its kind of pointless to test it single player, the triggers haven't been tested yet. Once I can test online, the final release will be available soon after that.
(3v3) Elite Fastest v1.5 pic

(3v3) Elite Fastest

May 16, 2010 Release
An Epic 3v3 Melee battle North vs South (Allied at Start), Several Resources to get you started, Many locations to expand to as your base grows, Cliffs and ledges provide excellent strongholds and strategic advantages, a Gorgeously developed map that ensures that every battle will be more exciting and original than the one before. Who will win in a battle of PURE Strategy?