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Mercenaries in Space, Episode 1: Mining Company

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    Mercenaries in Space
    Episode 1: Mining Company


    Hi guys,
    I want to present my new map called Mercenaries in Space. In short: Mercs.
    It is currently available on Arcade EU in RPG section.

    Main Features

    • action-rpg game style
    • two different class: Ghost and Marine
    • few but unique abilities
    • inventory and items
    • gameplay divided into missions
    • many elite enemies with special abilities
    • one boss fight
    • save feature


    Gameplay in Mercs is fairly straight forward. After picking your hero, you are being thrown to this place, called Mercs HUB. It is your main base of operations. You can refill your supplies here (stimpacks, first aid kits) and also buy new weapons and armor. But most important thing is in HUB Terminal. This is the big computer near the entrance. Be sure to check it out. You can save your hero there (to have your stats and items transferred to next episode, or just to make a break between missions).

    After you become familiar with HUB, it is time to go on a mission. You can select mission using HUB Terminal. I suggest choosing missions having acceptable level requirements (you can check them by clicking "View Description" button). When all players agree on which mission they want to play, you can head to the exit. After boarding the dropship and clicking button "Go to mission" you will find yourselves on a real mercs mission.


    There are two classes in Mercs. Ghost, and Marine. They are prepared in order to suit the needs of each kind of player. Each class has four abilites slots: offensive, defensive, other, and special. Those slots can be found at the bottom of your hero's equipements tab. In order to unlock specific ability you need to buy items from your class quatermaster. You will find them in the same place where you normally buy weapon and armor. Abilities will be as powerful as the item you have for them.

    Marine is a simple soldier type class. His abilites are mostly brute force ones. He rather take hits on himself than try dodge them. Good choice for people who aren't so careful and often step into dangerous areas without much awareness.

    Ghost is versatile assasin. His abilities are focused on single target damage for offensive, and mostly based on evasion for defense. Good choice for people who doesn't want to take much hits and prefer to strike their enemies from safe distance.


    Missions are the heart of gameplay in Mercs. You can access them using HUB Terminal and selecting "Mission Board" button. There are three missions available in this episode. Missions can be different type and can have different completion conditions. For now, I'm only tag them as "Mission" or "Boss" type. I'm almost 100% sure that more of types will show up in the future.

    Boss Fights

    Those kinds of fights are something that I personally most enjoy creating. Only one real boss fight make it's cut into this episode, and I hope you will find it fun and challenging. Make sure to come prepared, with a lot stimpacks and first aid kits. Besides of "real boss fights" you will find many elite enemies that can prove to be demanding foes. This kind of enemies usually have one or two special attacks that can kill or severely wound you and your friends.

    Thanks for playing!

    I hope you will find playing this map fun and entertaining as I did, when I spent hours in front of the editor.
    This is first episode from the series I'm planning to make. Please, stay tuned for further episodes!


    ScGhost - testing, mental help
    Smark - testing
    OneTwoSC - various tutorials
    SoulFilcher - abilities and upgrades icon packs
    Phaos - item kits

    1. I'm looking for someone who could publish my map (and mod) on NA servers. Please let me if you have such possibility.

    2. I got many complains about bugs in the first reviews on I was contacting directly to guys that posted reviews to get info about bugs they found and most are (hopefully) fixed by now, but if you happen to find any, please post it here, in this topic. I will be very grateful.

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    Hi! I'm working on a similar project called HercMerc. They are on the EU servers if you want to try them.

    Now that I actually played them - I realize they are not as common. Only thing that is common is the mercenary part of it Still, cool and fun map to play!

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    Sounds like a cool idea :D

    Feel free to Send me a PM if you have any questions/concerns!

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    @zeldarules28: Go

    Wow, thanks for front page!

    @Monkalizer: Go

    Hi Monkalizer,
    Yea, I've played yours too. I really liked the concept but I'm not sure that switching between maps will be something acceptable for people playing on

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    I searched this night on EU server but i didn't Find it

    #6 Feb 18, 2013 at 20:44 UTC - 0 likes


    Hmm, it is still there. Try to browse RPG category.

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    Also it is posted under the name Mercs and not Mercenaries in space.

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    Ok i will search merc,it Looks very good

    #9 Feb 23, 2013 at 01:42 UTC - 0 likes

    the game is good,but the escort mission is impossible "alone",you need an ally to can do it,so i think that for now this campaign is perfect for coop but not for singleplayer

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