Warcraft 3 as RTS

Mar 29, 2015 Planning
This warcraft project is started because I would like to creat warcraft 3 as normal RTS game(no heroes in melee match). I like warcraft 3 as RTS with heroes, but I always would like to creat a version that are not include heroes. This mod also includes the Warcraft 3 Heroes, that can be played in my Universe of Starcraft and Universe of Warcraft Battle Grounds. Project Includes: RTS Multiplayer: Unit Limit: 200 Unit stats: the rates are more starcraft like. for example marine's life is 40,...
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Rise of Mankind

Mar 29, 2015 Planning
Begin the game with a small handful of cavemen. End the game with an armada of starships. Lead your small band of tribesmen to take over the planet! If you like games such as Empire Earth, you should enjoy this. Somewhat similar to my other maps, Empires & Nations and Empire Builder. MUCH MUCH less complex than Empire Builder, and more combat-orientated like Empires & Nations, but somewhere in the middle. Map progress so far: Stone Age - 100%/ Iron Age - 100%/ Feudal Age - WIP/
StarCraft II: Annihilation Campaign

StarCraft II: Annihilation Campaign

Mar 28, 2015 Release
Introduction: This is my first serious map project for StarCraft II. I've always enjoyed the campaign aspect of StarCraft and have played through both the Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm campaigns several times, along with a multitude og different campaigns made by the public. I therefore decided it was time to create my own. Starcraft II: Annihilation is a 24 mission single-player campaign with the goal of bringing you a wide variety of mission scenarios, containing highly-detailed...
Enslavers Redux Logo

Starcraft: Enslavers Redux

Mar 28, 2015 Release
Starcraft: Enslavers Redux Description Enslavers Redux is a multi-episode campaign remake/reboot based off of the original Enslavers and Dark Vengeance custom campaigns for Starcraft 1. It features the following: 27 Missions across 3 campaigns with unique A and B canon arcs depending on the choices you make (Please Note: Episode I is currently available, Episode II and III are still in development) An entirely brand new plot and custom dialog brings the full untold Enslavers story to new life...

Hungry Hungry Arena

Mar 24, 2015 Release
There are up to 12 players on the map. One of them will receive the ball, which he need to pass to another player, or he will be "eaten" by dog Official thread:

WZDM II v1.06

Mar 22, 2015 Release
I'm not new to Starcraft 2 Editor,this is my only decent custom map i ever made. I made this map for learning,experiencing the Editor..just on amatuer level.. I created this map on 2013,but because of my busy time at study, well! it was delayed until now and i finally get my map completed! If anyone interests,please play my map. Any suggestion and feedback are totally welcomed! It's just a simple TD map,but with my gameplay style,my ideas! Fast paced but challenge,require good strategy and...
Vast Expanses

Vast Expanses

Mar 19, 2015 Release
(Standard card for battle)...
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Starcraft: Mass Recall

Mar 15, 2015 Release
Starcraft: Mass Recall Starcraft & Brood War Campaign Remake The Heart of the Swarm edition of the Starcraft and Brood War campaigns remake. Mass Recall contains 68 maps, 59 from the original Brood War game, 3 that were hidden or deleted on various Starcraft supports, and 6 from the 1998 demo campaign. Do not hesitate to leave feedback or suggestions in the comments below. Also check out: our project thread at TeamLiquid A commentated playthrough by Jayborino (hard difficulty) Downloads...
Prime Resurgence

Prime Resurgence v2.0

Mar 15, 2015 Release
Overview Welcome to Prime Resurgence. A 5-mission Terran campaign based on the final events in Brood War. The campaign begins with Kerrigan's assault on the UED capitol on Korhal. As captain of the UED forces, your objectives are to contain the situation and regain the initiative in the Brood War. The campaign will culminate in a final showdown with both the Swarm and the Dominion. You will take command of exciting new units, fight in unpredictable conditions, and still have time to gaze...
F-zero Image

F-Zero Proof of Concept

Mar 14, 2015 Release
I wanted to create an F-zero backdrop for an arena just like in super smash brothers and the results are so cool that I wanted to share them with everyone.
Ignos Campaign

Ignos (Campaign)

Mar 10, 2015 Release
NEWS 11 march 2015 Updated version of Ignos01 to Ignos04 is up Ignos What is this? Ignos is my singleplayer campaign project for Starcraft 2. About In Ignos you play as an isolated Protoss faction fighting to secure their home from the Zerg. When the battle seems lost the Patriarch reveals he has knowledge of forbidden power.. This campaign requires HotS Current status Not Finished. The first chapter consist of five to six missions, I am currently working on mission 5. Content Ignos The...

