Darkest Days MOBA

Mar 08, 2015 Planning
Lore - Scientists have found a hidden gateway to an evil world. This includes things such as trecherous creatures, powerful protaganists, evil entities and other beings. These beings have been called Heros or Champions and have entered into this one world to fight to the death to destroy each others altars. Gameplay - If you haven't played any MOBAs before then here is the simplistic idea of how its played: There are 2 teams each with 5 players and they must destroy each others towers until...

Desert Tankbattle

Feb 05, 2014 Beta
This map is a freely interpreted remake of the WC3 Battletanks/Battleships maps. It uses game elements and features of both maps and adds new ones (like the Zerg). Two teams of heroes fight against each other at a huge map, where two armys battle one another. One of the core mechanics is the weapon Autofire - like in the old Warcraft 3 times (phoenix fire). This map is currently still in developement and therefore flagged as BETA. You can find the map in Battlenet as "Desert Tankbattle BETA"....

Dungeon Runners RPG

Dec 07, 2013 Release
Dungeon Runners RPG In this RPG players do not run around doing quests, finding chickens, killing a wolf, ect. This RPG is based strictly on running dungeons. Teamwork being the most important aspect; the game can be played solo also. Read on for some good information. The Story You awaken in a strange cave with no memory of who you are or where you came from. The few people who are here are a little loopy and don't tell you much. In this cave, there are shadows making shapes on the... err......

Death Avenue

May 17, 2013 Planning
Just a test map. First time map maker here.
Zerg Icon

Dodge the Zerg

Sep 30, 2012 Mature
A 1-8 player dodging game In the future there will be points to spend on 10 different perks every 30 score, 3 more challenges, achievements, and multiplayer rank
Crash landing site

Deadlands RPG: Valhalla

Jan 31, 2012 Beta
After a large zerg invasion, many nuclear bombs were dropped in an attempt to cleanse the planet. The survivors of the war gathered together in an abandoned outpost to rebuild and restore law and order to the lands. Hostile Factions known as the Bloodstorm Rogues and the Tal'darim Rebels attack the outpost in hopes of eliminating Captain Reznor the leader of the Outpost. Your ship is attacked by a rogue fleet and has crash landed nearby. A rescue team from the Outpost finds you at the crash...


Mar 28, 2011 Planning
Its called DukeCraft, and the game will have only 1 active unit, which is Duke Nukem and they will all look identical in the fashion of Duke Nukem 64/3D. The idea is a Duke Nukem RTS, its so awesome you already dig it. So help me :( lol. I have help requests at the bottom!. --- Setting: The map will be a remake of the Red Light District (level 2 on 64/3D) Spawning: A time machine driven by Duke Nukem will steal copies of himself from different time periods, and spawn them close by (using the...

Defense of the 4 Ancient Kingdoms

Oct 08, 2010 Release
2010 18 Sept (revised 2011 14th August 8 players from 4 factions battle for dominance on a newly terraformed planet! This is a 4 faction DOTA like map that's capable of 4v4, 1v1v1v1, 2v2v2v2, and other player modes. Third person mode (with WASD) and Default game view modes supported (lock/unlock camera). Optional questing areas for each faction that award a lot of experience and money early in the game (and eventually unlock world bosses). 9 balanced heroes with RPG style gameplay. 6-7...

dooms day

Sep 26, 2010 Planning
a nice fun hero defense game.


Aug 31, 2010 Planning
This map is a fast pace FPS. The ability's I have put in it already are.. -FPS/slight tps mode..It will have the usual commands, right click to zoom, Q & E to switch between weapons -Map changing- This one is still buggy but it will switch to a new map depending on votes -Slightly edited characters, This game features guns and swords, both similar in the way they work -Perfected aiming, also the bullets are binded to come from the unit, so it wont look awkward shooting from the camera when...


Aug 18, 2010 Beta
Teamliquid thread that nobody ever posted in: This is a shooter game developed entirely by me, using the map made by irninja. Right now its just 1player, but I can copy/paste essentially to create more. Since I haven't had anybody to test the map with me, I did not bother to do that copy/pasting for more players because I can't be sure that it'll work unless I get people to play it. I was going to enter this into Blizzard's...

DragonBall Z

Aug 01, 2010 Planning
Dbz - battle to survive is movie story . upgrade`s , transform , and much moree.