Time of War II

Feb 18, 2015 Alpha
Introduction: This is my first serious map project for StarCraft II. I've always enjoyed the campaign aspect of StarCraft and have played through both the Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm campaigns several times. I therefore decided it was time to create my own. 12 years ago together with friends we created a campaign for StarCraft 1 Now is the time to continue our work :) Features: Time War II is a story that is not associated with the orginal starcraft campaign, there is nothing to...

My Nightmare of Stars

Feb 06, 2015 Alpha
Hi folk! Finally I’m making this post. In the last year I wanted to show my project, but there wasn’t much to reveal. After hours and hours spent programming all the aspect of the game (mod), finally I can show you some good stuff. HOW IT BORN === You may already know FTL: Faster Then Light, an indie game that came out about three years ago. When I played it, I got really impressed and I wanted to make a Starcraft 2 mod inspired to it. Unfortunately, I wasn’t good at scripting as I’m now, so...

Aureolin Eclipse

Feb 05, 2015 Alpha
AUREOLIN ECLIPSE What is this? "Aureolin Eclipse" is the final chapter in my campaign trilogy, following "Crimson Moon" and "Amber Sun". Finish the story over 10 missions. Gameplay variants Defend laser cannons to combat incoming leviathans. Fight two bosses at once and take advantage of their slow reaction time to defeat them. Gain tactical control of nuke towers to destroy the enemy. Rescue prisoners in a well-guarded penitentiary. Pilot a fast-moving thor to destroy a heavy banshee. Gather...

Emergence Xeyed Campaign

Feb 03, 2015 Alpha
The Xeyed are a creation of Umojan scientists that eventually proved to be too dangerous to contain. The Umojans attempted to exterminate all of the Xeyed, but a xeyed agent, Cazlazc, escaped to a distant planet with several Scavengers(Miner/Builder unit) with the genetic plans for every xeyed strain created stored in it's mind. The first mission begins with you on planet Clyvan, as you rebuild and make contact with hostile tribalists. Please note that I don't have a whole lot of time, so...

Viacre - Chapter 02 [Another World]

Sep 27, 2014 Alpha
STILL UNDER DEVELOPMENT* - You can check the development history and progress through the "Images" Section. - .... The Viacre.... Visited the underworld.... Visited the dead world... Visited the horror world... Visit.... The world above... Open... The path.... To the other world.... To open... The door..... ... To Another World.... You were weak before.... But you changed... You overcame your weakness... You went to the world above... You are weak no more.... You can fight... You can...

SC2 - Ultimate (Mod)

Sep 19, 2014 Alpha
Search for "Ultimate" in mods on Battle.Net (Americas & South East Asia) Notable features You may submit a Ticket if you wish to provide feedback or ideas! :) StarCraft 2 Ultimate is intended as an extension mod that can be applied to any melee map. It can also be used as a functioning dependency for other maps if you wish. My goal is to include most campaign units, most StarCraft 1 & Brood War units, and many of the various upgrade and strain choices you see in WoL and HoTS. As well as those...
Fire and Sand Editor Shot

SBC Alpha (Fire and Sand)

Sep 18, 2014 Alpha
An alpha release for testing of the map Fire and Sand. note: This version is not intended for public release, and is only posted for testing. Thank you. Zip file includes the Map and Starbow Mod version 1.9 and Asset Mod file 1.7 Instructions contained within the Zip file. Thank you. Please post your findings, such as exploits, errors, difficulty issues, or anything you'd like to say. Thread is here:...

Twilight Reckoning (Protoss Campaign)

Aug 17, 2014 Alpha
NOTE: Although missions 1 & 2 are released, this Campaign is a work in progress. As such, the missions are not yet linked, and I haven't put in the mission selector. Current status: 80% complete. Description A 5-mission Protoss campaign based on the events in Enslavers: Dark Vengeance. The campaign begins with Zeratul's warband conducting a routine recovery operation on Aiur. Ulrezaj will feature as the primary antagonist. Expect relatively high-quality terrain. Feedback is welcome! Requires...
Boss Fight

Heroes III Of Might And Magic v. 0.01 Alpha

Jan 30, 2014 Alpha
Please tell me what do you think about the map


Nov 11, 2013 Alpha
This is a demo for my a new map "The Escape" , I have been influenced by the character switching in GTA 5 and its a easy puzzle game. Please leave a comment if you play my map.


