CMO Mod, for maps, scenarios and campaigns.

Apr 19, 2014 Release
The Purpose of CMO is to provide a unified mod containing the balance of multiplayer with the units and overpoweredness of the campaign. Includes units from The HOTS Campaign, Left 2 Die, Brood War, SC Ghost, Books and comics and more on the way. The upgrade systems from multiplayer take procedure and the Ship and Vehicle Upgrades are merged and affect all units, single player, multiplayer and the campaign units that never got actually upgraded due to their npc/boss/forgotten status. This is...

Barrowfen Marsh

Apr 19, 2014 Planning
My third map created for SC2. Desiring to create a more natural and 'untainted' environment, I decided to create a strange, alien and forboding rain-slick Swamp. Designed in honor and appreciation of one of the most favorite environments in any game I've ever played (Zangarmarsh, from WoW), the Barrowfen Marsh is a harrowing endless Swamp where the constant undulating rainfall and choir of the Fen Stalkers may be your only companion before the deep waters claim you. With your initial position...

Vhun Wilderness Preserve

Apr 19, 2014 Planning
The second map I have made for SC2. You share a large fortress with your Allies. Initial natural expansions are extremely easily defended, located within and behind the fortress and your starting position - however all additional resources are located further and further out into the toxic, miasma-shrouded Wilderness of derelict Terran scrap, strip-mining and industry. As an expanse of Wilderness located between two primary Industrial cities of villainy, freelancing and shady back-room deals,...
Hallowed Arboretum

Hallowed Arboretum

Apr 19, 2014 Release
A large map featuring crumbling Protoss ruins, derelict Xel'Naga relics and ominious, forboding deep murky water and alien flora. Primarily designed for team-play with larger battles fought back-and-forth through the ruins. < Availble in the Americas and South-East-Asia regions on Battlenet, through Custom Games > Alternative Download : My first map is Hallowed Arboretum. Made way-back-when Wings of Liberty was first released,...

The Final Battle that will deside the fate of the world

Apr 18, 2014 Planning
The map is like a melee game with heroes that has more sides that can't be changed( i mean teams),also there will be basicly some plus races the dark Protoss,the Primal strain zerg(on the side of Kerrigan),Amon controlling Hybrids(almost the dark Protoss),Zaggara will be controlled by Amon and Kerrigan will have to free her & so on... But something very important about this map is that since Zaggara will be controlled by Amon that Kerrigan will have let's say Fatalisk(a unit that will come in...

Tree Tag Beta

Apr 16, 2014 Planning
Originally made by Apexplosive then continued by Glooboo. I contacted Glooboo for the map so I could continue developing it. Now I continued from where Glooboo left off and bring you Tree Tag Beta! The map still has several bugs but fixed most of the annoying ones and made the game more stable than the Alpha-Omega version. General To play search "Tree Tag Beta" on the NA server. Probes = Ents Zerg = Infernals Some of the fixes/improvements Removed SCV sounds when cutting trees You can build...
Gameplay - Think

The Viacre - Chapter 01. The Probes

Apr 13, 2014 Release
Do you like creepy things, horror, or puzzle solving, or just finding mysteries....? ...... What will you do if you wake up in an unknown room, with no memories about yourself? ... This map tells a story about the 7 probes waking up at an unknown research center called the "Param Value." An unknown voice whispers to them, giving them help.... But why..? The voice never reveals itself, but only helps the Probes from afar, by giving them hints and sending them messages. The operator of this...

Rites of Shakuras

Apr 11, 2014 Planning
Map for 3-10 players. 9 Heroes with 4 hero abilities and 3 normal abilities. 7 shops each having 15 items. 9 different arenas. 30 waves each having an unique boss. Currently 3 heroes and 3 waves fininshed. The ones worthy will survive.
The Overlord Hunt

Amber Sun

Apr 10, 2014 Release
AMBER SUN Download the finished campaign! What is this? "Amber Sun" is the follow-up to the "Crimson Moon" campaign. It continues the story over the course of 10 missions. Featuring high quality terrain, recurring characters, new characters and top-of-the-shelf story-telling, the campaign will take you to many places, including dead cities, shallow water grounds, heavily guarded installations, fogged fields, and perhaps even locations you might remember from the previous installment. The...
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Starcraft: Mass Recall

Apr 06, 2014 Release
Starcraft: Mass Recall Starcraft & Brood War Campaign Remake The Heart of the Swarm edition of the Starcraft and Brood War campaigns remake. Mass Recall contains 62 maps, 59 from the original Brood War game plus 3 that were hidden or deleted on various Starcraft supports. Do not hesitate to leave feedback or suggestions in the comments below. Also check out our project thread at TeamLiquid Downloads Step-by-step Installation Guide English (v5.0) Maps Map pack (1/2) (episodes 1-3) Map pack...

