SC1 Enslavers & Dark Vengeance Remake

Aug 29, 2014 Release
This is a remake map of Enslavers and Dark Vengeance campaign from Starcraft 1. - The map has been updated with the latest mod by Starcraft Mass Recall Team Download Enslavers & Dark Vengeance how to play 1. Extract map and mod files. (Download the latest mod file from Here - SCMRmod) 2. Paste mod file to 'Mods' folder in Starcraft 2 directory. 3. Test document maps or just simply drag them on starcraft 2.exe icon. Play order Enslavers 1 -> 2 -> (You have destroyed the cerebrate) 3a 1 -> 2 ->...


Aug 27, 2014 Planning
defend base and kill everything you see on sight

Bio-Tech Company

Aug 26, 2014 Release
NOTE 26 August The language localization bug should now have been fixed for 13 regions, including enUS version of Starcraft. If the problem persist, please let me know. Thanks to JayBarinoPlays for instructions on how to fix this. The Campaign zip files are waiting for approval. Please use links on this page to download the full campaign. Bio-Tech Company What is this? Bio-Tech Company is a singleplayer campaign for Starcraft 2. About On this campaign I tried to make interesting and...

Gods Land 2

Aug 22, 2014 Alpha
im making a custom map for an arcade game named gods land 2. if anyone has ever played gods land they would know it needs a better map and a bit of polish.
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Starcraft: Mass Recall

Aug 20, 2014 Release
Starcraft: Mass Recall Starcraft & Brood War Campaign Remake The Heart of the Swarm edition of the Starcraft and Brood War campaigns remake. Mass Recall contains 62 maps, 59 from the original Brood War game plus 3 that were hidden or deleted on various Starcraft supports. Do not hesitate to leave feedback or suggestions in the comments below. Also check out: our project thread at TeamLiquid ongoing commentated playthrough by Jayborino (hard difficulty) Downloads Step-by-step Installation...


Aug 17, 2014 Release
NOTE: Although missions 1 & 2 are released, this Campaign is a work in progress. As such, the missions are not yet linked, and I haven't put in the mission selector. In fact the campaign doesn't even have a name yet. Description A 5-mission Protoss campaign based on the events in Enslavers: Dark Vengeance. The campaign begins with Zeratul's warband conducting a routine recovery operation on Aiur. Ulrezaj will feature as the primary antagonist. Expect relatively high-quality terrain. Feedback...

The Zerg Are Coming

Aug 17, 2014 Planning
Defend the city from waves of zerg by building a variety of turrets. Train Pets to attack for you and follow you.
StarCraft II: Annihilation Campaign

StarCraft II: Annihilation Campaign

Aug 13, 2014 Release
Introduction: This is my first serious map project for StarCraft II. I've always enjoyed the campaign aspect of StarCraft and have played through both the Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm campaigns several times, along with a multitude og different campaigns made by the public. I therefore decided it was time to create my own. Starcraft II: Annihilation is a 24 mission single-player campaign with the goal of bringing you a wide variety of mission scenarios, containing highly-detailed...

Under Siege!

Aug 13, 2014 Planning
Buildings are contructed from Nexus, Command centers and Hatcheries. New Battle UI for quick base and army management. Redesigned base construction mechanics. All units and buildings have the same stats and requirements as in Classic Starcraft 2. Added a Unit to capture buildings and a Wall for defense. Build Mineral extractors and Vespene gas extractors for Resources. Destroy the enemy Nexus, Hatchery or Command Center! Remember to vote! =)
Banished Brood: Mission 01

Banished Brood (Campaign)

Aug 12, 2014 Release
This single player campaign has 1 mission at the moment. All campaign missions are basic single player maps with story elements. Story: You play as Zerg and follow how small Zerg brood tries to survive in middle of fight for natural resources of Koprulu Sector. Story advances on loading screens of each mission. How to play? Singleplayer campaigns require some file management to make it work properly. 1. Download ("Files" section at top part of this page) 2. Extract .zip...