Feb 28, 2013 Alpha
This is the campaign project page for the SCII RS Beta mod: FIRST CAMPAIGN MISSION LIVE ON BATTLENET FOR BETA TEST!! FIRST MISSION VIDEO: → Currently on normal difficulty, no research/bank system implemented. There's a prelude map on the works. Mostly a tutorial and a showoff the campaign. Any feedback's welcome!! MAP NAME: SHADOWGUARD Mission I: Routine Job CREDITS TO: Special Thanks to GhostNova91 for the models provided, SoulFilcher for the...
M1 - Terrain

Exodus - SC 2 Co-op Campaign

Feb 27, 2013 Alpha
Exodus Starcraft 2 Cooperative Campaign A quick brief Raynor and Fenix had chosen to stay in the Protoss homeworld deteriorated by the devastation of the Zerg invasion. As the Executor of the remaining Protoss forces and the commander of the Hyperion, Is your responsibility to extract from Aiur as much Protosses as possible. Mission 1: "The other side": Open Beta. Link in US SERVER: starcraft://map/1/206794 . Link in EU SERVER: starcraft://map/2/147481 Mission 2: "Power down": Down from the...

Random Units

Aug 18, 2012 Alpha
I make random units, Test them, And place them for download. If anyone wants to help, PM me.

Animus Changeling RPG

Mar 22, 2012 Alpha
You are a changeling from a small brood of Zerg that was just getting settled on a random planet. The Protoss noticed you and, paranoid after the loss of Aiur, took you out immediately. One overseer however, had been scouting. Though doomed by Photon Cannons, the overseer gave birth to a Changeling before his death. Now you are all that's left. Master the art of shapeshifting and wipe out the Protoss (and Terran) forces on the planet. Avenge your brood! You learn to shapeshift as almost every...
Proditor Miniature

The Proditor Campaign

Jan 08, 2012 Alpha
THE PLOT "The year 2500 is the year that made history as the year of the zerg invasion of the planet Aiur. Meet the fate of the biggest traitor to the protoss race and see what is the price of honor and dignity." Campaign events of "The Proditor" are happening in parallel to the events of the final phase of the protoss campaign "The Fallen" - the third Starcraft campaign - as well as in certain passages refer to the story of 'Brood War' or even to 'Starcraft II Wings of Liberty'. It is a...

Aftermath of the Overmind (Beta)

Jan 03, 2012 Alpha
A mixture of a 3rd person map and an RPG. Testing.

Birth of a Swarm (campaign)

Jul 28, 2011 Alpha
Birth of a Swarm (campaign) This is a small WIP campaign that I made. I saw the campaign initiative thread/map collection and thought I'd upload an early version. This map is kind of an experiment. It is designed mainly to teach players how to play zerg in general. In these maps you will need to expand and/or harras the enemy if you want to survive (at least on brutal). One major difference between this and the normal liberty campaign is that the AI never cheats. Their economy can be hurt...

StarCraft Universe

Jul 15, 2011 Alpha
Project Thread: While we don't mind comments here, if you're wanting to discuss things the thread is the more appropriate place for it. Forums & Website: This is where the bulk of our information will be released first. StarCraft Universe FAQ: "What is this, I don't even. . ." this is for you. We try to answer some of the more important questions that people are asking. Facebook: Because you know you're all just a bunch of creepers ;P YouTube Channel: Any and all videos we release will be...

FringeworldColonizationProject (FCP)

Jun 18, 2011 Alpha
FringeworldColonizationProject (FCP) On their way to a new planet the FringeworldColonizationProject-Ships were attacked by pirates. The ships made an emergency landing on an uncharted world. Planned Features: No Units popping out of barracks, 1 Colonist = 1 Marine, 0 Colonists = 0 Units 2 special units for each Mission (Different ways to solve main and bonus objectives) Managing food, water, and energy supply Trading/Fighting with other factions

Heroes Of Mind And Majikc(HOMM)

May 13, 2011 Alpha
Demo version of the demonstration version...