Xeyed Units Preview

Xeyed Custom Race | Cyclone Jungle (Please give feedback!)

Jun 19, 2015 Release
Here I will release new versions of my map containing my custom race called Xeyed. Here I would appreciate it if fellow mapsters would give me feedback. Still NO feedback has gotten back to me, that was the entire point of posting this map.
Map prototype

Oblivion Descends

Jun 09, 2015 Planning
background story Somewhere in the void the Xel'naga are hatching a diabolical plan.... Ignorant to the impending oblivion the Protoss and Zerg fight, because they can. (did'nt see that coming?) The golden armada descends upon Auir. Poised to reclaim his home world; Artanis, heir-arch of the remaining Protoss forces, leads the assault against the Zerg Swarm. Distracted by the approaching threat, the young Overmind retaliates by bringing the majority of the Zerg presence on Auir to meet...
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Hero Survival J

May 23, 2015 Beta
battlenet://starcraft/map/1/253683 5 player coop hero survival. each hero has 4 unique active abilities that have 4 upgrade stages. one of these abilities is an "ult" and one passive ability. (QWER style) players must work together to use their hero's strengths and weaknesses to support one another. players gain resources by killing enemy units, which attack in waves. the ultimate ability can only be unlocked with minerals, this resource is only gained upon completion of a boss wave. these...
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May 21, 2015 Release
battlenet://starcraft/map/1/246261 do vs 2 ai just u.. leave a review or note me

Queen Survival

Apr 10, 2015 Release
QUEEN SURVIVAL The Queen of Blades is gone and the remaining Swarmqueens are too weak to lead the swarm. 4 Queens decided to revive the Overmind! A cooperative survival map for up to 4 players: EU: battlenet://starcraft/map/2/171473 NA: battlenet://starcraft/map/1/245600 KR: battlenet://starcraft/map/3/89391 SEA: battlenet://starcraft/map/6/22760 Paypal Goals and how to win - A lot of creep by placing tumors all over the map - A lot of Vespene by building alot of extractors - A lot of DNA by...
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Warcraft 3 Unit Tester

Apr 10, 2015 Inactive
In this map you can create all warcraft 3 units, which are available since patch 2.1.9. Thanks to Blizzard and Renee for warcraft 3 assets and mods. Current features: Filter units by type: all, hero, item, unit, structure, destructible, projectile. Create units of selected unit name. Create units for player, neutral and hostile. Supports up to 14 players (have not tested yet). Create all units at once (almost 2k units). Create units at random point, at point of view, at point on grid. You can...

Warcraft 3 as RTS

Mar 29, 2015 Inactive
This warcraft project is started because I would like to creat warcraft 3 as normal RTS game(no heroes in melee match). I like warcraft 3 as RTS with heroes, but I always would like to creat a version that are not include heroes. This mod also includes the Warcraft 3 Heroes, that can be played in my Universe of Starcraft and Universe of Warcraft Battle Grounds. 2015 03 30: Update section created to show previous updates.
Vast Expanses

Vast Expanses

Mar 19, 2015 Release
(Standard card for battle)...

Darkest Days MOBA

Mar 08, 2015 Inactive
Lore - Scientists have found a hidden gateway to an evil world. This includes things such as trecherous creatures, powerful protaganists, evil entities and other beings. These beings have been called Heros or Champions and have entered into this one world to fight to the death to destroy each others altars. Gameplay - If you haven't played any MOBAs before then here is the simplistic idea of how its played: There are 2 teams each with 5 players and they must destroy each others towers until...
Map View 1

Strike on Aranos

Feb 17, 2015 Inactive
Strike on Aranos This is an ongoing project I started in late January 2015. Map View Early Thinking In mid-January I came up with an idea for a map which was pretty similar to my most successful map "Age of Heroes". I thought it was finally time to start a similar, yet fresh project with more content than its predecessor. Brainstorming was done for a couple of weeks and the project started on January 25th 2015. Concept There are two factions on this map, the Terrans and the Protoss. Each...
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Age of Heroes

Feb 13, 2015 Release
Age of Heroes This is a map I created back in 2013 but I figured I would post some details about the map on this website, as it became slightly popular on the EU server. EU map link: battlenet://starcraft/map/2/145955 US map link: battlenet://starcraft/map/1/211630 The above links will launch the game and send you directly to the map. Planning The idea behind the map was to create something that resembled a classic Multiplay Online Battle Arena (MOBA) like League of Legend or DotA. I wanted...
Pew pew die!

