Geraldus Rose

Perfect Soldiers

Apr 30, 2016 Release
PERFECT SOLDIERS News: the nuke bug has now been fixed. "Perfect Soldiers" is a 30-mission trilogy campaign consisting of 3 parts: Crimson Moon, Amber Sun and Aureolin Eclipse. The campaigns were not designed with sequels in mind, and yet sequels they acquired anyway, and now they're all gathered here together so that players can easily access them at the same place. At the time of writing, this is an incomplete project. Crimson Moon and Amber Sun are done and ready to play, but Aureolin...

Legacy of the Heart of Liberty

Apr 30, 2016 Release
(Please comment feedback and ideas for future missions! It is very appreciated :) ) The Legacy of the Heart of Liberty campaign is a parody/crossover of two popular RTS, StarCraft and Command & Conquer. It also involves three parodied races based off of the GDI, Brotherhood of Nod, and Scrin factions of C&C. Each campaign is five missions long and is paralleled with the others, but isn't exactly in the same timeline. Each race has an almighty Titan Unit that it can summon. The Titan is so...
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[Campaign] Unification of Purifiers

Apr 27, 2016 Release
Support If you want to support this campaign, you're able to donate any amount by clicking the button on the right top corner of the page. Introduction Unification of Purifiers is a campaign created by me (CybrosX) for Starcraft 2 LoTV. Cybros is under threat. After Endion was cleansed of life, unknown signals have received purifiers on Cybros. Executor Coros has sent a team of Purifiers to explore these mysterious locations that somehow survived the planet’s destruction. You must find out...
Hammer of Dawn - Cover

The Hammer of Dawn - [Campaign]

Apr 27, 2016 Release
Introduction This is my 2nd project for StarCraft II. I've really enjoyed the story campaign of StarCraft and have played through all three. Terran the Wings of Liberty, Zerg Heart of the Swarm and Protoss Legacy of the Void, along with many different custom campaigns made by fellow mapster. Story Kyra Han is the only survivor of Mar Sara Colony massacre, all because the Terran and the Protoss military force greatly demise from previous conflicts making many of their colony have to rely on a...
Thoughts in Chaos

The Antioch Chronicles: Thoughts in Chaos

Apr 20, 2016 Release
Thoughts in Chaos Team Antioch is proud to announce that we have begun work on The Antioch Chronicles: Episode 3. It took us some time to decide to take the dive into completing this famous piece of work, but we have already made great strides into completing it, with a complete script, several functional maps, and a nearly complete mod for it. We have taken elements of the script released by Auspex Studios after the cancellation of the project, but as we don’t intend to continue past Episode...
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Custom Campaign Initiative

Apr 19, 2016 Release
Custom Campaign Initiative Welcome to The Custom Campaign Initiative. The CCI is a centralization of authors, projects, fans, supporters and tools of campaigns that are intended to mimic the Blizzard single-player campaign format. If you are interested in becoming a part of the CCI or knowing more about it please click here. There are a lot of campaigns available on the CCI. However, it takes a long time and a lot of willpower to complete a custom campaign. A lot of them are being worked on...
StarCraft II: Annihilation

StarCraft II: Annihilation Campaign

Apr 18, 2016 Release
Current Status: Mission 15 "Entrance Into Risk" has just been released. Leave your feedback at my main Map Thread. Introduction: This is my first serious map project for StarCraft II. I've always enjoyed the campaign aspect of StarCraft and have played through both the Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm campaigns several times, along with a multitude of different campaigns made by the public. I therefore decided it was time to create my own. "Annihilation" is a 24 mission campaign with...
Marauders Main

Marauders! The Campaign

Apr 16, 2016 Release
NEWEST EDITION: TEACH ME HOW TO JERK. 4/10/2016 I accidentally a trigger a couple days ago with the newest map. Now fixed. My apologies. Marauders! Marauders! is a collection of single player scenarios focusing on varied ideas and elements. The campaign is constantly evolving and you may notice some large changes to existing units and factions as it progresses. The theme is lighthearted nonsense. Do not take anything seriously. Why? Because reasons. Visit a page for short descriptions of each...

Hand of Humanity (Campaign)

Apr 15, 2016 Release
This Terran / Zerg single player campaign has 25 missions. Campaign focuses on classic build & destroy missions and offers player freedom to use many types of units and strategies with 6 difficulty levels. All units and structures are modified. Campaign contains lot of units that are familiar from Blizzard campaigns and even some new units. Story advances on loading screens of each mission. Let's play videos: made by DeltronLive and JayborinoPlays How to play? Singleplayer campaigns require...

Starcraft 2: Odyssey Campaign

Apr 02, 2016 Release
Warning: All missions have been improved overall, mostly in the cutscenes. Introduction Odyssey is my first attempt at creating a Starcraft 2 project consisting of a multi-act campaign set in the Kardyan Quadrant... far away from the Koprulu Sector. Played from the Terran point of view of Captain Jared Harsh of the Marine Ground Forces: Hell's Rejects, Act I focuses on his struggles throughout the battle-scorned planet Duros III. Featuring high-quality terraining with some decent writing...

