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Terraining Exercises: Global Information/Idea Thread

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    Perhaps it may be a good idea to add the recent contest somewhere on this thread?

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    If I haven't done that within a couple of days, remind me again.

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    @Mozared: Go

    So... about that...

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    @Nebuli2: Go

    He's almost as bad as sk89q

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    "♪ If you are the Christ, yes, the great Jesus Christ, prove to me that you're not a lie - get a Zerus terrain to make me cry! ♪"


    Pitch and roll! Pitch and roll! :D


    Hooo boy... excuse me while I retrieve my jaw from the floor.


    Alright guys, I'm closing the topic. So much for this week's WTE, no more contributions are necessary. Thanks for your participation everyone.

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    @Nebuli2: Go

    Done! Thanks for the reminder! :D

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    I suggest a WTE after the current one or "one day in the futur"... About choosing a specefic doodad either imposed by the WTE or terrainer choose, and you must find an unusual way to use that doodad. Originality is the key here. Example, a tree, how can you turn that into something special? It could become a beaver lodge(?) in a river. It could be a pilar of something if you put it up-side-down with grass growing around the ground. There could a list of doodads that have potential to become something really special. Imagine pipes... This WTE should really focus on the doodad properties, scale, pitch and roll, color, etc. :P

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    Feel free to give ideas!

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    Idea: Natural light - a WTe where you can't use omni lights or stuff like that, you are only allowed to use normal lighting and 2 lighting regions (red and green), green being pitch black. Then make a terrain using the two lighting types.

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    @ScrinKing: Go

    Umm I'm not so sure about that. Instead of restricting the number of light, it should me more general and force people to use the lightings.

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    So, Mozared, think we could get a new WTE?

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    PSA: The links to WTE 1 through 35 have been broken a long time, but I just fixed them. You can now browse older WTE's again at your leisure.

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