SC1 Enslavers & Dark Vengeance Remake

Apr 06, 2014 Release
This is a remake map of Enslavers and Dark Vengeance campaign from Starcraft 1. The map uses SC1BWMod of Starcraft mass recall team and defiler model by SoulFilcher Previous versions were too challenging so many modifications have been made to these maps. They should be much more playable now! Download Enslavers Dark vengeance how to play 1. Extract map and mod files. (You can find the mod file form the link above - Mod file v4.7b) 2. Paste mod file to 'Mods' folder in Starcraft 2 directory....

Curabitur imonima

Apr 04, 2014 Release - starcraft://map/2/162518
God's Universe

God's Universe

Apr 03, 2014 Beta
God's Universe is basically a replacement to God's Land in the SC2 Arcade, although God's Land is the original name, i don't like the idea of God's Land 2 sense the person who made God's Land in the SC2 Arcade basically destroyed the awesomeness of the name. New Features: Now for gods at the begging you are weak can nearly spawn anything and have a low suppy limit cap. The way to get more supplies, and more units to spawn and unlock more skins and more commands, well that will be determined...

BattleCraft (unlocked)

Apr 01, 2014 Release
UBC : is a Triple Star Crown perspective on BattleCraft BCU and its components
It begins...

Abandonment (Campaign)

Mar 31, 2014 Alpha
Abandonment follows a group of Dominion soldiers on a planet called Ixion-4. The campaign is set during Kerrigan and the Swarm's invasion of Korhal during Heart of the Swarm. I enjoyed playing Hots, but felt that it was too short of a campaign. I was intrigued when Kerrigan would send her minions to take over some important planet that the Dominion had under their control, but you did not see the invasion, just a planet being covered in creep. I am aiming for an 8 mission campaign:...

Armed Conflict

Mar 28, 2014 Planning
Two modern armies clash over a strategic location. The aim is to capture and hold as much territory as possible. The gameplay is regular RTS without the base building. There's no mineral harvesting as the gameplay will be focused on the tactical combat above all else. The objective of this map is to see how much of real life warfare can be replicated in the Starcraft2 editor. For example, soldiers taking cover behind objects, and those objects being destructible. Soldiers in cover should be...

Star Creatures

Mar 26, 2014 Beta
Basically a Rip-off of Pokemon - - - - - - - - - - Features Turn Base RPG style fights with random encounters. Allows simultaneous battles for up to 8 players(this doesnt mean 4v4 or ffa but each person can be in a battle at same time :P) Pokemon based battle system. (ie Elements and damage calculator) Capturable opponents. Pokedex. Trainer Battles. Day and Night cycles allowing appearance of other units and changes in rates. Functioning PC and Store. Too many search functions on PC. Capable...
Arida ductus

Arida ductus v1.3

Mar 26, 2014 Release
Пожалуйста оставляйте отзывы и ставьте оценки (Ссылка на карту в - starcraft://map/2/162205)
LibMaSe - Hero Selection Dialog

Match Setup Library (LibMaSe)

Mar 23, 2014 Planning
What does LibMaSe do? LibMaSe provides an easy to use interface to select heroes, skins, and mounts for maps. It also runs customized versions of the map initialization functions that are better-suited to games not created through's Hero Selection interface, which ignore selections made via said pre-game interface. This offers two major benefits: A) It allows players to test out various hero/skin/talent combinations before they purchase them in an environment that is much more...
Grass TD Icon

Grass TD

Mar 20, 2014 Release
This is remake of warcraft 3 map Green Circle TD 60 waves 1-8 players 3 unique maps to choose from 10 types of towers + upgrades random mini bosses each wave 4 levels of difficulty + hardcore 5 items for towers This map is published on all servers except Chinese. This project in uncompleted. I don't plan work on project anymore, so i have uploaded the last version of map. You also can download map from Free to use, modify and publish on...