Shadow of the Brood [Campaign]

Mar 26, 2016 Release
Introduction Shadow of the Brood is a 10 mission Zerg campaign about Radgar and his hunt for essence and effort to bring broodmother Kelysa back. The Broodmother Kelysa was killed by Amon's hybrids while they was trying to control zerg minds, she denied. Radgar was created from the essence of the Broodmother Kelysa. He was the only one who escaped. He thought he's alone, but that's not a of the Kelysa's evolution masters will join him soon! How to install Create folder called HotB...
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Starcraft: Revolution

Mar 25, 2016 Release
For over 2,000 years, the Ministry of Darkness has ruled over the galaxy. You, the leader of the Black Hearts, decide to rebel and attempt to destroy the Ministry of Darkness. Mission Status: M1: Released M2: Planning M3: Planning M4: Planning M5: Planning M6: Planning M7: Planning M8: Planning M9: Planning M10: Planning
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Legacy of Liberty (Campaign)

Mar 17, 2016 Release
Legacy of Liberty This is the Legacy of Liberty (or lol) campaign, a parody campaign which doesn't take itself seriously and focuses heavily on game mechanics and not so much on the story or terrain. One nice feature of this campaign is the map mechanics. Each map is entirely different in the way that it plays, so much so, in fact, that each level requires its own data editing, like an arcade map. As a result, the campaign has no mod file, so it's easily installed. Just download the campaign...

Path of the Damned

Mar 16, 2016 Release
Introduction: This is my first serious map project for StarCraft II. I've always enjoyed the campaign aspect of StarCraft and have played through all of Blizzards campaigns several times, along with a multitude of different campaigns made by the public. "Path of the Damned" is a remake of Blizzards Warcraft 3 undead campaign, converted into Starcraft world using basic units, tho with a twist! It includes 7 missions which mean that I decided to skip the first "no base" map and instead made a...
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A Silent Scream - Custom Campaign

Mar 11, 2016 Release
Intro A Silent Scream is my first custom campaign. My nickname is IeZaeL , you might know me as the creator of some famous melee maps , such as Coda , that stayed in ladder for over 2 seasons and got played at Blizzcon 2015. Lately I lost passion putting hours of thoughts into a map layout only to find out it will never work, so I started creating a short adventure following the character of Ma'lash, a character that I really liked even though he did not really have a whole lot of story...
Prime Resurgence

Prime Resurgence v2.2

Feb 27, 2016 Release
Welcome to Prime Resurgence. This is a 5-mission Terran campaign based on the final events in Brood War. The campaign begins with Kerrigan's assault on the UED capitol on Korhal. As captain of the UED forces, your objectives are to contain the situation and regain the initiative in the Brood War. The campaign will culminate in a final showdown with both the Swarm and the Dominion. You will take command of exciting new units, fight in unpredictable conditions, and still have time to gaze...
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Feb 24, 2016 Release
This Campaign aims to create an indeterminate quantity of levels based on the Hybrid and their story after the events of Legacy of the Void. The Campaign is a project directly supported and produced by the community with each level being built by a different map designer. This first mission acts as a demonstration of what we hope to accomplish. The second level is currently being worked on and we hope to expand and work towards more ambitious goals in the future, so stay tuned. Credits:...


Feb 06, 2016 Release
STARCRAFT: PANDORA A custom campaign for Starcraft 2, Follow the crew upon the WASP as they undertake dangerous mission for the Chronos Corporation ink. Map feedback Please leave map feedback here: Story The Corporation known as Chronos has hired the infamous Richard King to locate a certain artifact for their CEO known as "The Collector". After have searched the sector for two years, the now...
Kokiri Forest Area

Kokiri Forest Area

Jan 18, 2016 Release
Based on the Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time. Areas covered: Kokiri Forest; Lost Woods Custom models imported from various sources. Credits go to: Blizzard Entertainment; "printIn" for Blender m3addon; "Jeromnimo" for WoW model viewer and its m3 exporter; Thomas Glamsch for Blender MDL importer; "Zerox" from the Hive Workshop for The Great Deku Tree model Users are free to modify this map for adding/customizing game modes, I only request credits for the Kokiri Houses, Kokiri Tunnels, and the...
Enslavers Redux Logo

Starcraft: Enslavers Redux

Jan 03, 2016 Release
Starcraft: Enslavers Redux Description Enslavers Redux is a multi-episode campaign remake/reboot based off of the original Enslavers and Dark Vengeance custom campaigns for Starcraft 1 and using the actual lore of Starcraft to help bridge the gap between episodes. It features the following: 30 Missions across 3 campaigns (6 per ep canon, 9 total per ep, +3 epilogue missions) with unique A and B canon arcs depending on the choices you make (Please Note: Episode I and II are currently available...