Zombie Survival - Stop Watch

Jul 24, 2014 Alpha
Zombie Survival - Stop Watch This map is a remake of the original map. The first map was create in Starcraft BW an easy 10 years ago. Description You and your team of self selected heroes are stranded atop a city building during your last stand as you defend against which seems like an endless zombie horde. If your safe house becomes overrun you all lose since survival without a safe house is miniscule. However, venture out and you may not regret it. There is a 'stop watch'-like timer on the...
BattleCraft Ultimate

BattleCraft Ultimate

Jul 18, 2014 Release
Push spawned attackers toward the enemy side to destroy their life crystal while protecting your own. Pick the right units over your enemy to push through your enemy's attackers. Recommended players :: 2 :: [1v1] (or) 4 [2v2] [ All Units, Unique Base, Achievements, Ranking ] [ UniqueArmies, Abilities, Heroes, Towers ]
It begins...

Abandonment (Campaign)

Jul 13, 2014 Alpha
Abandonment is a Terran campaign set on Ixion-4, a planet on the fringes of Dominion space. The Umoja Protectorate has had designs on the planet since the Brood War, but the Dominion military has kept a strong presence and fended off various plots of secession. The resurgence of Kerrigan and the Swarm has seen a massive influx of refugees onto Ixion-4. Sympathy for the Dominion has reached an all time low. Low-level insurgencies are raging across the planet with tacit support from the...

Bel'Shir Castles

Jul 11, 2014 Planning
Good day. Present to you 1x1 melee map "Bel'Shir Castles". We designed this map for more than two weeks and spent more than 60 test games, map redrawn again and again until we finally achieved the desired result. Map is published today for the open test and exciting battles. Image maps: 30 degrees: 90 degrees: Details - Symmetrical. - 116x170 playable (large). - Rush distance...

Retribution TD remake

Jul 08, 2014 Planning
This is a remake of Retribution TD.


Jun 27, 2014 Planning
Build your base along the icy rivers to survive


Jun 26, 2014 Release
Strikefall is a modified Ladder melee Bio-Lab map that features even a little background story you can find in information inside the game. Terran here are balanced and have almost all the campaign units (except the science vessel cause it's too OP). Other Factions are untouched but i'll be pleased to release something for them as well since the map is constantly updated. If you're terran and you've got 5000 minerals and 5000 vespene, well....upgrade your base to fortress and see what...

Waves Survival

Jun 12, 2014 Planning
WAVES SURVIVAL Waves Survival is a tower defense based map. The objective is pretty easy : you have to defend a reactor for 30 waves. Each wave is different, and has its weaknesses. It can be played alone or with 1 ally. But, contrarily to traditional TDs, you have create and control units, instead of towers. You gain most of your ressources by gathering them with SCVs, on the bottom of the map. Every 4 waves come air units, after wave 15 some units are hidden. There are currently 30 waves, I...

Battle of Three

May 26, 2014 Inactive
This is my first map I ever made, I'm very new at this, so if you like it and want me to make more maps. Please contact me on Facebook, or Skype. (Facebook: Matthew Harwood - [email protected]) (Skype: Live:matthar98_1)


May 09, 2014 Inactive
my map one. Is testing polan made in poland.
Rainbow Gunner in action


Apr 26, 2014 Release
This is Base defence. You can defense yourself with towers or units or both. There's 3 little missions (destroy specefied building, boss) Actually theres only one zombie - zombie-dog, but i have skeletons, archers, bosses and many more for you. The most successful unit i made is a RainbowGun man. His rainbow gun attacks 3 targets at once changing colors of shell. Its early alpha, just want to know what people think about this map. So please comment this map, tell me whats good whats bad about...
Barrowfen Marsh - Whole Map

Barrowfen Marsh

Apr 20, 2014 Release
My third map created for SC2. Desiring to create a more natural and 'untainted' environment, I decided to create a strange, alien and forboding rain-slick Swamp. Designed in honor and appreciation of one of the most favorite environments in any game I've ever played (Zangarmarsh, from WoW), the Barrowfen Marsh is a harrowing endless Swamp where the constant undulating rainfall and choir of the Fen Stalkers may be your only companion before the deep waters claim you. * 4 Player Map Primarily...
Vhun Wilderness Preserve - Whole Map

Vhun Wilderness Preserve

Apr 20, 2014 Release
A large team-play focused map, with each team starting within a solid, defensible Fortress and a single natural expansion for each of the three players located within Fortress Walls. Additional resources must be fought over whilst traversing the vast, open and vulnerable Wilderness that divides the two teams. 6 Players. Primarily designed for 3v3 or 2v2 battles. Initial position is extremely defensible. Additional resources are located beyond your Fortress base. High-Yield minerals located...
Hallowed Arboretum

Hallowed Arboretum

Apr 19, 2014 Release
A large map featuring crumbling Protoss ruins, derelict Xel'Naga relics and ominious, forboding deep murky water and alien flora. Primarily designed for team-play with larger battles fought back-and-forth through the ruins. < Availble in the Americas and South-East-Asia regions on Battlenet, through Custom Games > Alternative Download : * 6 Player Map Primarily designed for large-scale 2v2 or 3v3 battles F.F.A. suitable High-Yield...

BattleCraft (unlocked)

Apr 01, 2014 Release
UBC : is a Triple Star Crown perspective on BattleCraft BCU and its components
DiegoMj Apocalipsis $$$$$

DiegoMj Apocalipsis $$$$$

Mar 13, 2014 Inactive
Hola soy nuevo en esta seccion... y he creado un mapa a mi gusto basado en un mapa de starcraft 1 que me gustaba mucho por que tenia recursos ilimitados... lo he creado esta mañana y no sabia donde subirlo hasta que encontre este foro... espero les guste..! Enlace de Descarga DiegoMj Apocalipsis $$$$

Baneling Defense

Mar 13, 2014 Beta
Build up a Terran army to combat the Zerg swarm. Be the first to destroy the enemy hive to win!

Zoultars Wrath

Mar 11, 2014 Inactive
I will be trying to make maps and videos


Mar 08, 2014 Alpha


Mar 07, 2014 Planning
Defend your capital ship from attackers by constructing defensive turrets, garrisoning shipboard infantry and launching attack squadrons. A choose-your-own adventure game with many different paths and ways to play.