Zerg Assault Demo

Mar 10, 2012 Planning
You have to defend yourself against incoming waves of zergs. You can choose between 3 different classes and buy weapons, abilities and items. There is a total of 10 waves with a boss at wave 10. It is a cooperative game for up to 8 players. This is only a demo, i will add many other features including new classes,a lot of weapons, new abilities, upgrades, items and game mechanics.
ss 6

Project Zero

Mar 04, 2012 Release
Marine Frenzy: Choose 1 of 8 heroes with 1 of 4 roles. Buy mechanical units and upgrades to augment your troops and lead them to victory. Unleash Nukes on unsuspecting foes. - Several icons colored by myself.... - Voice recordings for the Nomad (themed after "The Changeling" episode from the original Star Trek) - Control several map positions to gain resources for upgrades and items.

Test of Survival: Under Siege

Feb 24, 2012 Release
2 - 6 players will attempt to hold out against unyielding masses of zerg and protoss. While each player is of course able to upgrade, so is the AI. If a player does not keep on top of upgrading armor, the AI will unmercifully overpower them. Objective: Destroy the AI before they destroy you. Enemy Surges: Every 3 Minutes AI Evolution: Every 3.5 Minutes AI Boss Fights: Every 4.5 Minutes Player kills against units will result in set mineral rewards, depending on the unit and a shared resource...
Top down view of terrain

Working Title Defense

Feb 13, 2012 Planning
First project of team Zug-zug. Have a lot of ideas but want to start small, get a playable alpha as soon as possible. (internal play test) Looking for trigger experts, Data guru's, Terrian enthusiasts play testers and anyone wanting to help. The plan is to have a clean ui, with a clean way to choose your hero and purchase items. Currently completed - Terrian is completed and waiting for play testing - Place Holders for towers/barrack/HQ created. - Jungle set up and creep placement

Aftermath of the Overmind (Beta)

Jan 03, 2012 Alpha
A mixture of a 3rd person map and an RPG. Testing.
Load screen

Squad Support DeP

Dec 27, 2011 Release
Maximum of 7 players. One player (the base commander) builds and expands melee-style while the other players support/defend him with a few units each in order to defeat a large Zerg group. Available squads include Defense, Support, Tanker, Stealth, Artillery, Infantry, and Versatility. Map A is the original, a fairly small-sized map. Map B is a larger map with less linearity. Map C is about the same size as Map B. All three maps are unique, so if you like one, try the others. All of these...

Fury Under the Stars

Dec 15, 2011 Release
It's a 3v3v3 style with 18 heroes. Each Hero has unique abilities that work well with their corresponding faction. Each faction gets an army. The players are in complete control of the computers economy/upgrades/units that are spawned. Your Hero units gain gold from kills and you create workers with gold to mine minerals. They also get 1 ability point to upgrade each level, 2 attribute points, and 2 spawn tokens. Use the spawn tokens to increase the units coming out of the spawn buildings....

Special Forces

Dec 13, 2011 Planning
its like special forcesin other versions but with a little twist to it.

War of Duality (WoD)

Nov 22, 2011 Beta
War of Duality Note: All subjects seen here are what our end goal is at the moment, and none of them represent our current project state. The current project state will be detailed in a later, clearly marked section. Concept In pursuit of competitive gameplay style, War of Duality takes the basic Blizzard melee tech trees, and adds to it. As any Starcraft 2 player knows, a 1v1 in Starcraft is as much a game of quick wits and strategy as it is efficient spending and correct decision making....

Battle to the Finish

Nov 22, 2011 Release
Use heros to battle your way through lines of hostile units to reach the end of the track. You can also upgrade and buy more units to aid you in your battle to the finish. More bosses coming soon. Currently not my priority as I am working to finish WoD. SimCity Ideas Link War of Duality (WoD): A Competitive Melee Game with Heroes SimCity for StarCraft II Project Link
Spank My Kerrigan!

Black & White - Pet Kerrigan

Nov 05, 2011 Release
This map is just like using the creature in "Black & White." That combined with a tower defense style game play. Months were spent working out the AI to a point where it's rather enjoyable to play with her. Teaching Kerrigan how to help you defend the base is crucial to surviving as long as you can. If she does something wrong, discipline her. If she does good, reward her. Also she won't do anything unless she sees you do it first. Then she will copy you. If you love Black & White, you'll...

Immortal: SCI-FI Evolution

Nov 04, 2011 Beta
In this map you will have the ability to control a hero, run around and pretty much do as you please. The map is currently in beta version 1.4 Video made by Taintedwisp/IShadowWolf The map has a few key features... The Randoms - Almost every aspect of the game is randomly generated. All civilians walk around pretty much aimlessly, but some randomly create a structure near them. There's also a merchant, school, college, and a company that are all also randomly placed on the map. Night and Day...

Death Valley DOTA

Oct 26, 2011 Planning
This map is still in Alpha stages and I am in need of Testers, Trigger Experts, and Map Designers, and Hero Developers. I have the Skeleton created and some triggers implemented for the AI. Credits will be given to those who help on all future Updates of this map.

Aiur protection

Oct 02, 2011 Planning
save the Auir from the zerg

Undead Apocalypse

Sep 27, 2011 Planning
After the zombie apocalypse a squad is sent to investigate an infested city,but things go wrong,very very wrong. The zombies have risen and are after all the humans can you survive?
Project RUST

Project RUST

Sep 24, 2011 Release
Project RUST is a team oriented 6v6 death match set in a randomly generated maze. You control a single gladiator that you select at the beginning of each round. There are currently a total of 18 unique gladiators that interact with each other in different ways, some Gladiators counters others. All of the gladiators and their abilities are explained in detail in the game's help menu. The object is to reach the round's score limit, which is 50 by default but may be voted to be 25 or 50 points....

Death Haven v2

Sep 22, 2011 Alpha
I have updated the original map Death Haven. Look for it on Starcraft under Death Haven v2 US only Current Changes: - New hero called Marauder (only available at 10k kills) - Voice overs on all cutscenes - SCV for base repairs aswell as base defenses In Progress: - New character selection - New hero based on poll - New map layout Been put on hold as im trying to get my Diablo map finished
Veri's Hero defence

Veri's Hero defence

Sep 16, 2011 Planning
A remake of Enfo defence from warcraft 3. Right now its only a 2 vs 2 mode but i think i will expand that later. Im currently working on this myself, i have only managed to do the waves and terrain, so the map wont be out lately. I would love if someone would support or help me with the project. Hope you guys can understand my bad english.

The Secret Escape

Sep 14, 2011 Release
"Make your way to safety through hordes of hellish monsters. Destroy your foes with different kinds of missile spells. Drop pallisades and explosives to create deadly bottlenecks to your advantage - but conserve your energy." - This is a project I started on this autumn. It features some custom button images, custom minimap image, Diablo-inspired combat (with custom left-click missiles) with mouseover heatlh bars and more. Basically, the general gameplay is heavily insipred by Left 4 Dead, as...

Zombie Rising

Sep 12, 2011 Planning
The zombies rise on the forest planet of Azar find the source of the zombies and destroy it!