The Dark Moon

Aug 09, 2014 Planning
a Standard map, hybrid lab found on a cold dark moon, Rush distance is long, but when you destroy the rocks in the middle your attack path is shortend Already completed, balance terrain and details are subject to change starcraft://map/1/240597

Moonwalkers CooP

Aug 09, 2014 Planning
2 Player CooP Campaign map. With checkpoints, limited lives for heroes, defend, attack, escort missions.
Athenion and Marks

Abandonment (Campaign)

Aug 08, 2014 Alpha
Abandonment is a Terran campaign set on Ixion-4, a planet on the fringes of Dominion space. The Umoja Protectorate has had designs on the planet since the Brood War, but the Dominion military has kept a strong presence and fended off various plots of secession. The resurgence of Kerrigan and the Swarm has seen a massive influx of refugees onto Ixion-4. Sympathy for the Dominion has reached an all time low. Low-level insurgencies are raging across the planet with tacit support from the...


Aug 04, 2014 Planning
COMMANDO WARS COMMANDO WARS Playstile is very easy. You controll to begin a single unit. It´s called COMMANDER. Your Commander can build: Mercenaries, Elite Units, Special Units, Heroes and Buildings. You must protect your commander of all cost. When you lose him, you have lost, because he is the only unit who can build a real army. Also you must kill the other Commanders. This map is completly other from normal gameplay. So what features will be in the FULL-Game?. -A single unit where you...

SC2 - Ultimate (Mod)

Aug 04, 2014 Planning
I intend to update this to include a better description and formatting later. StarCraft 2 Ultimate is intended to be a dependency mod that can be applied to any melee map. If I can get it working as an extension mod too that will be a bonus! My goal is to include most campaign units, most StarCraft 1 & Brood War units, and many of the various upgrade and strain choices you see in WoL and HoTS. As well as those cool units you saw in the Left 2 Die map/mod. As well as extra custom content for...

Crimson Moon

Jul 25, 2014 Planning
CRIMSON MOON Download it here! When you're done, play its sequel! "Crimson Moon" is a part of the Custom Campaign Initiative. Check it out! What is this? "Crimson Moon" is a 10-mission campaign. It features high quality terrain, an engrossing storyline with a high amount of cut scenes, many memorable characters, and a varied set of mission scenarios. Mission objectives range from the familiar (bring a limited amount of units to a special location, destroy the enemy base, survival), to the...

Zombie Survival - Stop Watch

Jul 24, 2014 Alpha
Zombie Survival - Stop Watch This map is a remake of the original map. The first map was create in Starcraft BW an easy 10 years ago. Description You and your team of self selected heroes are stranded atop a city building during your last stand as you defend against which seems like an endless zombie horde. If your safe house becomes overrun you all lose since survival without a safe house is miniscule. However, venture out and you may not regret it. There is a 'stop watch'-like timer on the...

Wreckage Of Ihan-rii

Jul 23, 2014 Release
1v1 Melee Map 6 Mineral Fields + 1 Rich per Player Fight to the death on the wreckage of a Xel'Naga world ship! Mineral fields are tightly packed, with a large open battlefield around a central reactor. This is my first public custom map, look for lots of feedback. Enjoy :)

Marine Arena [Test]

Jul 22, 2014 Alpha
This map is a simple marine arena like all of this type, but i tryied to make my marine arena. You have a hero that will not return if die and your objective is destroy enemy bases with your marine that you have to spawn manually at your base. You can also up them (new ability) and you can buy mercenary. In this map there are 2 "Boss", and if you find and kill them you earn 500 minerals each. Good fun, i hope you like this...

Doomed Earth: End of Days

Jul 20, 2014 Beta
Doomed Earth: End of Days is a strategy/scenario game based off of the successful and fun map Doomed Earth made by former creator Yoz 2 years ago. As a player, you take command of one of the eleven nations still standing after an world wide economic meltdown. Your goal is to take control of 70% of earths population, meaning taking control of cities. At your disposal is conventional military forces such as tanks, helicopters, and infantry. However, other weapons include zombies, viruses,...