Barrowfen Marsh - Whole Map

Barrowfen Marsh

Apr 20, 2014 Release
My third map created for SC2. Desiring to create a more natural and 'untainted' environment, I decided to create a strange, alien and forboding rain-slick Swamp. Designed in honor and appreciation of one of the most favorite environments in any game I've ever played (Zangarmarsh, from WoW), the Barrowfen Marsh is a harrowing endless Swamp where the constant undulating rainfall and choir of the Fen Stalkers may be your only companion before the deep waters claim you. * 4 Player Map Primarily...
Vhun Wilderness Preserve - Whole Map

Vhun Wilderness Preserve

Apr 20, 2014 Release
A large team-play focused map, with each team starting within a solid, defensible Fortress and a single natural expansion for each of the three players located within Fortress Walls. Additional resources must be fought over whilst traversing the vast, open and vulnerable Wilderness that divides the two teams. 6 Players. Primarily designed for 3v3 or 2v2 battles. Initial position is extremely defensible. Additional resources are located beyond your Fortress base. High-Yield minerals located...
Hallowed Arboretum

Hallowed Arboretum

Apr 19, 2014 Release
A large map featuring crumbling Protoss ruins, derelict Xel'Naga relics and ominious, forboding deep murky water and alien flora. Primarily designed for team-play with larger battles fought back-and-forth through the ruins. < Availble in the Americas and South-East-Asia regions on Battlenet, through Custom Games > Alternative Download : * 6 Player Map Primarily designed for large-scale 2v2 or 3v3 battles F.F.A. suitable High-Yield...

BattleCraft (unlocked)

Apr 01, 2014 Release
UBC : is a Triple Star Crown perspective on BattleCraft BCU and its components
It begins...

Abandonment (Campaign)

Mar 31, 2014 Alpha
Abandonment follows a group of Dominion soldiers on a planet called Ixion-4. The campaign is set during Kerrigan and the Swarm's invasion of Korhal during Heart of the Swarm. I enjoyed playing Hots, but felt that it was too short of a campaign. I was intrigued when Kerrigan would send her minions to take over some important planet that the Dominion had under their control, but you did not see the invasion, just a planet being covered in creep. I am aiming for an 8 mission campaign:...
DiegoMj Apocalipsis $$$$$

DiegoMj Apocalipsis $$$$$

Mar 13, 2014 Planning
Hola soy nuevo en esta seccion... y he creado un mapa a mi gusto basado en un mapa de starcraft 1 que me gustaba mucho por que tenia recursos ilimitados... lo he creado esta mañana y no sabia donde subirlo hasta que encontre este foro... espero les guste..! Enlace de Descarga DiegoMj Apocalipsis $$$$

Baneling Defense

Mar 13, 2014 Beta
Build up a Terran army to combat the Zerg swarm. Be the first to destroy the enemy hive to win!

Zoultars Wrath

Mar 11, 2014 Planning
I will be trying to make maps and videos


Mar 08, 2014 Alpha


Mar 07, 2014 Planning
Defend your capital ship from attackers by constructing defensive turrets, garrisoning shipboard infantry and launching attack squadrons. A choose-your-own adventure game with many different paths and ways to play.

The Trident

Mar 03, 2014 Release
Do you know the "Temple Breaking"? "Temple Breaking" arcade map in South Korea is one of the most famous genre. If you destroy the enemy's temple, your team will be a victory. Importantly, In this arcade map, use the "ladder units". control and strategy will lead your team to victory. Trident is little in the way of these Temple Breaking wide. Instead of you have to destroy the temple, you must destroy the Last Towers. Gained experiences in the battle, your incomes will increase. You will get...

Star Bar

Feb 28, 2014 Planning
STAR BAR For the greatest possible benefit from reading this description, please start this video first, then resume reading: Do you like drinking? Perhaps karaoke? Maybe you want to start a band and go from gig to gig brilliantly displaying your sovereign talent with the electric accordion. You can do all of those things in a real bar, but you can't necessarily run the bar itself. Welcome to Star Bar, where you can do such wonderful tasks as firing helpless employees, buying truckloads of...
Whos Your Daddy BG

Murderific Minigames

Feb 19, 2014 Release
Now on, Murderific Minigames What is a Murderific Minigame? It is a minigame that focuses on one thing: mass murder. In some minigames, you can't lose. In others, you can't win. But that's not the point of a Murderific Minigame. The point is, I want to see a million of something die in a glorious manner like with a large axe, gross abuse of physics, or suicidal babies. What makes a Murderific Minigame? Two main things: Mass death Power tripping As such, some murderific minigames...

starcraft2 map

Feb 18, 2014 Planning
is a map that isnt can test it if you it.

Age of Man

Feb 16, 2014 Beta
Start up a civilization from the stone age to the future (beta/alpha atm)

Desert Tankbattle

Feb 05, 2014 Beta
This map is a freely interpreted remake of the WC3 Battletanks/Battleships maps. It uses game elements and features of both maps and adds new ones (like the Zerg). Two teams of heroes fight against each other at a huge map, where two armys battle one another. One of the core mechanics is the weapon Autofire - like in the old Warcraft 3 times (phoenix fire). This map is currently still in developement and therefore flagged as BETA. You can find the map in Battlenet as "Desert Tankbattle BETA"....
The Drop

Abandonment (Terran Campaign)

Feb 02, 2014 Planning
DO NOT USE. Go to Abandonment (Campaign)

Income Wars

Jan 25, 2014 Release
Income Wars This is the original and famous Income Wars from News Facebook: HomePage: Target Spawn units to kill the cannon of the other team. Spawning units gives additional income. Gamemodes - from 1 v 1 up to 3 v 3 Uploads - EU: bone: Income Wars (Official) - US: bone: Income Wars - Official Curse Link - This map is still work in progress, any suggestions, ideas or bug-reports are welcome.

My Custom Unit Map 1

Jan 10, 2014 Inactive
My first map with my custom units

Family First Aid

Jan 06, 2014 Planning
Family First Aid map contains four maps: First Aid - survival - at the moment the game is over 15% First Aid v. 2 - survival - the game is over 95% . Parody of the game MineralZ Evolution . First Aid 3 - SVC Battle - capture points ( flags ) - game over 75% First Aid TD - zahita tower - it is not yet in the public domain , it is written only in the Russian version . Will be written when the Russian Persia , fighting will be a separate card with a note (EN) English version . Soon all the cards...