Darkest Days MOBA

Mar 08, 2015 Planning
Lore - Scientists have found a hidden gateway to an evil world. This includes things such as trecherous creatures, powerful protaganists, evil entities and other beings. These beings have been called Heros or Champions and have entered into this one world to fight to the death to destroy each others altars. Gameplay - If you haven't played any MOBAs before then here is the simplistic idea of how its played: There are 2 teams each with 5 players and they must destroy each others towers until...
Project Tempest

Project tempest

Feb 24, 2015 Beta
A short Third Person Action Shooter showcasing simple level design within the starcraft 2 engine. Explore the facility known as Tempest, gather specimens, experimental weapons and discover the fate of the facility.

Sc2mapster Heroes

Feb 24, 2015 Release
Idea Sc2Mapster Heroes will be a map created by the Sc2Mapster community to represent it the best way possible. It's going to be a DotA-Style map with the goal to create a hero for every member of this project as well as the best known members of our community. Concept Sc2Mapster Heroes will be a WoW Arena like map. Further concepts to this are in planning stage. Every Hero has a design either chosen by a member of this project or it will resemble one of the members of the Sc2Mapster...

Time of War II

Feb 18, 2015 Alpha
Introduction: This is my first serious map project for StarCraft II. I've always enjoyed the campaign aspect of StarCraft and have played through both the Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm campaigns several times. I therefore decided it was time to create my own. 12 years ago together with friends we created a campaign for StarCraft 1 Now is the time to continue our work :) Features: Time War II is a story that is not associated with the orginal starcraft campaign, there is nothing to...
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Strike on Aranos

Feb 17, 2015 Inactive
Strike on Aranos This is an ongoing project I started in late January 2015. Map View Early Thinking In mid-January I came up with an idea for a map which was pretty similar to my most successful map "Age of Heroes". I thought it was finally time to start a similar, yet fresh project with more content than its predecessor. Brainstorming was done for a couple of weeks and the project started on January 25th 2015. Concept There are two factions on this map, the Terrans and the Protoss. Each...
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Age of Heroes

Feb 13, 2015 Release
Age of Heroes This is a map I created back in 2013 but I figured I would post some details about the map on this website, as it became slightly popular on the EU server. EU map link: battlenet://starcraft/map/2/145955 US map link: battlenet://starcraft/map/1/211630 The above links will launch the game and send you directly to the map. Planning The idea behind the map was to create something that resembled a classic Multiplay Online Battle Arena (MOBA) like League of Legend or DotA. I wanted...
Pew pew die!

ZombieCraft 0.2a

Feb 08, 2015 Release
Sup guys. This is a sandbox style map, it contains a lot of all new models of units and buildings. There is no goal - just kill zombies, orcs or bosses, get money, train units. Also you can change weather, day time, night time, fog, orc or/and zombie spawn. Open imported files - there are lots of new units and buildings that i have not used. This is just a second test of my map, its really really raw.
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Warcraft 3 Unit Tester

Feb 08, 2015 Planning
In this map you can create all warcraft 3 units, which are available since patch 2.1.9. Thanks to Blizzard and Renee for warcraft 3 assets and mods. Current features: Filter units by type: all, hero, item, unit, structure, destructible, projectile. Create units of selected unit name. Create units for player, neutral and hostile. Supports up to 14 players (have not tested yet). Create all units at once (almost 2k units). Create units at random point, at point of view, at point on grid. You can...

Old Turtle Island

Feb 07, 2015 Release
A large 2 players map. A hide entrance to opponent third can be opened to reinforce units faster. Be careful to get gold base because it is easy to be attacked.