ZombieCraft 0.2a

Feb 08, 2015 Release
Sup guys. This is a sandbox style map, it contains a lot of all new models of units and buildings. There is no goal - just kill zombies, orcs or bosses, get money, train units. Also you can change weather, day time, night time, fog, orc or/and zombie spawn. Open imported files - there are lots of new units and buildings that i have not used. This is just a second test of my map, its really really raw.

Nexus Wars Pro

Feb 04, 2015 Release
Hi, I'm JohnPhobia, one of the developers for Nexus Wars Pro. Nexus Wars Pro is a split-off version of Lilman's Nexus Wars arcade map. This version of the map takes a path different from the original. Much needed balances and new features are implemented. The map caters to veterans of the original and want changes that are long sought for by the community. This map takes in account the feedback from the NWTeamFighting group/ladder players. The map is available in Europe and the Americas.

Emergence Xeyed Campaign

Feb 03, 2015 Inactive
The Xeyed are a creation of Umojan scientists that eventually proved to be too dangerous to contain. The Umojans attempted to exterminate all of the Xeyed, but a xeyed agent, Cazlazc, escaped to a distant planet with several Scavengers(Miner/Builder unit) with the genetic plans for every xeyed strain created stored in it's mind. The first mission begins with you on planet Clyvan, as you rebuild and make contact with hostile tribalists. Please note that I don't have a whole lot of time, so...

Lost Temple 97

Jan 30, 2015 Inactive
Lost Temple 97 is the revision Warcraft classic map Lost Temple, roughly the change: 1 each ordinary units added a talent; 2 strengthen hero skills; 3 adds new game modes.
Agent of the Swarm

Queen of Blades (Agent of the Swarm)

Dec 17, 2014 Release
This is the "Agent of the Swarm" mission in Starcraft 1 as it really happened, as told in the novelization of the Zerg campaign by Aaron Rosenberg.
Battle Station

Terran Moon Base Lockdown

Dec 12, 2014 Beta
Terran Moon Base Lockdown Description This is a Large Fortress Base defense map. It is up to Jim Raynor and his band of rebels to protect the moon base from the dark protoss. Swann is a expert at machinery he can build Generators and Turrets to help protect the base and repair them as well. Map Info Hero Base Defense How to Win Survive against the Dark Protoss How to play Basic Instructions Setup Defense and Protect the Base Complete the Loki Battlecruiser Advance Instructions MULEs don't die...
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BattleCraft Ultimate

Dec 11, 2014 Release
Push spawned attackers toward the enemy side to destroy their life crystal while protecting your own. Pick the right units over your enemy to push through your enemy's attackers. Recommended players :: 2 :: [1v1] (or) 4 [2v2] [ All Units, Unique Base, Achievements, Ranking ] [ UniqueArmies, Abilities, Heroes, Towers ] Currently this map works fine on EU servers : battlecraft Zero and battlecraft Ultimate (1 lane) ps. most people do not survive vs the A.i.
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battlecraft Master

Dec 06, 2014 Release
This is a full length battlefield i need somene to make the pylon have an acnhored spawn point in it. so it can have a moving unit portal when u loook at the map ull see its going to be radiant (check battlecraft ultimate) involving income mass units upgrade timers leader board and the like pylons that can lift off and move. battlecraft Master a clash between time portals check out the map tileset for open design teams halo art full...
Warrior Statue

Protoss Temple Survival

Nov 15, 2014 Release
Protoss Temple Survival is a Single player RTS Hero Survival Map. You are the Protoss and you must survive against the Hybrid Army and Defeat the Hybrid Boss at the End to Win. Your under constant attack and every 5 minutes the attack wave will get stronger and at 25 minutes the Hybrid Boss will come out. Use Zeratul to protect your base against the early swarm waves while you build up your temple base and army. The Hybrid Boss is Invincible only the Judicator can defeat him.